AfriDACA Home visits

Home visit 1 – Toni, Alice, Kelsey, Megan and Miss Barnes

We were struck by the lack of light as we walked in to the tiny house. The lady was very welcoming and invited us to sit on the bed, which was smaller than a normal single bed. When hearing that 7 people lived there, we struggled to visualise where they could possibly fit.

The room resembled a box room and was the only space they had. It was a place to eat, sleep and cook, and had no adjoining rooms. The three children that we met were passionate about education and had very high ambitions (teacher, doctor, lawyer), and school seemed to be the highlight of their day.

The experience has really made us appreciate what we have at home more.

Home visit 2 – Courtney, Lauren H, Joel and Miss Jordan

We met Christine and heard about her life in the Acholi Quarter where she lives with 7 children. She and her family were very welcoming and she was keen to tell us about their experiences. While we expected the house to be small, as we sat talking we were struck by how cramped we felt – for many families in the UK, their bathroom will be larger.

We were very touched that Christine laid out her scarf on the floor for us to sit on. None of the children attend school which it was clear Christine wished to change. She was also ambitious for herself – she would love to run her own business. At the moment, Christine struggles financially – she spoke of the challenges of paying the rent and feeding everyone. She had been ill recently and had to pay for treatment, but it was clear that was not her highest priority.

Our experience of meeting Christine made us all very grateful for what we have in life. It has helped us understand a tiny part of the lives of the children we are working with this week. We also realised how much support we have access to from the government, if it is needed, and while the Acholi community works together to support each other, life is clearly a struggle.

Home visit 3 – Lauren R, Jade, Del and Zac

Being invited into the home of ‘jaja’ (grandma) Christine gave us an insight into the lives of the Acholi people. Jaja lives with 4 children under the age of ten, 3 of which are her grandchildren, in a house the size of an average bathroom, with all their belongings. Despite how little she had, she was more than willing to open her home and share her story.

The house was just one room, where all the cooking and sleeping took place and made us realise how much we take everything for granted. Jaja insisted on giving us a gift before we left – bowls which she had hand-made with paper and intended to sell for around £1 (a day’s worth of money).

The experience as a whole made us realise we have much more than we need.


  1. Chantel Ibbetson

    Omg it just makes you realise how lucky we are what an experince you guys are having hoping you all embrace it and enjoying every moment so proud of you courtney and all the rest of you guys keep safe……. courtney love island you will go mad ….. anyways love you courtney and miss you lots xxxxxxxx love mum danielle n reggie roo n willow xxxxxxx

    • Hi everyone,
      I have been following your blog with much interest, thank you for providing such an informative description of what you are doing. It is clear that you are working hard and, more importantly, giving great joy to the children you are working with. You are doing Darwen proud.
      With best wishes for the rest of your trip from the Lloyds Trust.

    • Glad we didn’t have to wait until tomorrow to hear about the home visits. So interesting but so sad. I don’t know how they manage to live in so little space.

    • Making memories that will last a life time, you make me so proud Meg.

      Hope everyone is having a good time.

    • Hi courtney I’m so proud of you, it’s so weird to think your all the way over there but your doing such a good thing and it will benefit you in such a massive way. I miss you loads and our do’s after love island but I cant wait til you get back enjoy your time helping those children !!! Xxxx

  2. What an experience…keep it with you…toni leigh love you and miss u….ps cant tell u what’s going on with love island coz u know I dont watch it ha ha see u soon xxx

  3. hi all,proud of all off you,must of been so hard doing the home visits,knowing that people have to live in those conditions in this day and age,
    looking at the pics,all the children look like there enjoying them selfs,
    kel,missing you loads,counting down the days till your back home,baileys sat on the 5th sep everynight waiting for you,take care love you,carry on with the good work,xxx

