IDAK scholarship vetting

I Dream Again Kenyanito (IDAK) Foundation is a newly formed non-profit organisation in Kenya that was set up by Kenyanito Dudi, and is the newest of the CRED partners.

It seeks to ‘rebuild broken dreams to ensure that vulnerable children, young people and families regain hope and their confidence in dreaming creatively again’. And it’s vision is to ‘transform societies into communities where every child realizes their dreams, can access basic rights and achieves their full potential’. (

One of the ways that IDAK helps to rebuild broken dreams is through the provision of scholarships for young people who have no independent means of progressing from primary school to secondary school. Recently, the IDAK board of trustees met to interview prospective young people for these scholarships, and four awards were made.

As these four young people embark on the next stage of their academic journey, with their dream of achieving secondary, and hopefully tertiary, education still alive, we wish them all the best. If you would like to support a young person in realising their dream of going to secondary school, then visit for more information

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