Purpose and Vision

Purpose statement:

CRED Foundation’s purpose is centred around transformation.

We work to help people in developing countries suffering from economic, social or environmental hardship by partnering with and providing support to specifically selected organisations who run projects designed to alleviate deprivation of this kind.

Vision statement:

Our vision is to be a strong advocate for, and supporter of, our overseas partners through empowering them, and channelling funds for projects that reduce hardship for those whom we help and support.

We will deliver our purpose and vision through our Christian ethos by:

  • Journeying with our partners to understand what they are doing and how we can help;
  • Selecting and deploying resources professionally and equitably through objective assessments;
  • Maintaining an ongoing dialogue, both remotely and where possible face to face, with our partners to ensure we fully understand their current situation and their evolving local context;
  • Acting as a conduit between those partners and (mainly UK) supporters to facilitate their support in terms of finance, specialist resource, prayer and relationship building;
  • Advocating on behalf of our partners with current supporters, new supporters and other agencies responsible for disbursing funds to overseas causes;
  • Providing an appropriate UK infrastructure to enable and maintain this activity in both directions; and
  • Ensuring that our UK operations are run efficiently and effectively and in accordance with all appropriate regulatory guidelines.

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