Bigging up some ‘Butterfly women’

In this month that includes International Women’s Day, we continue with some blogs that feature CRED Partner projects from a woman’s perspective.

Today we are ‘bigging up’ some of the key women involved in Butterfly Space projects, all of whom are based in Nkhata Bay, Malawi, where Butterfly Space is located.

These women have all been chosen by Alice, who heads up Butterfly Space, and is herself a truly inspirational woman. But for this blog she put forward the following wonderful team members:

Here we have Mildred, who despite all obstacles is determined to qualify as a midwife so that she can support her local community in a really life-transforming way. Even Covid couldn’t stop Mildred from studying and she has now entered her second year and is well on the way to becoming the first graduate ever in her family.

Grace is the local seamstress and makes all the uniforms for Stepping Stones school, therefore keeping all the children looking very smart. Despite the death of her husband last year, Grace always has a smile for the children, and as you can see they are all very fond of ‘Mamma Grace’.

As one of the senior teachers in the school, Jane is another key woman in the life of Stepping Stones. Here she is, in the classroom, bringing the joys of learning to another cohort of children.

And finally from Stepping Stones, we have another Grace. This Grace does all sorts of wonderful activities with the children, providing them with lots of additional extra-curricular learning opportunities. Here she is with some of the students on a visit to the local hospital where they went to give some support to families who have children who are sick.

Moving away from Stepping Stones school to the Butterfly Space base, we have Beatrice who not only runs the BS kitchen but also has her own catering business. In so doing, she ensures that staff and visitors alike are well fed at BS, and also provides employment for others, and access to delicious catering for the local community

And last, but by no means least, we have Jax, who has just taken on the role of centre manager for Butterfly Space. Jax’s enthusiasm for life coupled with her skills as a manager bode very well for the development of BS over the coming months and years.

We are sure that you will agree that these are six ‘Butterfly women’ well very worthy of being ‘bigged up’!

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