Happy 16th Birthday ILA

In 2008, Benson Ocen founded I Live Again Uganda in response to a desperate need for trauma counselling support, community rebuilding, and discipleship amongst those who had been so deeply traumatised by the brutal atrocities that occured during the Lords Resistance Army reign of terror.

16 years on, and ILA continues to bring hope, healing and identity to thousands – to communities in the heart of Acholiland in northern Uganda, as well as in settlements for South Sudanese refugees, and to the displaced Acholi people living in Acholi Quarters. Through trauma counselling, discipleship, resettlement and community input, the ILA team is changing lives every day.

We at CRED feel honoured to be a small part of their story, and wish them every blessing as they journey forward into the future.

Below are a selection of images that sum up ILA and what they do.

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