Off the streets and into school

Thanks to the tireless work of the staff and volunteers at Chisomo in Lusaka, Zambia, life isn’t forever hopeless for children who find themselves living on the streets of the city.

This can be shown by the following two images. Both are of youngsters who, in September 2021 were living on the streets, and now are sponsored, have moved into accommodation at the Chisomo Shelter and are back in school. The accommodation, which houses a number of young people who have been rescued off the streets, is run by Edina and Chingaipe (pcitured with three of the lads), and is a place of welcome, hope and love. Just the place for young people to thrive in, and that’s what these five are doing!

All three of these boys were on the street in September 2021. Now all at the shelter and off to school. Pictured here with Edina and Chingaipe, live-in staff at the shelter.
These two boys were on the streets in September, 2021. Now they are back at school. Here one of the Chisomo volunteers is going over what they learned yesterday before they go back today.

If you would like to find out how you can help support a child to leave the streets and get safe accommodation and back into school, then message Helen (

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