Day Six/Seven – Malawi 2019

Hey it’s ya gals Mollie and Joey here. 

Sorry for no blog update yesterday emotions were very high being the middle of the trip and the end of the week coming peoples moods were low! In a nutshell we started our day early and headed to school for a day full of activities. We completed home visits which left the team in a whirlwind of emotions- we saw houses that broke the team and left everyone very fragile. I’ll leave the houses to be explained by the teams when they return home as no words on a blog can give the true effect. After youth club and dinner people headed for early nights on a hope to feel more energised and ready for our final day of teaching. 

After yet another early wake up at 6amfor us and rice pudding for breakfast we set off for what we knew would be a challenging and emotional day. With emotions everywhere we knew in just a few hours we would be saying goodbye to children we have made huge bonds with on the last 4 days. We completed the journey to school singing along to music collecting a s**t load of kids on the way!!! 

Arriving at school, The Boy Band, their director Joey and Mollie, their new lead singer were given the task to organise sports day for the children. Sports day underway and going extremely well, the children are becoming more and more competitive realising there are prizes for the winners. With sports day finished, it was time for us all as a team to decorate plain t-shirts with the children that were donated by Aliesha’s Brownies! As always like on other trips this activity goes down so well and it keeps the children occupied for a very long time. Over an hour had gone by and it was time to go to assembly for the children to show off their work, team chants and receive their medals and trophies from sports day. 

After emotional speeches, gifts given out and singing complete it was time to say very very emotional goodbyes to the children who won’t be attending youth club. Tears flowing left, right and centre it was time to hop on the bus and drop the children off home! Back at butterfly space we tucked into some tomato pasta and then had a short time to relax/go into town and think about our emotional and life changing week before heading to youth club for a lot more chaos! Loom bands, sports games and drawings were completed before more presents and tears. Goodbyes were yet again very hard and made us all realise just how quickly this week has gone. 

Everyone is now reminiscing on our rollercoaster of a journey and preparing for our final days before our very long journey home begins. Emotions are all over the place this evening and the reality of being home in 5 dayshave really started to make everyone wish our adventure would slow down- besides wanting to use a ‘normal toilet’ not a compost loo; we would happily stay here a lot lot longer! 

Please keep the messages coming – positivity would be really appreciated by the whole team- especially while emotions are so high! 

Thank you all for continuing to follow our journey and to everyone who helped us get here to make memories of a lifetime! 

Lots of love – Mollie and Joey xxx

P.s. Just a little shout out to Aliesha’s Dad (Papa Smurf) whose birthday is today too!! She’s sending you birthday hugs! Xxx


  1. Well that left me bawling my eyes out so I can only imagine how you are all feeling. It’s not goodbye, its till next time as I’m sure some of you will be going back. Think of the happiness you have brought those children in the short time you have been there. You are all amazing to have done the trip you have done and to be able to give just a little back when we all have so much. Life seems a little cruel at times but it’s people like all of you that make a little bit of difference in this world. Kindness, care and compassion are the most important qualities to have and you all have them in abundance, that’s why you are all there. Kits, going through everything you have gone through in your short life, you’ve still managed to give something back. You are such a kind, caring, intelligent, talented, annoying soul. I couldn’t be more proud and I dont think its humanly possible to love another human being the way I love you. I miss you so very much, cant wait to have you home but I’m sure youl be going back again next year! Stay strong my little one, love you toots xxx

    • I know emotions are high.. But come on TEAM just remember you have made those kids so so happy!!! I’m sure I speak for EVERYONE back home when we say we are so bloody proud of you All.. See you all wednesday.. Love ya ciaran xx

      • Wow!! Sounds like some amazing bonds and friendships have been made with everyone you have all met and it’s understandable that emotions are high!! I can’t believe we waved you off just over a week ago and now you are preparing for the long journey home!! Make the most of your last few days and make more awesome memories!! Love you Callum and am super proud of tve man you are turning into!! Dad xx

