Nkuru-Nziza Foundation

Nkuru-Nziza Foundation (NNF) is a non-profit organization working in and with identified local communities across Uganda.

NNF undertakes a number of community development initiatives, and has the twin foci of poverty alleviation and environmental sustainability at its heart. These initiatives include biofuel projects, micro-finance, educational projects for adults and children, and a range of sustainable development projects.

NNF works alongside local people, training, empowering and raising up ambassadors and project liaison staff within the communities to enable local ownership and responsibility for the projects.

NNF also provides logistical support for overseas visitors, to raise awareness of the programmes, support increased interaction between different cultures, and facilitate the generation of new ideas through the conversations that result.

In the Acholi Quarters of Kampala, NNF works with a co-operative of 20 women, the Lubanga Ber Group, who make beads, bowls and other beautiful products out of recycled paper. They sell the products locally and also to international teams that visit Uganda through CRED and NNF.

With the money, and the support of CRED donors and staff, they started an adult literacy group for the women in 2015 and more recently have included men amongst the students.

In 2016 they started ‘Hopeful Haven’, an educational day-care for children who are unable to attend school. As a result there are now men, women and children in the community realising their dream of being able to read, write and do simple numeracy.

CRED Foundation has also been instrumental in helping set up the Missing Link Microfinance project in a small rural area of Mityana district of Uganda. The scheme provides local residents with the financial opportunity to realise dreams and Loans are being used for a number of things, in particular developing new farming opportunities, expanding small businesses and covering the upfront lump sum required for school fees.


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