  4. What a fantastic & very humbling experience you’ve all had today, something you’ll remember forever. We are really proud of you all. You don’t realise just how much you have until you have encountered something like this. And the gift of the bowls would have meant so much to Jaja, like giving you her precious jewellery. Love & miss you Lauren R & I REALLY CAN’T tell you a thing about Love Island as you know I hate junk like that – you wouldn’t have a clue what I was talking about even if I could tell you though would you lol? xx

  5. Looks like your having a good time Lauren lad. Might aswell give you some love island news tommy and molly split up and got with new people Amy’s gone and Curtis is on a mad one. Tell you somat it’s absolute madness. See you next week kidder

  6. I love you Toni ❤️ Keep going Babe can’t wait to hear all about it when you get back to work.
    Charlotte ? super proud of you my lovely

    • Hello Fidelis, wow what a hard life that lady leads. I can’t imagine living my whole life with you in a room the size of a bathroom – although it may have forced you to be tidier!
      And still she gave your group presents! Truly amazing generosity.
      Great reading the blogs each night.
      Really enjoying the stories, the difference between our lives and our homes is incomprehensible.

      • Domino the Rabbit

        I just came over to Rebecca’s phone to read today’s blog. I just want to say hello to everyone and I hope you are enjoying yourselves.

        I don’t even understand how 7 people can live in such a small place, that’s not even enough room for a rabbit! Also keep trying to tell everyone that my whole living room isn’t enough room for me to run around but no one will listen. I have to stay within my playpen, 🙁 at least I still have more space than these people.

      • Sorry Joel but you all just made me cry at what you have seen and experienced with the home visits. The simple things we take for granted you will now and forever more appreciate. X

  7. Hello Alice, that must have been a really interesting experience! Our tent would probably be luxury to those people.

    I’ve had a busy day. I’ve spent 3 hours at the Buero cleaning chairs that were damaged in the fire. It was worse it because it has opened up opportunities for more volunteering there over the summer.

    We also went to church to set up for the last ever service. The sound system was left a mess and sadly some microphones had been broken. I somehow managed to set it all up again which i was really pleased about with my non-techy brain. I wouldn’t have been able to do any of that if i hadn’t have had to do a tech module at uni.

    It’s going to be really strange for you when you go to LIPA and Edgehill uni workshops being surrounded by professional music tech equipment after being on such a deprived area.

    Hope you enjoy your last few days of teaching. 🙂

    • Nic, Tee, Em, Gee, Soph, Chloe, Ez, Sia

      Hi meg it’s the gals, hope you’re doing well. Thinking of you everyday and we are all very proud! Before you panic hearing that love island thing- Tommy and Molly haven’t split up they’ve made it official which we know you will be buzzing to hear? but we no longer like Curtis I’ll tell ya that! We’re all prepped and excited for beatherder but you will be missed 🙁 hope you’re having the best time and enjoying the experience. We all love and miss you too much xxx p.s hope you’ve recovered from Malia better than the rest of us coz we’re all still Ill lol x

  8. Wow. What an incredible blog. A day where everything comes into perspective. It really does make you realise how lucky we are here. We have opportunities, if only we can be bothered to take them. For some, it’s just about surviving, as I’m sure you’re seeing first hand. Your pictures and words really struck a chord tonight. They opened their homes to you all and some even left with gifts. Sometimes it’s those with the least to give actually give the most. Just wow. Testament to the human spirit, not just theirs, but yours for going there, living their lives and trying to enrich them through compassion, understanding and education. You guys are an inspiration, keep up the good work and we’re looking forward to seeing what tomorrow brings. Very proud of you all and miss you C, lots of love, Dad xxx
    PS – Hay and the girls say Hi and send their love. Xena had a meltdown tonight because she couldn’t have Carbonara for tea. Kind of puts some perspective on things xxx

  9. Hi courtney I’m so proud of you, it’s so weird to think your all the way over there but your doing such a good thing and it will benefit you in such a massive way. I miss you loads and our do’s after love island but I cant wait til you get back enjoy your time helping those children !!! Xxxx

    • Hi, Lauren H good to see you having a great experience see you when you get back love grandma ,grandad

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