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The CRED Foundation: Transforming Lives

Like all charities, we want to make a difference. And along with our partners we do make a huge difference to thousands of people around the world. But the way we make a difference is different.

Yes, we campaign.

Yes, we fund-raise.

Yes, we stand up and speak out for the poorest people on earth.

But we aim to get people involved. Whether younger or older, we aim to get people involved in such a way that, in sharing their knowledge, skills and abilities, they can make a lasting difference to other individuals, whilst themselves being impacted also.

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 Why are we doing this?

We believe in Transformation.

  1. We believe that transformation is necessary.
    A simple look at many of the world’s crises (abject poverty, environmental disaster, human conflict) reveals what is all too obvious: the dire need for change.
  2. We believe that transformation is possible.
    It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the need for change, but we know from first-hand experience that transformation is possible.

We partner with different organisations around the world – in Ethiopia, India and Uganda amongst other places – each of whom are directly involved in transforming individuals, communities the environment for the better. We take pride in the working friendships we’ve developed with these International Partners, and are especially proud of the specific projects we support.

We’re not interested in ‘charitable hand outs’. We’re working to redress the balance for developing nations: the balance of dignity, equality, and the opportunity to stand on your own two feet.

The projects we support provide grassroots opportunities for Education, Employment, Environmental Sustainability and Community Development. Along with supporting the most vulnerable, they also demonstrate that – with the right training, resources and opportunities – people from developing nations are often the best solution to their own problems.

 Our Partners

We partner with ground-breaking international organisations that are providing a direct and effective answer to human poverty and environmental damage. They are all run by local people, and since we have meaningful relationships with each of them we can guarantee that any donated funds will go directly to those who need it.

And just so we’re completely above board, you should know that 15% of donations go towards UK operations. But all of this supports our partners and their projects, e.g. campaigning, marketing, fund-raising etc.

Click here to find out more about the organisations delivering these projects.

 We Want to Partner with You

The big question people ask is ‘what difference can one person make?’. Issues of global poverty can be overwhelming.

We don’t have all the answers, but we have made a start. And since we can do more together than we can apart, we want to partner with any individuals or organisations who are committed to Transforming Lives in whatever way they can.

We want to partner with you. It’s not just about giving money, it’s about being part of a network for change. We have a growing number of people signing up to our regular email bulletins, joining our campaigning, raising funds, and wanting to share their stories. And as we tell you our story, we hope that it inspires you to join with us in telling the bigger story of Transforming Lives.

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