Day Eight – Malawi 2019

Hey All, Aliesha & Asia here!!

It is with a heavy heart that we are writing this blog on our last night here at the magical place that is Butterfly Space! This place has not only captured our hearts, but also our minds! You hear about these places that affect you in ways you didn’t think possible, they make you think about life and what’s really important; and Butterfly Space along with Alice and her girls are that place! 

We have had the most magical week teaching at Stepping Stones building bonds with children aged 5-15; providing fun and laughter at Youth Club as well as seeing the amazing work the local Disability Group provide; and how different it is for women having children over here than back home! None of these things will ever be forgotten; and have become such a deep part of us. 

After a long week we were rewarded with a wonderful boat ride to a local beach by Khumbo! Once arriving at the local beach there was some sun bathing, swimming in the lovely clear lake and beach volley ball. We then left the beach and got the chance to experience an eagle dive down and snatch a fish that we had thrown over board – so majestic! This evening the team shall be sorting out cases, enjoying Chilli Con Carne for our last dinner and then some live entertainment!! 

Saying goodbye to the place we have called ‘Home’ for the past week is going to one of the hardest things I think we have all done in a long time; and will not be without tears and sadness, but also remembering a week full of laughter, fun, friendships, and making some incredible memories and relationships! 

Butterfly Space is truly magical; and I don’t think it’s the last time any of us will be here! ? 

Tomorrow we begin the long journey (10hrs) down to Lilongwe to visit the Safari Park and finish our trip seeing some of the beautiful animals! 

We are missing you all so much and can’t wait for hugs and to tell you all about our travels! Thank you for your continued messages of support and love; you have made being away from home a lot easier for us all! 

Love Aliesha & Asia ?xxx

P.s. We are sorry for the lack of photos; our signal hasn’t been strong enough! We are hoping to be able to post some when we get to the Safari Lodge! Xxx


  1. Hi sweetums, hope you have had a wonderful time in butterfly space and working in the stepping stones school and with the disability group, hope you have had plenty of fun and enjoyed helping and as Scott would say ‘making moments’ ?with the kids and all. Hope that you are okay and happy missing you so much and can’t wait to have you back but I’m being patient! ? have been working everyday apart from Tuesday so guess has helped me get through and working till you get back then a few days off ? currently having a meal out with my dad and sue, hope the time you have had away was as good as you were hoping and hope you miss me ?, I love you lots and see you soon ❤️Xxxxx

  2. Dear Aleisha, I’m sorry that it’s taken so long for me to send a message, but unfortunately I kept sending them to the wrong place so this time your mum helped me. Honestly I may as well be 80. ? your mum read your message out so I know you are finding the whole experience amazing; I’m so proud of you and wish I could be as brave. Good luck with the rest of the trip, I will send another message before you head back, but make sure to take photos of the facilities. I can’t wait for you to get home just so I don’t feel guilty every time I take a nice warm shower. Anyway lots of love for now my brave, amazing girl. Xxx

    • Hiya asia?? hope your okay. I love reading the blog daily hearing all the things you are getting up too. Sounds like you had an amazing time at butterfly space and stepping stones. The memories your making you’ll treasure forever. Sounds like you had a good time at the beach, bet it’s nothing like our beaches here. The safari park sounds amazing, have a safe joinery. Cherish every moment. Like I keep saying I am so proud of you little sis? enjoy every last moment, can’t wait to hear all about it in person. There’s a big hug waiting for you!! Love you lots. Danielle and Shane❤️❤️

  3. Hi team… Would just like to say everyone back home are so proud of All of You, ciaran you have compition next year as I’m going ?.. Can’t wait to see you Wednesday son. Enjoy your safari.. Bbq and celebrations once your home xx

  4. Hi Summer

    Peanut, we came home today. Since we went the day after you left, it’s the first day here without you. Quiet, very quiet. You aren’t here singing at the top of your voice, or dancing and taking over the lounge!

    Tim did get his marigolds out! Also took all your clothes out of the wardrobe shelves – folded them yep that is a way of doing them ! And they are in towers on your bed. Came home and thought of putting them away but then, thought it a great opportunity for you to sort them and Chuck some on your return whilst they are getting fresh air

    Claude did his Shetland pony act when we returned. And your brother has washed up daily!!! Yep the house is spotless!!!!

    But it is so quiet without you peanut. So looking forward to your return . As you know, I have to fly to Manchester and back that day with work, but am returning late rather than staying over, because I just have to get back and see you – even if it’s asleep and snoring!

    Think the whole trip plus the Safari will be awesome for you. Consolidate your wish to study animal management and go on to zoo biology. And become Michaela Strachan or the equivalent of David Attenborough, saving the planet and animals .

    Enjoy the journey on Sunday traveling to the national park – it will be mind blowing to see the animals.

