All-inclusive community development projects in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and currently reaching 40-50,000 people in 6 of the poorest slum areas of the city, the innovative work of AHISDO and CBISDO is an example of communities taking responsibility for themselves.

Over their years of existence, they have empowered communities to deal with issues such as health care, sanitation, education and employment, and continue to expand into new neighbourhoods.

Community Development
  • School Sponsorship, Library Service, Youth Activity Centre, Care of the Elderly, Special Needs Provision, Income Generation, Employment Schemes
Primary Health Care
  • AIDS / HIV Clinic, STD Clinic, Vaccinations, Eye examinations, Mother & Child clinic, Iodine Supplements, General Outpatients
Physical Upgrading
  • New Houses built, Clean water access, Sanitation works, New roads & ditches built

Throughout the years of our partnership with these organisations and before them, with IHA-UDP (the former organisation that AHISDO & CBISDO grew out from) we have supported their Education Sponsorship and Special Needs Provision, not only giving the poorest and most vulnerable children an education, but also a good meal, health screening, and the chance to escape the poverty trap.

CRED specifically contributes funds to ensure that the most marginalised have access to school: street-children, HIV orphans, special needs & disabled children, and those from destitute families.

Children are supported throughout their school lives: from high school they will either go on to a vocational skills programme or prepare for university. If you donate to this sponsorship scheme, you won’t be able to enter into correspondence with individual children. It is the preference of the local organisations that we sponsor cohorts of children as opposed to individuals.


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