Day Two – Malawi 2019

Hi Everyone! Apologies for not posting this last night – but we are having trouble with getting signal sometimes! So we will hopefully do two posts tonight! Pictures aren’t loading at all (frustratingly)! So this is the post from yesterday!

Wag1 pruedogs…Jamie and Brad here!!Hope you are all okay…HAPPPY BIRTHDAY JAN! 🙂 

So, today is the first day that Ciaran’s rape alarm hasn’t gone off… it has gone off at every moment… including perfect timing just as we were taking off on the first plane!! Haha 

We started the day nice and early at 6am with packing down the tents… let’s just say they all came down a lot quicker than they went up! It was chilly this morning, but soon warmed up! 

We then had to try and fit 26 suitcases, 14 team members, Alice and her girls (Ezme & Thoko), along with the driver and his friend for a 7 hour bus journey…. Oh and not forgetting Ezme’s dog Sunshine! Let’s just say we were snug as bugs!! We made the most of the bus journey and made it fun with listening to music, singing, and we both made new friends with Ezme and Thoko… so much so that Thoko fell asleep on Jamie! 

The scenery was amazing to look at…which most of us saw… apart from Kitty who missed most of it as she has just been asleep constantly.. haha 

When we arrived at Butterfly space, we unpacked the cases, checked into our rooms and got ready for a swim in the lake. We then sorted out the baby clothes and bits that we had been donated and sorted them into individual baskets made by a local HIV Group out of cane. These were then filled with blankets, baby grows, toys and other bits and pieces to be given to mums and their new born babies on the Maternity Ward tomorrow! 

We smashed a burger and wedges for dinner and read all your messages out as a group. Mollie wasn’t impressed that Ciaran had the most messages…. looks like she’s got a bit of competition!! 

Anyway, we are now off to play ‘Spoons’ ready for a day at the hospital maternity ward and visiting the local disability group! 

Hopes all okay with everyone, Boy band signing out.❤️


  1. Fabulous to hear from you all! Hope Summer wasn’t fast asleep on the bus??? Sounds like one fun packed (literally packed) journey! And a cool down when you arrived! Shame about pics but you never know – there could be a quick blast of mega signal at some point! Cannot wait for the next blog about time today at the hospital and disability group what an adventure!! All our love to Summer. You will go a girl and change me back a woman from this tremendous experience. Miss you loads and loads xxxx

  2. Come back a woman i meant!!

    • Hey joey!

      Hope you are doing alright! Hope that night in the tent wasn’t to bad!! But don’t get any ideas about any future camping trips! 😉 Hope you are putting sun cream on and looking after that toe!

      My Mum, dad and grandparents send their love and support! You keep up that good work! We are all missing you but very proud of what you are doing!!

      Love you
      Mat x

      • Hi Mollie & Rebecca such an amazing thing you are both doing, enjoy yourselves and look after each other. Lots of loveYvonne, Tony, Lyam & Krysti ?? x x

    • Hi Asia, sounds like you have a action jammed packed day. At least the travelling is all over for few day now, time to enjoy what you guys do best putting smiles on them children’s faces. How did you cope with wedges pups, bet you pulled the same face as you do when at home lol. I hope you got my last message as I only posted it earlier, as i was being a bit thick, and Megan had to explain hkw to do it, after she figured it out. Another good day ahead of you tomorrow hope you all enjoy. I have been messaging Jack each day to check on him, so don’t worry pups he’s fine just missing you as much as us. Scott from work came in shop today he says hi. Love you xx

  3. Hi Joey, it’s good to read a post about what’s been happening and what your doing today. What your all doing must be so rewarding. Hope you’ve remembered your tablets ?. Looking forward to reading the next post from you all. Love Mum xxxxx

  4. Hi Bayleigh, really nice to hear a little bit of what you’ve all been up to..sounds like you’ve all been really busy & had an eventful few days. Excited to hear what’s next, really hope your enjoying your experience so far..I’m sure you are & will continue to. All my love mum xxx

    • Omg this message has made my day!!! Only you Ciaran with that bloody rape alarm!!! Haha.. Mrs cummings please don’t let him bring it home!!! Although it would be a real good alarm clock for him lol.. Really proud of all you guys sorting the baby/ maternity bits today.. Bet it was an amazing privilege… Oh and Ciaran it’s official I’m a bot haha.. Keep up the good work all… Love ya Ciaran love mum dad and brats xx

      • Only you ciaran it did make me laugh reading that, hope your doing ok and we are all really proud of you, your mums a nervous wreck but her and rich are so proud enjoy yourself and the amazing experience you have been given lots of love lisa,Dan and girls xx xx

  5. Thanks for the birthday message boy band – how’s the new single coming along ?
    Glad you’re enjoying yourselves and take lots of photos
    Can’t believe you’ve still managed to eat burger even there ??‍♀️
    Miss you lots brad – have fun and make memories
    Mum dad and Beth and alfie ?xxxx

    • It’s great to be updated, I hope you are all having an amazing time! hearing about what you are getting up to just reminds me so much of my two trips to Malawi, I feel like I’m feeling it all with you! Thinking about the team, especially Asia. You are so amazing. Lots of love, megan xxx

