Day Five – Malawi 2019

Note: Really sorry for the delay in the blog updates; we are really struggling with signal here. So we may be a day or so behind – so we do apologise! 🙁

Hi guys! Summer and Kitty here!

Today we all woke up at 6am to the sound of Rebekah screaming our names. After dragging me (Kitty) down the steps to breakfast and a couple pieces of toast, we set off once again to Stepping Stones.

    After piling and cramming 40 children,3 suitcases and a dog alongside us on a 24 seater school bus, we finally arrived back at the school. After a day of activities including: mask making, story writing, puzzle time and painting we concluded the day with, what we called, ‘messy play’. After half an hour of bubbles, silly string and cans of shaving foam, we had 106 happy children and 15 tired teenage teachers. However, every single one of us were mad at Callum for attacking us all multiple times in the face and hair with the shaving foam. 

 After repacking the school bus, we headed back to Butterfly where we ate a lunch consisting of rice and beans, but not after the boys had showers and washed their hair free of shaving foam while we were left still covered from head to toe. After lunch we walked to a local prison to deliver bibles to their bible study group. 

So the girls made a plan for youth club to get back at them (after the boys showering) to cover them head to toe once again in shaving foam, although most of the children joined in and covered us all, chaos ensued as shaving foam wash slapped and clapped about.  

After an eventful day, most of us washed our clothes , showered and swam in the lake till sunset. Preparing activities for school tomorrow, we sat down at the bar just waiting for dinner to come round the corner. We ate a plateful of spaghetti bolognese, salad, and garlic bread, and finally ended the evening with our daily ‘touchy-feely time’ and games of ping pong at the bar deck.

Now we are sat upstairs reflecting on the past few days and how we see things in perspective. Kitty wanted to conclude this with ‘peace out’ but i think it’s best if we just say that we all miss you loads and we appreciate the loving comments on the blogs.

Still waiting on those love island updates though!

Can’t wait to hear from you lot again!

Summer and Kitty x


  1. Hi Callum, your cheeky personality got pay back with the shaving foam!! Sounds like you all had fun and let your hair down which is vital in keeping those smiles. The bus journey sounded chaotic, and I can imagine you are missing your car.
    Love you millions mum ❤️❤️❤️ xxx

    • Thank you girls for the update, can’t tell you how many times I check for them!! ?
      Re the boys, we can only apologies for them but just remember we have to live with them!!! ?

      Hey Jay
      It sounds like you are having an amazing time. I’m glad you are having fun too as I know what a sensitive soul you are inside and I know you will be experiencing lots of emotions out there.
      I had dinner with Karen last night and she sends her love. I’m being asked by so many people how you’re doing and they love hearing the updates.
      I love you loads ? Keep making amazing memories
      Big hug ? Mum xxxxxxx

      • Hi team… Glad you are all enjoying it…. And love Reading the blogs.. Can’t believe you’ve been gone a week already! Make sure your taking lotssss of photos ciaran..
        Ciaran noah is really really missing you and your iPhone.. Brooke and Aston start back at heathlands Monday… LOVE ISLAND UPDATE!!!!…OH DAMN I DON’T WATCH IT LOL. XX

    • Hi Summer

      Yay spag bog! Your favourite ???

      And …..foam parties in Malawi..well that’s new!

      And who didn’t wash their clothes???

      Don’t think you will ever complain about getting the bus again either.

      Sounds as though you are having an awesome time. So pleased you and Kits have each other as Lori says. These will mega memories for you all.

      Hope you are remembering the suncream and deet!!

      And rice and beans will be on the menu when we go camping – to make you feel at home! And because Lori is making me go camping!!!

      We go home on Saturday ! Jensen has been keeping the house and fur babies well. Though Snow caught what he thinks was a kingfisher as bright blue and brought it in the house. He heard growling and then realised it wasn’t the dog but Snow! Chased her out so not sure what it was .

      Take care my lovelies! So so awesome to see a blog from the two of you

      Love and hugs Mum and Dad x

    • So lovely to hear from you all. I loved the shaving foam when I was there, it sounds like you all had a great time! I bet the children love you all.
      Asia I’m so proud of you, I hope you are having the best time. By the way, I go on holiday for a few days today and I borrowed your flowery shorts that look like a skirt but I know you won’t mind. I miss you lots and can’t wait to see you!
      Sending lots of love to Bex for always being amazing and for taking another team to make memories of a life time. You are great.
      Love to all the team. You are all incredible
      Love megan xxxx

  2. Hi guys
    Tell the boys to man up !
    We all know how long they take in the shower too – I feel sorry for you
    I bet you loved the rice and beans brad – I can make it for you when you come home ? still lovely and sunny here although probably nicer over there
    Brad did you pack your arm bands for the lake ?????
    Love you lots mum xxxx

