AfriDACA Saturday by Miss Barnes

After a long, challenging, but most importantly rewarding week, we decided that the team had earned a well deserved lie in – a whole extra hour in bed!

This morning was spent with 4th Mercy Scout group who listened intently to Del’s story about the origin of scouts and how the Scout Association was organised in the UK; they were fascinated by his experiences of camp and quite rightly impressed by his Chief Scout’s Personal Award. It was their turn to impress us when they proudly showed us the marches that they had learned. Some of the team even had a go and did their best to keep in time! We taught each other our favourite songs and games – Bungalow of course made an appearance!

In a change from sandwiches, we had a tasty lunch back at base before heading out on a tour of the sights of Kampala and even saw an important person (apparently someone in the government) drive past with police vehicles before and after! The view from Namirembe Cathedral helped the students put the size of Kampala into perspective. We ended the tour with a visit to the craft market, where the opportunity to barter was seized by all; drums, art work, clothes and accessories are all neatly wrapped waiting for our return to the UK.

The team are looking forward to the next stage of the adventure, visiting Mityana, and are currently planning their session with the nursery children as I write. 


  1. to kelsely,we can still see the bathroom floor,haha,hope you all had a lovely night last night,love the pics from your trip out today,looks amazing,have a lovely time camping,ive heard that the spider are only tiny little things,enjoy your last few days,

    • Hope everyone has had a good day. Just about to drop the boys off at BH meg – you reckon Im able to jump the fence again Meg??.

      Hope you’re having a good time babe and look forward to seeing you x

    • Totally in awe off what you guys have experienced. Enjoy the next few days can’t wait to hear all about camping. Joel pedder just to let you know were so proud of you and your team with what you have done for the children in such a short time xx
      PS I finish at 9am on weds so at airport about 10 grab a coffee an snack while waiting for me love mummy pedder xx

  2. Hi everyone, great photos as usual. It’s good to see you all smiling again after an emotional day yesterday. It’s great Fidelis had the opportunity to talk to the scouts. The craft market looks good. So who bought drums? I’m guessing Alice and/or Fidelis! Looking forward to seeing whatever you did buy Alice!

    Alice, we took Esther (Rebecca’s friend) to Conwy today. We went to the Tudor house, the castle and tte smallest house in Great Britain (I only found out about that a few days ago. I’m surprised we missed it before). Obviously we also got ice cream (they had Parma violet flavour so Esther (your sister) and I tried that. We went to the chippy for tea and a Seagul stole Esther’s (your sister) chicken burger. Esther (Rebecca’s friend) seemed to enjoy the day especially the Tudor house. It was strange being in Conwy without you and confusing with two Esthers!

    Enjoy your evening camping tomorrow and everything else you do. Alice if there’s no blog to comment on tomorrow know we are missing you a lot and we’re looking forward to seeing you on Wednesday.

    • Drums? Who has the drums? Glad you all had a good day. Alice we went to Wales. I hope you do not mind. Enjoy your camping and we are looking forward to see you.

  3. Fidelis no drums! Please God not that! The guitars, ukelele’s and tenor horn are enough!
    Great that you got to meet fellow scouters. Shame you can’t keep in touch and send them all Ur out grown uniforms etc. Bet they don’t have enough scouting kit to open a camping shop!
    Looking forward to seeing you in a few days. Still roasting hot here, so you might not recognise me. Lol my freckles are joining up!
    Everyone says hello, they are all enjoying reading the blogs and seeing the pictures. Keep them coming XXX love you xxx

  4. Claire Postwaite-campbell

    What an amazing experience you are all having. Enjoy every minute!, the memories will last a life time.

    • Hi loo. Looks and sounds like you’ve had a fantastic experience. It’s a great and satisfying feeling when you make a positive impact on someones life no matter where you are. It’s also extremely satisfying and gratifying when those same people have a positive and thought provoking impact on your own life. Looking forward to seeing you soon and enjoy your chill out time. By the way looked at Kampala on Google maps and it seems there’s a plethora of computer shops there!! Business must be good. Lots of love Timbo x

    • There are some really nice views there! It must have been a really tiring week for everyone.

      Alice, you’ve probably heard twice by now that we went to Wales for the day. Esther (my friend) really enjoyed it and we went to the smallest house in Great Britain, Conwy Castle and the Tudor House. I am sleeping at her flat again tonight ready for a church membership class at 9am tomorrow.

