IDAK Foundation

Many lives are currently in pieces as a result of broken dreams. Unfortunately, this is especially common amongst the poor who live at the bottom of our societies. Most of these dreams are lost due to the nature of the society we live in which, instead of identifying and creating a conducive atmosphere of encouraging and nurturing dreams, instead usually results in them getting squashed and thrown into oblivion.

Some people lose their dreams and resort to escapisms resulting in more regrets in life than ever before.

It is on this premise that I Dream Again Kenyanito (IDAK) Foundation has been conceived and birthed, to offer a platform that will identify lowly, deprived, and forgotten members of societies in Kenya and beyond, to pick up and steer their lost dreams.

IDAK is a Christian-based Foundation entrenched in holistic, social action interventions. It urges its beneficiaries to be authors of their own stories and to stretch their wings to fly. Her philosophies are driven by, and borrows heavily from the Holy Bible (Isaiah 1:17 and Job 14:7).

Building better quality housing
Feeding programmes

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