  6. Kitty asleep? Surely not!! Ha! She will wake up at some point! Sound like an amazing adventure so far with so much more to come. Looking forward to the next update and hearing about your day at the hospital and the disability group. If kits can stay awake long enough, tell her I love and miss her, mum xxx

  7. Dan Fawcett (Callum dad)

    Where was the 3rd member of the boy band??? Hope you are all having a great time!! Looking forward to a blog post from Callum!!
    How on earth did you manage to get burger and wedges out there???
    Hope the day at the maternity hospital and disability group went ok ?
    Take care all, can’t wait for the next update…….oh and Callum, Liverpool have sold van dijk and salah to Tottenham!! ? xx

  8. Great to hear it’s going well, loving the updates! Hope you’ve had an amazing day today and making lots of memories ?
    Jay …. I went to Sandbanks yesterday and everyone was asking after you and they missed you. They all send their love. Iraj missed you the most! He couldn’t make it to the final without you!
    Rosie is also missing you, she managed to get upstairs and I found her in your bed!! ( for anyone else reading this, she’s the dog!!) ?
    Take care and enjoy this amazing experience, love you loads and very proud of you ? xxxxxx

  9. Hi boo hope all the traveling wasn’t as gruelling as it sounds and that you are enjoying your time so far prepping for even more adventures and experiences to come, have been missing you lots, miss seeing you, talking to you and all the cuddles but I know your having a great time and I’m trying to keep myself busy and working everyday after Wednesday so I’ll be okay. I guess you loved your wedges for tea I’ll make sure to have some here for you for when you get back ??? I love you so much and hope you are okay not missing me and us all too much and enjoying your time but I’m definitely counting down the days to you coming back! ?❤️❤️Xx

  10. Hi Mollie!!
    Gosh I’m bored without moaning to you but you’ll be pleased to know the snap streak is going strong.
    Journey sounds awful, especially with a dog on board so will have to say rather you than me for that part of the trip but wouldn’t mind swapping places for the rest of the week!! ((Work is not a vibe))
    Hi to bex, Rebecca, joey and aleisha also!!
    Have a fab week all of you and make the most of it, it will fly by!!
    Love, Issy xx
    P.s love island update (close your ears if not interested) Maura has been cracking on to Curtis and appaz in tonight ep Amy quits the villa, ahhhh! Also a couple dumping tonight!!

  11. Hi bayleigh ,Good to see that u have all settled in, hope your having a good time remember to take lots of pictures missing you lots I love ya xxxx

  12. Hi mollie and rebecca
    The house is very quiet and tidy without you both
    Tell bex i have not moved house yet ?
    Hope rebecca is remembering to take her tablet every morning
    Jackson has been here all day today and keeps asking where you both are and also asked why you you lived with me, when Lauren said because I am your mum he replied “ NO WAY MUM “
    Love to you both
    Love mum and dad xxxxxxx

  13. Hi joey hun I’m not writing for the second day in a row cause I miss you just thought I’d let you no Ruben learnt to clap this evening it’s so funny lol he goes all shy. Next thing is walking whilst your away? hope your having a good time love ya
    Ruben and Kacey

  14. Hi ciaran and everybody , wow you have all been so busy sorting the baby bits I’m sure all the new mummies will really appreciate all your hard work. Keep up the fantastic work all of you and make wonderful memories that you will all hold in your heart forever

    • Hi bayleigh, hope you enjoyed your first day & met some amazing people. Bet you found it quite emotional tho as that’s the kinda girl you are, you’ve got a heart of gold. I’ve got little megs staying with me tonight as I need a substitute child whilst your not here! Haha so we’re both send you another message tonight ok. Enjoy your day & keep spreading the love. Love you lots mum xxx

      • Hi Bayleigh it’s meg, I’m at your house having a sleepover, hope your having a good time. Miss you, love you and can’t wait to see you xxxxx

      • Hi bayleigh only me again! Lol hope your ok & have had another great day helping others, as you do. Have an early start tomorrow for my hospital appointment in London, can finally get rid of this huge sleeping bag(shoulder support) that I’ve had for 7 weeks so all is good..yayyy! Love & miss you lots. Mum xxx

  15. Hello darling, sorry couldn’t resist ??. Jodie (Tanya’s daughter) had a little boy this morning, 9 weeks early. He weighed 4lb 1oz and they named him Wilfred. Ruben is missing you well we all are. The house don’t feel right without you here. Was going to start your car for you today but Nan told me no ??. Love mum xxxxx

  16. Hi Ciaran, I hope you are having an amazing time. I’m really jealous of you! I love Africa as a continent but have only done north Africa! Be safe and enjoy, we are really proud if you. Love Aunty Stupid and Uncle Norman xxx

  17. So glad you had a great start 🙂
    So gutted i couldn’t be their this year.
    Miss alice and the girls so much xxx
    Let me know how Mathews and Angelina are when you get back Beks xxx
    Have an amazing, eye opening adventure from Liv

  18. tricia mansbridge

    Hi Mollie and Rebecca Missing you both Hope you have the best time and Rebecca i am sure you are already loving it. Savour every moment and cant wait to see some photos. Love you both. Nan xxxxx

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