      Those are some really nice photos of you all 🙂

  5. Hi Lauren, Miss Barnes & everyone, looks like you’ve had another good day today, very varied! Loving the photos. Have you bought me some drums Lozzy? I promise not to practice when you’re trying to sleep! We’ve not seen Ava either since uncle Gavin’s birthday except for a video Kirstie sent me of her having her tea in highchair & asking for “more” then clapping at herself because Kirstie said she was clever lol. Kian’s done his “Laurels” exam in Hip Hop tonight. Oreo’s fine & even let dad stroke him today. Hope you’re ok. We’re all missing you & send our love. See you soon xx

  6. Charlie and Kalim

    Well well miss Ibbetson it’s that time again. Unfortunately Kalim is at cocoon in the park today so yesterday and the next few days are going to be solo messages. I’m still going to be signing it off ‘Charlie and Kalim’ just so he doesn’t get left out. You know what he’s like he’ll moan and cry and get all uppity.
    Ive been nurturing a cactus for the past two years and I was extremely pleased to find out it had grew a solid 1 millimetre since the day I had bought it. Now that might not be much to you but as the mother of the cactus I was over the moon.
    Today I found myself literally sitting on my dining room table with my legs crossed. At this point I really did wonder what my life had come to. Recently I’ve been feeling like a lost puppy. I’m going to put that down to the fact you’re in Africa or maybe because Kalims away too. On a happier note, I have a pope calendar with none other than the pope himself on it, dangling above the table. Looking at his face really did cheer me up.
    Now this got me thinking, who is your favourite pope?? Mine would be Pope Benedict XIIII or possibly Pope Pius V. I’m quite fond of Pius’ nose. I know what you must be thinking right now and no it’s not funny. Me and Kalim do take the Pope very serious and I’ll be very disappointed if you’re laughing or slightly smiling while reading along. Now now, I do however want to leave you smiling so here’s a joke to lighten your mood. What do you call a man with no arms and no legs?……. Names!
    Big shoutout to Kalim for that joke he did tell it me a few days ago!
    I can’t wait for you to get back so me you and Kalim can go for a nice romantic candlelit dinner. Missing you greatly love from Charlie and Kalim xxxx

  7. Chantel Ibbetson

    Enjoy your last few days cant wait to see you courtney loads to catch up on love you lots mum xxxxxxxx

  8. Hey Megan hope you didn’t cry too much leaving the children we both know you defo did, so so proud of you and missing you like mad the weekend hasn’t been the same with one team member missing enjoy your last few days love you millions Mum xxx

  9. Mark, Ellen, Becca, Esther and of course Domino

    Hi Alice, we didn’t want to leave you without a message even though there’s no blog tonight. We hope you’re having a great time camping. Looking forward to seeing you on Wed.

  10. Love you Lauren R, enjoy your next couple of days. See you Wednesday, x

  11. Hey Courtney, sounds like a nice end to a challenging but rewarding week. Enjoy some downtime, miss you and love you lots, Dad xxx

  12. Charlie and Kalim

    Gutted is an understatement. Where’s the blog then? Fortunately I’ll just leave it here.
    Well hello there Courtney, today has been one hell of a day for sports. You should have listened to me Courtney, I did tell you it was coming home and what’s happened? Aye you guessed correctly England’s only gone and won the cricket World Cup. While we’re on the subject of Britain and sport, Mr Novak Djokovic beats Roger Federer in a amazing Wimbledon final. What a day it has been for Britain. True English man. (Little disclaimer, I’m not a simpleton, I know my Eastern European sports stars.)
    This morning I spend a few hours trying to catch a fly in a glass. Looking back on that now I feel like my behaviour was simply unacceptable and borderline strange.
    Kalim found himself in a spoons that was in Leeds watching wheelchair tennis. We first found out about this magnificent sport through Mr Worthington who said we could give it ago. I will be holding this against him until that day comes.
    I know how much you love trivial knowledge so here’s some fun facts for you. On this day in 1964 The United States sends 600 more troops to Vietnam. Also in 1223, King Philip the second of France died aged only 57. Miss you darling lots of love Charlie and Kalim xxxx

    • Chantel Ibbetson

      Hey courtney well i missed yesterdays blog too just taken willow to vets shes having her op today bless her well 2 more days sweet then ya be home gunna have one very sad pooch for a few days and can i just say kalim n charlie thankyou for messaging on here im sure courtney has loved it and ive found it very amusing but loved reading your messages to courtney ….. sorry courtney ya know what am like anyways love you and see you wednesday xxxxxxx

  13. Hi Meg,

    i hope you’re having the best time and i’m so proud of you.

    still not missing you……. see you in a few days! x

  14. Laurent Charruau


    Again, it is really good to read about everything you are doing. You are doing an amazing job and you are creating long lasting memories. Keep going!

    PS: I cant provide you news about Love Island because I have got no clue about it.

    Laurent Charruau

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