Fuel for the body, fuel for the mind

Spurgeons Academy doesn’t just feed the mind through provision of great education. No, it also feeds the body through provision of breakfast and lunch for all the children who attend the school. And as research has shown, food in the body allows the brain to work better, and so the learning at Spurgeons is all the more productive thanks to the feeding programme.

However, funds for the feeding programme are low, and so provision of the food is sometimes on a wing and a prayer. It costs just £2 / week to feed a child at Spurgeons Academy, and if you think that this is a programme that you’d like to support, then please do contact Helen at CRED: helen.harrison@cred.org.uk.

For now though, sit back and enjoy the following photos of school pupils tucking into their meal of beans and rice, or of githeri (Kenyan dish of maize, beans and a bit of onion and carrot), or a mug of porridge (breakfast).

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