Volunteering Opportunities with CRED Foundation

In collaboration with our CRED Partners, we are pleased to be able to offer a wide range of individual volunteering opportunities for over-18s/ adults:

  • From 2 weeks to 2 years in duration
  • Designed to utilise your professional skills, develop new skills and enhance your CV
  • Suitable for individuals, couples or small groups

Whether you are looking for something to fit into a gap year, or as a post-graduate, on a sabbatical from work, between jobs, in retirement, or preparing to return to work – we have opportunities to suit all skills.

The different partners can offer different opportunities, due to the variety of programmes and client groups that they work with. In conjunction with discussion with the volunteer we would seek to match the volunteer to the partner that can best utilise their particular skill-mix.

Some examples of the volunteering opportunities available are:

paediatric physiotherapy, school development reviews, teacher support, pastoral and mentor training, vocational training, church leaders training, sustainable technologies, business development, strategic reviews, teaching English as a foreign language.

CRED provides a comprehensive support package that covers application, induction, pre-travel briefing, introduction to, and liaison with CRED Partner, in-country support, and post-trip debrief.

NB CRED is not a tour-operator and therefore does not take responsibility for booking components of the trip. However, we can advise on these matters, and signpost to relevant agencies.

For more information on volunteering opportunities with CRED, please contact Helen Harrison, Operations Manager:

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