    This last week has been a life journey for you and we are so, so proud, knowing how emotional it would have been too

    Love you, love you. ..Mum and Dad, Jensen and the furry kids too XXX

    • Hi Aliesha and Bex Its so lovely to hear from you. We are soo proud of you and of what you are doing. It surely is going to be hard to leave the new family you have made but theres always next time. Dad hopes you got a photo of the eagle? Enjoy all your last moments at Butterfly Space making wonderful memories to treasure. Ryley and Brogan got their swimming badges today and got Grampy to take a photo so you dont miss out. He’s also been eating your cheese bars (but don’t tell lieshy lou lou) lol Have a wonderful time on Safari. Missing you terribly but not too long before your home. Safe travel and love you both lots xxxx

    • Hey toots.
      I know your journey there is coming to an end but enjoy these last few days and enjoy the safari nd make sure you take lots of pics. If your trip has been anything like Zaks then I’m sure you’ll be going back next year, hes already signed up again! We are all so proud of everything you’ve done out there, I’ve tried reading the blogs to nanny but as you know, nanny and technology arent the best combo! She thinks it’s you sending me a text, I’ve given up explaining! I thought I would enjoy the peace while you were away with no singing and piano morning noon and night but the silence has been deafening! Enjoy the next part of your adventure. Love you lots like… mum xxx

  5. Hi Joey, sounds like you’ve had such an emotional journey, but on the other hand an eventful week with the children. I bet they loved it having all of you there. We are missing you so much, Nan said Ruben was in your room again this morning looking in your bed ?. Have an amazing time at the safari. I’m hoping to see lots of pictures. Lots of love mum xxxxx

  6. Thank you, another lovely read. You should all be so proud of what you have done and a massive thank you to Becs for everything you do!
    None of this would be possible without you!

    Hi Jay, it was Bourne Free today so we had a couple of buses in Pride Parade and your mate Harry Rednapp came and joined us on the bus! He says Hello! ?
    Can’t wait to see you and hear all about your experiences.
    Mixed beans, rice and spinach will be available but I think you’ve earned a KFC!!
    Love you loads and see you soon ? ? xxxxxx

    Safe travels and continue to make memories and build those special friendships ?

    • Hey Joey!

      Well done!! I am sure this week has been one of most difficult and tiring of your life!! But I really hope you have managed to make some memories that would last a lifetime!

      Glad you managed to have some time sun bathing! Bet you have a beautiful tan!! I am only jealous as I am so pale again! I bet the water was lovely, I hope you got some lovely pictures!

      I know it will be tough saying goodbye but I hope you are looking forward to your safari! Can’t wait to see the pictures of all the wonderful animals you are going to see! I want a slide show with commentary!!

      Keep going my babe!! Look after yourself and that toe!! You are doing amazing!!!!

      Love you Mat xxxx

  7. Hi Aliesha
    I’ve been reading the blog every day and sounds like you’ve had a very emotional but rewarding time. Enjoy the next few days. I’m so proud of you.
    See you soon
    Love Pauline

  8. Mollie and rebecca
    Hi girls
    Another lovely read
    Hope you have had the best experience and I’m sure Alice and get family are very grateful for all you have done
    Enjoy safari
    Look forward to seeing you both and hearing all about it
    Lots of love
    Mum and dad xxxxxxxxx
    Ps…… don’t worry bex wevdidnt move house

  9. Hi all. Sounds like you’ve had another amazing day . Every night I look forward to reading your stories I’m sure everyone at home is fed of me talking about what your all up to but I dont care I’m so proud of you all . Jade I’m missing you so much I’m even going to clean your bedroom tomorrow ready for your return.. hmmm nice fresh bedding I bet you’ve missed your bed! Took coral and two of her friend to flip out omg its put me off kids for life… hope you have a safe journey to the safari park. Enjoy love get lots of pics.
    Love you lots jade xxxx

  10. Hi pup-pup.
    Well what a roller coaster week you have had with the ups, the downs, the highs and the lows. But your amazing. Just think of the happiness and fun you have given to the children, they won’t forget that that and nor will you. Like Scott says make memories and that what you have done.
    Saying bye is always hard so but try and think what difference you have made to there life’s.
    I just love reading the blog, even know i sit here crying my eyes out ? with very mixed emotions. I am missing you so much but not long now until I get to give you a big hug and hear all about your adventure. I am super proud of you. Love you lots xx


    • Hi bayleigh, aww this post made me a bit tearful. Such an amazing adventure has come to an end. Have missed you soooo much & can’t wait to hear from you after your first flight. Hope you enjoy the safari today & take lots of pics. Love you lots my girl, mum xxxx

  11. Hi Pup been reading all the news and again this year you are all doing an amazing job.
    It must be really satisfying to see the changes and the general way things are first hand especially for all the first timers within the group.
    Anyway hope you all have a safe journey home missing you loads and can’t wait to see you.
    All my love ? Dad xxxx AKA papa smurf

  12. Hey Bayleigh. hope you enjoyed the safari today,no doubt you did. I would of loved to have done that so looking forward to hearing all about it. Decided to go out for a roast today as not had one since you’ve been gone, was lovely. I bet your looking forward to your McDonald’s Wednesday ? love you lots my babe, mum xxx

  13. Hey Aleisha, hope you enjoyed the safari. We are all looking forward to you returning home so we can hear all about it and see your photos. Your mum has definitely missed you and can’t wait to get you back home. You’re coming home to a heatwave (or so they say!). Anyway my lovely girl, go steady on your journey home. We will all have to go out for lunch when you’ve finished all your trips. We all love you. Xxx

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