AfriDACA – Monday, by Jade and Alice

Today was our first day teaching in Acholi, and an early start to the day. We drove to the Acholi Quarters to where we were going to teach. We split into our two smaller teams – the church team and the school team.

Alice: With the school team in the morning slot, we were teaching addition and subtraction. We started off with basic addition and subtraction, and then moved on to more complex sums with two and three digits. I found this hard because of the language barrier and sometimes it was quite difficult for some of the children to understand straight away.

At break-time, we used the ‘toilet’ there, which is a long drop toilet. I found them horrible and it upsets me that the people in the Acholi quarters have to use them every day. After break, we did some jigsaws with the children and then we went outside with the church team onto the grass and the children played ‘duck duck goose’. During the game Miss Barnes did the most spectacular fall of any of the team who had to run, but she had no lasting injuries.

Jade: the church group had a hectic morning due to having a change of room last minute, and the wrong children to start with. That caused us to have a bit of a panic at first as they were more able than we expected, but things all got sorted out and we pulled through in the end. We adapted our lessons so that some of us took small groups outside, and that gave us more space and allowed us to give the children better attention. We are happy to have impacted the children in good ways, and the most important thing was all the children left with massive smiles on their faces.


  1. Hi Alice good to “hear your voice” in today’s blog! Becca and I were waiting to hear how your first day of teaching went. Why am i not suprised you ended up describing the toilets! They should awful…I’m sure you never thought you’d be using worse toilets all those years ago when you were complaining about the composs loos at the campsite in Scotland! We all miss you and Grandma sends her love.

    Jade’s team that sounds like a stressful start!

    I’m glad there’s no lasting injuries for Miss. Barnes. I hope that’s the end of the accidents (Alice please don’t join in with this activity).

    Keep the photos coming. The children look very happy with you all.

    • Wow! Sounds like you all had a good first day teaching and the pictures are great. Courtney, finally I’m posting in the correct blog, the team in Malawi are probably wondering who on earth Courtney is, and whether they’ve lost someone! For an IT (ahem) “expert” I can be pretty stupid sometimes! Anyway, keep up the good work, look after each other, have fun and miss you loads. It’s amazing what you guys are doing.
      Lots of love, Dad xxx

  2. I think less of the accidents however very good blogs from Alice and Jade. Good to hear that the children were smiling and getting around the language problems is quite a skill to learn.

    Looking forward to the next updates

  3. Glad your first day of teaching went well! 🙂 The language barrier must have been difficult. I’m glad Miss Barnes doesn’t have any lasting injuries from her fall. Alice, your hamster came out to play for a little while but bit me. 🙁

  4. Chantel Ibbetson

    Well done guys you look like your having a great experience keep up the good work glad you all look like your enjoying it miss you courtney lots xxxxxxxx

  5. hi everyone,great pics,looks like everyones having a good time and doing a great job,kelsey,love you loads and missing you,P.S bailey has took over your bed,haha,x

    • Loving the updates and the photos! Sounds like you are having an amazing experience and doing some great work. Glad your maths skills are paying off!! Hope you got photos and video footage of Miss Barnes’ fall, looking forward to seeing them on here ? keep up the good work! Mrs Hart xx

  6. Sounds like you’ve had a challenging but enjoyable day with the children! Grandma & Grandad send their love Lauren & we’re all missing you – it’s very quiet without our evening entertainment! Oreo’s fine so don’t be worrying about him, Kian’s being an attentive pet-sitter. Looking forward to hearing tomorrow’s chapter. Your year 9s weren’t keen on the Maths test you set for them Miss Barnes! Love you Lauren R.

    • Lovely pics of the children. Glad you are all settling into your routines /teaching etc.
      Yeah, anything other than a pristine
      white porcelain toilet is a shock at first – it will help you appreciate a ‘proper’ loo when you return! It’s funny what you miss while away and take for granted while at home.
      It’s Roasting hot here (17 degrees!!! ) so we will all have a fab tan when you get home! How hot is it there? Surprised no one’s commented about that – after all you’re all British and commenting on the weather is our greatest pastime.
      Glad Fidelis has not injured himself today!
      Love Sharon and Claire

      • Glad to hear everything is going well. Keep the pictures coming. Looks like all the children and the team are enjoying the experience.
        Toni leigh, Braedan keeps asking when your home lol.
        We love and miss you, take care.
        You are all doing a brilliant job.

    • So good to see your pictures jade and all the team. Love the picture of you and meg doing maths with the children. Must be so challenging but your all doing amazing. Coral did her sports day today and her team came second she was very impressed.. oscar is home and keeps sitting outside your room bless him. I’m truly inspired by you all and look forward to every update.. love you jade and I hope your doing lots of drawing do I can see them when your home xxxx

  7. Hi Bayleigh, sounds like you are all having an amazing experience. Such a rewarding thing to be doing! Everything ok here. Looking forward to more pictures and hear more of what you have been doing. Take care, see you soon. Lots of love from us all xx

  8. I’m having a chuckle at your toilet issue, we all had long drop toilets in Burnley when I was growing up in the 1970’s! Getting the government grant to have a proper indoor toilet installed was the best day EVER!
    Miss Barnes – DO NOT break yourself! Bubble wrap on it’s way curtesy of the Ed Visits Service.
    Pleased to see you’ve all arrived safety and are settling into your teaching activities.

  9. Hi joey.

    Well done for getting through your first day of teaching!! Bet it is bringing back those TA days 😉 bet you haven’t lost your touch! I am sure it must be difficult seeing people in such difficult situations but I am sure you are bringing some laughter and joy and brightening their day!!

    I hope you are also looking after yourself!! Can’t wait to see a picture of you!!

    Love mat xxx

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