The Voice School Trust, Tanzania

Empower, Inspire, Educate
The Voice School Trust aims to provide equal opportunities for all

The Voice School Trust (TVST) is a school near Arusha that was founded in January 2013 by Daniel Mpanduzi.

Daniel’s desire has always been to build a society in which no one is marginalised, everyone has opportunities regardless of background and where people are willing to make sacrifices for the greater good. It was from that desire that TVST was born.

Daniel’s ambition was to set up a school that could be run sustainably as a business, and also be used for the good of the wider community. It’s a tough ask, but through Daniel, the local community, and the wider supportive network, great progress is being made.

The Voice School was established in response to the rising demand and need for provision of good quality, value-based education in Tanzania using modern technology. In addition to this, the school aims to cater for the less privileged members of society including those with additional needs and albinos who are currently not served by the formal education system in Tanzania (currently, there are only 4 schools known to accept albino students in Tanzania, one of which is TVST).

Adventure Lifesigns (ALS) & The Voice
ALS has been working with Daniel and The Voice School since the school was founded in 2013 and has sent a number of teams out there. Some teams have carried out physical building projects, expanding the infrastructure and facilities at the school. Others have carried out teaching, cultural exchange and group activities with local students.

The Voice & CRED
As a new partner with TVST, we at CRED Foundation are looking forward to exploring a number of opportunities for developing the partnership with TVST. One of these will be adding The Voice to the list of destinations for CRED Team Trips, and facilitating school teams to go out there and run Educational Activity Weeks, as well as other cultural exchange and group activities with students. Other means of deepening the partnership could include partner support, fundraising applications and professional support.

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