        • Hi Callum,
          Hope you are keeping that gorgeous smile, those children would have been so happy just to see you all daily. And knowing it’s not goodbye forever as I am sure as soon as you come home you will be making plans to go back. Hope the sports day went well and everyone had fun. Enjoy these last few days am super excited to see you. Have now got the day off so can not wait to hear all about your precious time there! I can see a long lunch at spoons occurring. Love you sweetheart. We all miss you and are all super proud of you xxxxx Mum, Luke, and Maisie moo. Nan says hi and love you loads xxxx

          • Shout out to Aliesha- really proud as a friend of what you are doing and achieving out there. I will be the office Thursday to annoy you and bring you that well deserved Costa( I know the drill “weak” hot chocolate) Look forward to seeing you then .Hope you have a safe journey home and an enjoyable last couple of days out there-See you soon -Charles x

  2. Sarah (Mumma Summer,)

    Wow my emotions are all over the place just reading this, and it made me cry too.

    You are all going through such as awesome life changing experience, and remember you all now have a huge advantage of having seen the world through different eyes. Sometimes that is extremely hard, however I also suspect from a time many years ago when we went to Africa, that these people have something extra special – pure love, they survive without materialism though some things should be in place, and the joy of dancing and singing is deep on their hearts

    Take those memories, and help change the world – even just a little goes a long way. Live your lives and dance !!!

    You have given so much more than you realise with the love and friendships you have extended! Take that with you throughout life!

    Now on the positive don’t you have a safari to go on? Remember not to feed the lions! And take lots and lots of pictures.

    Summer, we love and miss you heaps, enjoy and breath in your last few days.

    And again, lots of pictures!!!

    We leave Mallorca in the morning, think Tim has probably gone to town on your room with marigolds whilst you have been away ???

    Hugs and kisses, mum and dad xxx

  3. Mollie and Rebecca
    Wow that was an emotional read and cannot imagine how you all must be feeling
    Just remember the good you have all done and the smiles you have put on faces ?
    Each and everyone of you are amazing, caring, thoughtful and loving
    Keep your spirits up
    Have a game of dobble ?
    Lots of love
    Mum and dad xxxxxx

  4. This is a huge shout out to you all! You are all truly amazing and everyone back home is so proud of you and we can only imagine what you are feeling right now.
    You are changing lives and making the most amazing memories.

    Jay, I know you will definitely be emotional and you have every right to be. You know how much you’re loved and how proud I know it will hard for you to say goodbye and start your journey home but we can’t wait to see you and give you a huge hug ? xxxx

    Keep smiling every one ?

    • Brad will know what I mean when I say I got very emotional reading this – it doesn’t take much but I’m sobbing here!!!
      I’m so proud of you all but of course especially you Brad . I hope this amazing experience has been everything you hoped for and more – and I’m guessing it has because you said you don’t miss home ( obviously you don’t mean me though ?)
      I cant imagine the joy and love you have brought to those children I’m sure it’s going to be hard leaving but do so knowing what pleasure you have brought them
      Thanks for the one line text brad – I’ve got so much to tell you ! Talk about leaving me hanging !!!
      I look forward to hearing all about it
      Love you and miss you lots mum xxx

    • WOW that was a very emotional blog tonight, it left me in tears, so really hate to think what you guys are going through right now. Saying bye will be one of hardest thing to say when it comes. but there is one thing I do know you all bloody amazing and so very proud of each and every one of you.
      The memories you have made, and the smiles you have put on the children’s face will stay with you forever. Well done.
      Asia the house is very quiet without you, now megan has gone away too it’s even worse, so roll on Wednesday when your both back, because hate it when your not here.
      I notice nan left a message, she did say she had been practising before she sent it lol.
      Stay strong and keep your chin up, lots of love mum. Xx
      P.s a massive thank you to bec’s for giving my girls these fantastic opportunities. We love you xx

  5. Hey joey,

    I can’t describe how proud of you I am. I know how hard you would have found today! But you will have had an immeasurable impact of those children’s lives! Knowing you I am sure you are feeling a whole range of emotions but keep going and enjoy the last few days! Make the most it and hold your head up!

