AfriDACA Sunday – by Fidelis and Joel

Hi, the first night has passed and thankfully everyone has survived. We had breakfast at 9am on the balcony, it was gorgeous. After some free-time, we had a pleasant walk to the nearby university where Fidelis slipped and got his first (very minor) injury of the day.

After lunch we went to the Acholi Quarters. Everyone was very excited that we were there and welcomed us with open arms. During our visit, we visited the schoolroom where some of the team will be teaching, and some of the ladies and children greeted us with dancing and singing.

Then we visited the quarry, and Jade, Fidelis and Alice got to experience working in the quarry by trying to smash up small bits of rock to make stones. People in this quarry work for up to 8 hours a day in the baking sun, and only get paid around the equivalent of 25p. It was there that Fidelis got his second (also very minor) injury of the day. Thankfully he survived them both, and only a couple of plasters were used from the first aid kit!

After we came back, Joel was soundly beaten at football by Patience (age 6) and had a little sulk!! The day ended with sorting out everything for tomorrow, having dinner – which included chicken and plantain chips – and finishing with birthday cake for Helen (CRED leader) as its her birthday today.

The team would like to thank you for your comments which Helen reads out mornings and evenings, so please keep them coming. And also we extend our regards to Domino and hope he stops sulking soon!!


  1. Hi everyone glad you are doing well…except Fidelis – stop hurting yourself!!!! Happy birthday to Helen! Alice everyone missed you this morning. Domino is settling down now and seems to be recovering from the trauma of you leaving him for nearly two weeks! The quarry sounds like hard work.

  2. Lol at two injuries for Fidelis. Welcome to my world. Fidelis is the reason I have good skin and a sound liver, as I am always on ‘high alert’ to fill thermos flasks and drive him to A&E every time he leaves the house – yeah forgot to mention that he has an entire wing named after him at Blackburn Royal and is on first name terms with most of the fracture clinic staff. ….

    • Glad you’re having a good time! Alice (and others) working in the quarries must have been a really interesting experience. I hope you’re okay from your injuries Fidelis. Also happy birthday Helen!

      • Sorry about earlier, Domino borrowed my phone and was typing with his paws. Glad to hear that you are all enjoying yourselves.

    • Michelle pedder

      Great photos guys . Good luck tomorrow when you begin working with the young school children I’m sure there will be lots of fun to be had by all. Joel pedder losing ain’t ever on the pedder vocabulary lol so proud of you all xx

    • Domino the rabbit

      Hello Alice, I am here watching TV eating my nuggets and jumping over Becca. I am missing you. All the best to all of you. Ps Dave says hi.

  3. Hi loo. This is a message from intergalactic star database number ISD0445555. Hope you’re having fun and just to let you know that your tea of chicken and plantain chips sounds much better than my ham n cheese butty!! By the way have eaten some of your choccy . Will reimburse you when you’re back. Have a swell time and I’ll blog to you soon. Ha ha. Love Timbo x

    • Glad you’ve all arrived safe and are settling in well.
      Fidelis I’m disappointed that I’ve not seen one photo of you in a Hawaiian shirt! I also think we should contact the Guinness World Records for the most injuries in a two month period- because you’ve smashed it!!
      Joel, without super coach Thompson you were bound to lose!
      Look forward to the rest of your stories and pictures.
      P.s I hope I’m not going to see that chuffing jigsaw still knocking around tomorrow!!!!
      Mrs T x

  4. Hi everyone, sounds like fun – except for Fidelis having accidents – makes a change from you though Loz, btw dad says he likes your hair like that! Happy Birthday to Helen. Kian’s still going strong in the weekend Hip Hop comp in Blackpool, mum & dad now flagging. Look forward to hearing about tomorrow’s adventure x

  5. Chantel Ibbetson

    Looks like you all had a great first day. Look at them children hope your all having a great experience love you loads courtney we are missing you lots xxxxxx

  6. Hi jade and all. Love seeing all your smiling faces. Hope your all settling in well. Jade you look really happy ( and so small? ) everyday will bring a new challenge for you all and I’m sure you will all thrive and grow. Love to you all especially my little jadey cakes ❤❤❤❤

  7. Charlie and Kalim

    Hey Courtney hun, hope everything is going well. Just wanted to let you know there’s a warehouse project announcement soon however, you’re in Africa you see so you won’t know what it is. Don’t you worry though me and kalim will let you know what it is while you’re there. Hope you’re not missing us too much. Lots of love from your real buddy’s Charles and Khalid xx

  8. It looks amazing over there Jade, I hope you’re having a great time. I miss you, but you better not come back bright red. I’m currently spending my break time eating pea pods with Ms Chadwick. xx

  9. Hey Courtney, glad you arrived safely despite the delays and hope you enjoyed your first taste of Uganda. I know the next two weeks will be eye opening and liberating for all of you. Enjoy each moment and look after each other. We’ll be following your adventures on here each day.
    Have fun and lots of love, Dad xxx

  10. Hi Lauren H. Just to let you know that I have replenished the chocolate and will hide it from Timbo, so it should still be here when you get home.

    Hope you’re all having a fantastic time the photos look great.

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