New feeding programme thanks to IDAK

IDAK (I Dream Again Kenyanito) Foundation is continuing to make positive changes in the lives of many. Sometimes, it is through the provision of scholarships, or medical support, and in the case of the students at Wasare primary school in rural Kisumu district, it is through the setting up of a lunchtime food programme.

Before this, the children at the school either had to bring their own food in to eat (very few children had the resources to do this), or go home (some of the children live too far away to do this), or just get through the day on no food (far from ideal, but what most of them were doing).

Thanks to IDAK, the students now all get to enjoy a nutritious meal at lunchtime, and as a result are performing much better in their afternoon classes, and generally feeling a lot more positive about being at school.

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