    Can’t wait to see your pretty face!!

    Love you Mat xx

  6. Hey Bayleigh, wow sounds like you’ve all had a really mind blowing emotional few days. What an amazing achievement for you all to complete a week of providing not stop fun, games, laughter etc. Must be so rewarding. Enjoy your last few days babe. Love mum xxx

  7. Oooooh forgot to say, there was a recoupling last night and the new girl Francesca chose curtis, not a happy Maura! I know its mean but I was so happy as she gets right on my pip!!! They also had to do a lap dance thing to get each others heart rates up and it turned out Michaels heart rate went up the most at Amber’s, needless to say joanna who he is coupled with wasnt thrilled! Think he will get back with amber, well I’m hoping he does! Hopefuly that love island update brings a smile to your faces! X

    • Hey pup! I’m sorry it’s all coming to an end for you way to quickly too! I hope you enjoyed your last few days with the children and spend the rest of the trip taking every last bit in.
      When the compost loos were mentioned in the blog, it actually brought the smell back to me, how could I forget!? Sat there many of times with Mollie while we take in turns to poop! Sorry Mollie ?
      Missing you loads. Can’t wait to hear about it when you are home!
      Lots of love
      Megan xxx

  8. Dear Joey,

    It’s your family here!! We have all got together for a Chinese tonight! Wasn’t the same without you!! Can’t wait to have you home and order a big f**k off Chinese with you!

    We honestly can not tell you how proud we are of you! You have been a real inspiration to all of us! Everyone keeps asking about you and we all respond with such pride about the amazing work you are doing!! Although today must have been really emotional I hope you can feed proud of yourself for the amazing contribution to the young people’s lives!

    All good here, Ruben is doing really well, he said early he is looking forward to having his favourite uncle back!

    We really can’t wait to have you home! We all love you soooo much! Stay safe and look after that toe!

    Love you lots.

    Mum, Kacey, Nan, Ruben and Mat

  9. Hi Sweetie hope you had an amazing time with the kids the last few days and had so much fun in that time, hope you are happy and well, obviously missing you so so much but really glad to hear about what you have been doing sounds like you’ve had a great time which is helping me get through this time without you, and you still got some more adventures to come before the long trip back! Work is what you would expect but keeping me busy I suppose miss having you here with me boo, can’t wait to here what you got up to all this time and what you was feeling. Heard back from the people it starts early August I think. I love you so so much babe and missing you more than ever?❤️Xxxxxxx

  10. Hi bayleigh hope ur okay after seeing all these emotional things xx counting down the days till I can see you I miss you so much I love you xxx

  11. Morning Bayleigh. Hope you slept well. Been loving reading the blog & look forward to reading more from your last couple of days. Hope you’ve been taking lots of photos for us. I’m off to pops’s today for a bbq, a nice day out in the sunshine and at least I won’t have to cook like I always do here when we have one! Enjoy your day babe. Love you lots..mum xxxx

  12. Tears in my eyes reading the last 2 blogs. You all should be proud of yourselves you will have made a huge difference to the lives of all those kiddies.

    Cant wait till your home lele seems like you have been away 4 eva.

    Enjoy your last few days away love mum x

  13. Hi brad
    Thanks for the new one line text – I’m so drunk I think I am going to be sick !!!
    Hoping you are feeling ok today ?? ???? love mum xxx

  14. Hello Mrs C,
    This ones for you due to the lack of messages you say you receive, although I have only just remembered to write on here. I hope everything is going well and that everyone is having an amazing time!
    Lots of love Holli x

  15. Hi Mollie & Rebecca,
    Just caught up on your amazing adventures! I’m left felling a tad emotional! What an inspirational group of people you are. You are making such a difference to all the people you meet out there. So proud of you both! Take care, can’t wait to see you and hear all about it!
    Sending big hugs and lots of love!
    Dee xxx

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