Carbon Offset Scheme

The climate is changing and atmospheric CO2 levels are increasing to dangerous levels. We are all being told that we need to cut our carbon emissions, and here at CRED Foundation we fully endorse that challenge and would encourage everyone to do their part through a lifestyle review and alterations.

However, we also recognise that in today’s world there are many activities that still lead to carbon emissions, and in those situations we can still make positive changes by choosing to offset the carbon emitted.

We are delighted to launch our new Carbon Offset Scheme in collaboration with PSD-Nepal.


PSD are supporting a reforestation programme in the Langtang National Park which in turn is part of the global ‘One Trillion Trees‘ project. PSD also work with local schools to encourage tree-planting in their school compounds.

Choose how many trees you wish to ‘plant’ based on the activity that you are offsetting. Some examples are given below. One tree costs £4, and is the equivalent of 20kg sequestrated carbon per year.

1 tree ≈ 20kg CO₂ = £4.00

(Quote code CRECD 3607)

Quick calculator
Equivalent to Price
of Trees
kg CO₂ £
CO₂ kg Trees £

Some examples:

  • UK – Europe flight (one way) = 180kg CO2
  • UK – USA flight (one way) = 500kg CO2
  • Average weekly diet (inc meat and airfreight) = 88kg CO2
  • Driving 20 miles = 5kg CO2
  • 10 latte’s = 3.5kg CO2


Thank you very much for your support of this programme, and more widely for the part you are playing in helping to fight climate change.

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