ILA: ‘Empower’ing the community – one village at a time

I Live Again Uganda is one of CRED’s partners in Uganda, and is located in the north of the country. It was founded by Benson Ocen and his wife Ruth, to provide a source of trauma counselling to the many traumatised victims of the war with the Lords Resistance Army that ran from 1980s through to 2006.

The number of people in need of help with regard to working through, and moving forward, from the trauma that they suffered is so many that taking a person by person approach just wouldn’t work. Yes, some people might need that, but ILA have developed a different approach which brings communities together and allows for mutual support and healing. The approach is called the Empower programme, and through it, ILA are empowering communities across the Gulu region and beyond to start to live again.

The pictures below are just a few that show the programme being carried out on one particular day. People come on foot and by bike, and sit under the nearest mango tree to hear the teaching and participate together in various activities.

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