Art club at Nkuru College

The Nkuru Vocational College in rural Mityana has always been at the forefront of pilotting new ways of doing learning

Founded by John Njendahayo, the focus from the start has been about holistic, and project-based learning, as well as embedding all the programmes firmly in the local community.

As a result, the college includes a community hair salon, a community cafe, a local hardware shop, a nursery, and a water project that is bringing benefit to many households.

One of the new opportunities available for the students this term is focussing more on providing space for wellbeing and celebration of gifts that aren’t always given an opportunity to shine in the standard Ugandan curriculum. To that end, the Nkuru college Art Corner has been set up, and students are already enjoying having access to materials and space to ‘have a go’. There are no rules to follow, just freedom to explore art, and to find wellbeing through this mindful activity.

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