We’ve been really fortunate to partner with some great businesses and organisations over the years in lots of different ways. Some have chosen to sponsor a trip, or a number of trips in the year. Others have given ‘in kind’ or by donation so that we’ve been able to provide resources and financial support for our partners to enable them to extend the reach of their programmes in particular ways.

Either way, it’s a great way to widen your exposure and your CSR profile. We know that many businesses are keen to make a difference through what they do, and becoming a Corporate Partner with CRED Foundation provides an extra opportunity to do so.

We’d love to talk further with you about what that could mean – there are as many ways to get involved as there are creative ideas. Some possibilities:

  1. Sponsoring one or more trips, getting your logo on the Team T-shirts, gaining exposure through family and community networks, and our web / social media presence.
  2. ‘In-Kind’ donations or services, e.g. laptops, medical / health equipment, educational resources etc, or any services that would benefit our Partners.
  3. Personnel Development: we can complement your Leadership Development and HR strategy by taking selected staff on an overseas Partner Awareness Trip.
  4. Cause Marketing: using sales of a product or service as a way of supporting CRED Foundation generally, or a particular Partner project or initiative.
  5. Fundraising: whether through ‘pay packet giving’, coffee room bake sales, The 3 Peaks Challenge, or the Great Ethiopian Run, there are lots of opportunities to encourage staff to get behind a great cause.

Contact to explore how we can partner with you.

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