Day Four – Malawi 2019

Hi everyone, Bayleigh and Rebecca today! 

Today was our first day at Stepping Stones school. We started by getting on the school bus at 7am, we began at the first stop with 15 people and along the way we ended up on the bus with 50 team members and school children! It was a squeeze to say the least.

We had a great first day, painting, playing with play dough and introducing our team chants to the children to learn! After, we returned to the bus which was again filled to the max! 

Once returned to the beautiful butterfly space, we prepared for youth club and planned activities such as volleyball, more play dough and teaching how to tell the time – which Bayleigh and Kitty struggled with as they couldn’t tell the time themselves! 

So that leads us to here, we have just finished dinner are about to read all of your lovely comments from the previous day and we are looking forward to live music later! 

Thank you to all our family, friends and supporters for your kind comments, however, an update on love island would be very appreciated! 

Lots of love, Bayleigh and Rebecca x

P.s. They are cooking me things I like to eat so I’m eating well (from Bayleigh) x


  1. Great to have a second blog to read tonight. I’ve even put Live Island on pause to read it but I am not going to be the one to give you all the update!!
    Jay, as you’re not here Rosie is watching with me!! ?
    Have another amazing day tomorrow xx

    • Hello mollie and rebecca and bex
      Sorry to say we have moved house lol
      It’s been so quiet and empty in ours that we felt we would down size
      Girls be good for bex ???
      Ok I really miss you both but sure your having an amazing time learning new things as well as teaching
      Lots of love
      Mum and dad xxxxx

    • Bernadette Woods

      Good to hear how you are all doing especially you Lele. Love you.
      It all sounds good
      Carry in the good work

      • Hi toni, hope you are having a great time, missing you lots, get me a present please love braedan xxx

      • Morning everyone! Morning Aliesha and Bex
        Hope your all ok and enjoying every moment of this experience together. Ryley and Brogan say hi. Brogan is sad you wont see his show but I’ve promised him we will film it just for you. Ryley had a great time in Swanage and survived. Thank goodness! Well I am sure you are having an amazing time. Just wish we had contact. Dad missing the banter and its quiet here without you. Love you and Bex to the moon and back. Xxxx

  2. I’m so jealous to hear your news it’s such a great read . Being a nurse myself I have always wanted to volunteer somewhere like this .
    It sounds like an action packed trip so hope you’re not missing us too much brad although I’m missing you ?
    Don’t forget to take lots of photos xxxx

    • Hey hey!
      Love island pffftttt. Well Maura is cracking onto Curtis (saw on fb today that Amy has left the villa but that’s on tonight’s episode which I haven’t seen yet). Tommy asked molly to be his girlfriend in the cutest way ever. Danny and Jourdan got dumped last night and another couple are going tonight. Can’t really remember anything else major, but will keep you posted.
      Lots of love xxxxxx

      • Hey Bayleigh and Rebecca!!
        I hope all is going well at Africa. We hope you enjoy your stay and we’ll see you when you come back! Stay safe, we love you xx

  3. Hi Ciaran, we all farted in your bed last night so you will have a lovely surprise when you get home

  4. Love island still is rubbish, no big news

  5. Sounds like your all having ball, emotionally tough in places but you have each other to lean on for support. At least kittys been awake today by the sounds of it so that progress! Just dont ask her her left from her right hand, she does some weird L thing, it’s the only way she can remember! I’ll be sure to buy a clock while your away and I’ll sit down and explain what the big hand and little hand mean! Love you kits, hope your having the best time ever. Zak got back today and told me all about his adventures in kenya, cant wait to hear about yours. Love you, mum x

  6. Ahh it’s good to finally hear from you Bayleigh. Really lovely to hear how you have spent your day, such a learning curve for you & so out of your comfort zone. Perhaps we should go back to a digital clock ay! ? glad that your eating well aswel as you can be so picky at times! Lol wouldn’t have you any other way tho. Big hugs & kisses to you. Mum xxx

    • Hi Mollie & Rebecca hope your having a wonderful time . I’m just back from Newquay and an now a Blondie lol . Miss you both and Rebecca I will have a massive bowl of carbonara waiting for you when you get back . Lots of love auntie sha and Stefan xxx

  7. Hey Joey and team.

    Thank you all for doing these blogs, it is lovely getting to hear all about the work you are getting up to and sharing some of the challenges you are all facing.

    Joey – hope that toe is still holding up!! Hope you are managing to keep it clean! I really enjoyed reading your blog earlier about the hospital! I just know how hard you would have found that! I am sure you just wanted to role your sleeves up and get stuck in! It just doesn’t seem real to think of the challenges they have to face to get adequate healthcare and how inspirational the nurses and midwives are! It really makes you sit back and reflect about how lucky we are to have been born in to a country with such robust heath services! I hope it hasn’t been too emotional for you as I know what you are like!! And I am sure you found eating the beans for lunch difficult but hope you made up for it with marshmallow! Keep up the amazing work! Keep safe and look after yourself!

    Love you

    Mat x

    • Hi Summer

      So you are singing (well team chant) no surprise there!!

      Hoping you can tell the time!! And message for gorgeous Kitty – is this why you sleep and wake at different times to others ???? Perhaps they can teach you to tell the time from the stars instead?

      Your ride in the bus to teach sounds an adventure in itself! I am sure both there and at the youth club you have made some amazing friendships.

