AfriDACA Wednesday – by Courtney and Lauren H

We started our day with the usual 7.15am breakfast. The weather was slightly cooler this morning, and we even considered taking a hoodie with us! Teaching the children this morning started off as normal, however we had a change of scenery as we were finally able to teach in our original (and much more spacious) area. This made it easier to play more fun and active games with the children, which they enjoyed.

Throughout the day, it got hotter and hotter, despite a little bit of rain at one point. After school had finished, we did home visits which some of us found quite difficult and emotional. You can read more about them in the next blog. But the home visits have inspired us to want to give the children all we can.

We finished the day with some lesson planning, a lovely beef and potato dinner, and a debrief (which we all needed)


To Coral from Jade: the AfriDACA team are all wishing you an amazing 10th birthday all the way from Uganda! So sorry I couldn’t be there with you but I’ll make up for it with PRESENTS! Missing you lots and lots, love from Jade. PS you are bad at fortnite.

From Courtney: hi mum, missing you all loads, love you lots. Hi dad, love and miss you. Hi Charlie and Khalid, missing you both loads. Please tell me the line up for WHP ASAP. We need a spoons date when I’m back. Love you

From Lauren H (Loo): hi mum and Timbo! Missing you both lots. Can’t wait to see your smiley faces at the airport. Please keep sending comments to the blogs, they’re nice to hear in the morning. How are grandma and grandad and have you heard from Matthew? Love you lots, Loo

From Lauren R: one towel is doing the job by the way!


  1. Hi Loo, well written you two. Well it sounds like you’re being fed well – I know how much you like your food!!!! Bet you’re enjoying the 7.15 starts ?? All’s well here and grandma and grandad are following your adventure. I also sent Matt the link. You’re all working so hard and everyone is incredibly proud. See you soon. Mumx

    • Hi Rebekah, hope everything is ok out there, pictures look amazing, everything is all good at home me and the dogs are surviving. Saw Sam last night (say no more).
      Keep up the good work and see you when you are back
      Love Sean xx

    • Hi Lauren. Sports awards tonight and you won players player, won a joint leadership award with me and was nominated for sports personality. I’m so proud of you for everything you do and have done. Missing you lots and lots, keep up the good work x x x

  2. Charlie and Kalim

    Good afternoon Courtney, I’m delighted to let you know that New Zealand beat India today. This Cricket World Cups turning out to be undeniably thrilling. As you’ve been in Africa recently I know that you probably haven’t heard about what’s going on in the news. Luckily for you you have me to enlighten you. This week in the news; “Megan Rapinoe demands equal pay for ‘badass team’”, “Nine Nara deer in Japan die after eating plastic bags” and finally “Iran nuclear deal: Uranium enrichment breaches are extortion, says US”. On a personal note, you’ll be pleased to know I passed my theory test today. 6th time lucky woooooo. Celebrations are in order. Missing you loads love Charlie and Kalim xxxx
    PS. Unfortunately the lineups not been released just yet but I have found out that it’s being released next week some time. Xx

  3. Hi everyone, good to see you all looking so happy still 🙂 Great pictures as usual. Looking forward to hearing about the home visits. The beef sounds nice.

    Alice your information for LIPA and Edge Hill has arrived. You have to do a mock audition at the LIPA Summer school. We are setting up for the service tomorrow. Rebecca’s managing to set up the sound system you would be impressed! It was in such a mess.

    • Domino the rabbit

      Hi Alice. Ha ha got Mark’s phone again any typing this with my paws while eating hay. Dave again says hi

    • First of all thankyou all so much you really have made corals day. She was the happiest 10 year old in darwen. I showed her all of your house visit pictures and she said she wanted to come and help them bless her.
      After reading all of your blogs and comments from today it really does hit home how lucky we all are to live the way we do. I hope your all ok emotionally. To see how happy the families look even though they have so little is amazing. It’s so lovely to see that every one you meet are so welcoming and I’m also so happy to see your all being so well looked after by everyone. Keep up the amazing work.
      Jade my little love. Thankyou for corals card the words were lovely. I’ve spoke to rhys and hes going to attempt to sort your emails out. Were all so proud of you love you loads mum xxxxx

  4. Woman of many words Lauren R – just like your brothers lol! Hope you’re ok & enjoying your experience. Sending all our love & Oreo sends a big miaooowww ? xx

  5. Hi Callum, sounds like you all had a busy and emotional day. I am sure you are making the children smile with your infectious personality and sense of humour. We are counting down the days till we see you, can’t wait for a hug!!!
    Your sister went swimming today and is getting alot braver in the water, she keeps seeing your car and getting excited thinking you are home. Sending you loads of love and hugs, Mum, Luke, & your Maisie Moo xxxxx

  6. Chantel Ibbetson

    Oh soooo sooo proud courtney love and miss you lots xxxxxxx

  7. Glad you are enjoying it courtney love you nanna and grandad, well done to everyone xx

  8. Hey C, you’re all doing a great job, only just noticed this after reading and replying to the home visits post. Sounds like you’re all making a difference which is wonderful to see. Sending lots of love to you all, Dad xxx

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