Esther’s Story – ILA Uganda

Esther came to Uganda in 2017 due to the conflict in South Sudan.  She remembers the exact night that the rebels came and attacked her village.  It was that terrifying night that 5 of her brothers were killed.  She was beaten, raped and left to die. 

“I was in terrible pain, but I had to leave.  I walked on foot in pain.  My legs were so swollen.  I brought with me 5 of my nephews who’s father’s had been killed.  We walked until we reach the Ugandan border.  There, a UNHCR truck picked us up and brought us to the refugee settlement.  I had one surviving brother, but he recently died.  Now, I am struggling to take care of 5 children without any help.  I have thought of committing suicide but people have resuced me.  I couldn’t sleep as my mind has been so full of worries and pain.”

Esther’s Life Began to Change At I Live Again Uganda’s Trauma Counseling Program

“The counseling program has come at just the right time.  I was lost in many thoughts on how I would proceed with my life and how to care for the orphans. To be honest, my life has been a wreck for the past three months, but the counseling program has helped me so much.  I am able to sleep again. I am eating again and I’m focused on the future.  I’m looking at the future of the children that my late brothes have left behind.”

One of the topics that Esther found most helpful was one that we call, “The Snake Bite.”  The Snake Bite teaching helps individuals recognize that when we are bitten by snakes (enemies or people that harm us) that we should not be focused on how we can revenge or hold on to the pain they caused us – but, we need to focus on how to get the snake bite poison out of ourselves. The snake poison is the trauma that is affecting us, the bitterness, revenge, anger, pain etc that is not allowing us to live freely. Getting rid of that poison is the key to our healing from the snake bite.

“Snake Bite and Snake Bite Recovery sessions were so helpful to me and have helped me recover from the bad past experiences.”

Esther’s Life Has Changed…

Esther was struggling with suicide before I Live Again Uganda came to with its counseling program.  We are thankful to hear her recognize that there is hope and a future for her and the children in her care.

Esther now boldly tell us,
“Suicide doesn’t solve problems. 
I Live Again Uganda has taught me that.
I desire to live and face challenges with a positive attitude.”

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