      Keep taking pictures!!!! I have a feeling you will be wanting to decorate your bedroom wall with them!

      Hugs, kisses and love all the way round and bac again. Mum and Dad xx

  8. Hi Aliesha – Charles here- I hope you are having a wonderful time and enjoying every minute of your experience there in Malawi. Look forward to having you back so you can update me on your marvellous adventures. Take care and be awesome!! Luv N Stuff Charles x

  9. patricia mansbridge

    Hi Mollie and Rebecca. So pleased that Rebecca is enjoying it. Never had doubts that Mollie would. Missing you both. Keep up the good work, So proud of you both. xxxxx Love nan xxx

    • Hi joey hope you are well and your toe is not giving you to much trouble. Enjoy your safari and keep safe. Seems like everyone is enjoying it and working hard. See you when you get back. Love kathy

  10. Hey guys!

    Glad to hear everything is going well out there! Sounds like your having a great time. Keep rising to the challenges that you face, enjoy every minute and know that you are making a huge impact on the people that you come in contact with!

    All the best for the rest of your adventure, and looking forward to reading the next installment of the blog!

    Mr Pretty

    p.s. make sure your looking after Mrs C, bless her!

    • Love island update:
      •Lucie and George left
      •Tommy asked molly to be his girlfriend
      •Danny and Jourdan left
      • Amy left the villa to let Curtis find his love
      •Amber still has feelings for Michael

  11. Hi bayleigh, hope your still doing ok babe, I’m sure you are. Was so happy to read the blog from you & Rebecca last night, it’s eased my mind a bit to know you’ve still been eating well as you know how much I worry lol. Just got home from hospital in London & the new shoulder is looking good,(I took some sneaky pictures for you)!! ? I’ve also down sized my sling at last thank god! Love you lots, mum xxx

  12. Hi Asia and the rest of team.
    That was certainly a tight squeeze on the bus but I bet it was worth every minute. Sounds like you had fun thou.
    Last night was not the same without you pups….it meant I had to cook on bbq… offered but didn’t fancy everything burnt ??.
    I hope you didn’t sing lol
    Love you lots xx

  13. Hi Joey, it’s lovely to read what you’ve been up to. Bet it was very tight on the bus ?. We are all missing you and very proud of you. Love you xxxxx

  14. Hi hunnie buns hope you had a great first day at the school and having fun, hope where you are is what you was hoping, and hope you like and have been getting mine and your family’s messages missing you so so much. Are you missing the buffers hugs because there’s a lot waiting here waiting for you and I miss having you here a lot but I know you are doing an amazing thing and other than us lot you probably don’t want to come back ? I love and miss you loads, your Boo ❤️?xxx

    • Hi toni, hope you are having a great time, missing you lots, get me a present please love braedan xxx

  15. Hi Bayleigh,
    Hope you haven’t used all of your ketchup yet? we’re all missing you and it’s so nice listening to what you’ve been up to!
    Just appreciate every day because you’ll be home before you know it. Love always, lala xxx

  16. Hi Bayleigh, glad to hear you are having a great experience. I was saying to G I wonder, how you were getting on with the food ? glad they are making stuff you like. All ok here but looking for ward to seeing you when you are home. Lots of love from us all & ?? fist pump from Evie xx

  17. Hi brad
    Sorry I haven’t commented as much as everyone else , apparently ! Have been following the blog closely and it all sounds amazing . I’m glad you’re loving it but you can’t stay there I’d miss you too much .
    Alfie spends the day watching the front door watching for you to come home ! I can’t wait to hear all your stories
    How is the debut single coming on boy band ?
    Take care love you lots xxxxx

  18. Hi Aliesha,

    Really missing you and I hope your all doing okay – are you safe?

    I can see from one of the posts that a love island update is needed so here goes! Apologies if you know some of this already!

    Michael and Amber has split up and he’s now with Joanna.

    Amber is devastated 🙁 and showing a softer side which is nice.

    Tommy asked Molly Mae to be his girlfriend.

    Lucie & George & Danny & Jourdan have been voted out.

    Curtis and Amy have broken up and Amy decided to leave to give Curtis time to find someone else.

    In true Maura style she has hoped straight onto Curtis.

    Belle & Anton are adorable!!! she even shaved his bum for him! haha

    Ovie is beautiful!!

    There’s 2 new arrivals (Francesca & Chris)

    Chris likes Belle & Maura & Francesca likes Curtis & Ovie.

    There is a recoupling tonight where the girls pick so I think Marvin should be worried.

    I think that’s all for now!

    Let me know if you want any further updates.



  19. Hi Bayleigh. Hope all is still well & that your still enjoying it and eaten well. No change here babe, off to winton this afternoon with Hayley & Tammy..might have a nice kfc! ? all your room is now immaculate and not looking like a ? has hit it! Lol chino has been crying to get into your room..think he’s finding it strange you not being here, you can imagine how excited he’s going to be wen he see’s you! Bless him. Anyway I will message you tonight again ok. Love you lots mum xxx

  20. Hi Bayleigh babe, it’s Andy. I hope you’re having good time. Hope you enjoying it. C u soon. P.s sorry mum kicked me outta her bed so snoozed in yours n farted alot(bad guts) ? sorry again. Love you and I owe you a kfc haha love ya xxx

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