  3. Sounds like a great day has been had by all!! As you probably already know, Amy has left, amber is struggling to get over Michael, maura now has crush on curtis , shes tried everyone else to no avail so no surprise there! Toots its thursday and always our ‘girlie’ night so in your honour I’ll still get some snacks and chocolate and watch all our trash tv, just extra chocolate for me tonight as no one to share it with!! I’m so glad you and summer are sharing this experience together, another huge memory to add to your 10 years of friendship and memories you have together. You and summer will be pro’s for this years annual camping trip! Make sure you take lots of photos and videos. Missing you so much toots, cant wait to see you. Love you all the world, mum xxx

    • Loving reading these blogs. Hope you are ok toni leigh and the rest of the team!! I keep checking for updates every couple of hours. Sound like your all working hard and having fun!!
      Miss u lele x

  4. Hey Joey,

    Really enjoying hearing what you get up to each day!! Everyday sounds so intense and interesting! Sure you aren’t enjoying them early mornings! Bet you will be getting some proper long lie ins in when you get home!!

    I am going to the Edney’s tomorrow night for Chinese! So I am super excited about that! Will make sure we take a pic! Will give Ruben an extra cuddle from you! Good news with my grandad as he is hopefully coming home the end of July! So that’s exciting!

    Hope you are looking after that toe! Pleased you got some spaghetti bolognese and garlic bread to keep you going! Stay safe! Miss you

    Love Mat x

  5. Foam partayyyyy lol.. Sounds like the whole team have had fun.. And most importantly you are giving them children the time of their lives… So proud of the whole team… Ciaran I really hope you’ve made the most out of this experience because …. I’M GOING NEXT YEAR LOL.. proud of you son.. And Mrs Cummings you should be so proud of yourself giving the team this opportunity…. So I think 5 cheers for Mrs Cummings… Hip hip..hooray… Hip hip…. . Love to all xx

  6. Hi Joey, sounds like you’ve all been very busy. You are doing an amazing thing. Rubens got a croaky little voice at the moment, he’s got a bit of a sore throat. He still goes in your room looking for you. Mats coming over tomorrow night to see us all which will be nice. Joanne had baby Bella today by c-section she weighed 6lb 6pz. Weather is still hot here. Missing you counting down the days till your back. Keep up the good work, love you xxxxx

    • Hi sweetums sounds like you are having lots of fun hope you are enjoying yourself wish I could say the same back here but I am really really missing you ??even tho I bet you are having a great time I can’t wait to have you back and hope your missing me too!?got a lovely 250, 3 course meal to do Friday night with a rubbish team so looking forward to that one! I love and miss you loads, your Boo ?❤️Xxxxxx

  7. Hi Asia sorry I am late messaging You, but I am missing some of my bank statements and have the accountant on my back. Dad reckons he ain’t ain’t seen them bit we know what he is like pokes thing here there and everywhere. Long and and short of that is i still haven’t found them lol.

    It’s so nice reading the blog and reading what you guys are up to.
    Sound you all had another action pack day. Full of fun to. We are all extremely proud of you and the rest of the team, you all just amazing.

    Nan came in the shop today. I have explain to her how to get on to the blog and how to send a message but you know nan she struggles with light switch?. So please don’t expect a message to soon from her hunnie.

    Malcolm also came in today and said you and Megan ain’t aloud a Sunday off together again. Apparently he had to tell people what to do ??.

    I took the little red cherry ??down to brad to get the hand brake down, so should ready for you when you get home.
    Think you really need to come home now, missing you way to much. Love you lots xxx

  8. Mollie and rebecca
    Sounds like a very eventful but fun day
    I’m sure all the children had an amazing time also
    Mollie jyst so you know we played with 6 tonight and smashed it 49/33
    Louise got player
    Don’t worry tjough its tournament next week so you get to shoot and play centre lol
    Rebecca can’t wait for you to get home, really fancy carbonara and we all know it taste better when you cook it
    Love you both
    Take care girls and the rest of the team
    Love mum and dad

  9. Hello Asia, hope your having an awesome time, sounds like you are! Everyone is missing you here and megan’s missing you annoying her? have an amazing rest of your time over there and see you when your back! Love MK (Mackenzie) xx

  10. Morning Asia and the rest of the team, I can’t wait until you get home so you can fill me in on every detail. “I’m counting the days”. Hope everything is going well. Missing you so much even though half the time you give me a headache. Love you to the moon and back love Nan xxxxxxxxxx

  11. Hi Bayleigh, sounds like you had a great day, lots of fun and laughter! How was the spag Bol? Mmm my favourite! glad your really enjoying it but can’t wait to see’s been far to quiet here without you but on the up side I’ve had barely any washing & washing up! ? love you, mum xxx

  12. tricia mansbridge

    Hi Mollie and Rebecca. Wow its already been a week since you went. I know you are having an amazing time and making children less fortunate than yourselves very happy. I so proud to say you are my grandaughters. Cant wait for you to get home.Keep up the good work and putting smiles on others faces. Love you both. Nan xxxxxxxxxxxx

  13. Finally found a use for your shaving foam Callum!! ???
    Sounds like you are all having a great time out there!! Such a shame we haven’t been able to see any pictures but will make for good viewing when you get back and manage to load them on here!! Have another fun evening!! Love you loads dude xx

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