Bringing hope, cookies and songs to children on the streets of Kigali

GNPDR, our CRED Partner in Rwanda, have recently been able to restart their outreach programme to children living on the streets of Kigali. The outreach programme had been forced to stop during the pandemic, and then had struggled to get restarted, following the sad death of Theoneste, who had been the previous lead on this programme, and a reduction in available funds.

But thanks to new donors, some funding has been secured, and now new programme staff have been identified to allow the programme to run again.

The new programme staff are Angelique and Jeremiah. Both attend the same church in Kigali where they have had a number of roles over the years, and have a real heart for supporting the poor and vulnerable in their city. Angelique is also a qualified nurse, and so she brings an additional element of being able to offer health care insights and advice to the young people and their concerns. It is also the first time that GNPDR have had a female staff member on the team, which is a very positive step forward, in particular for any girls who are living on the streets.

The foci of the outreach visits include: building trust, getting to know the children, identifying the children who would like to try and return home or move to foster care, providing some food and drink for the childen, having fun, being available to offer health and welfare advice, showing the unconditional love of Jesus to the children.

Below are some images of Angelique with some of the children that she and Jeremiah have been meeting with (Jeremiah is behind the camera!!)

Angelique recording information about the individual children, to try and help with rehousing where possible.

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