Day One – Malawi 2019

Hey fam and friends, Mollie and Rebecca here!! I’m sure you’re all pleased to know we made it after 2 flights (with food that did not please all), a stop over and an extremely long wait in Malawi airport waiting for visas. The team are becoming much closer as the minutes pass and all appear much happier after a good filling meal at Mabuya camp. Our tents are up and sleeping bags are ready – even the ants are moving in! Tonight we sat and played multiple games of rummy and for those who know the game dobble. I’m sure you can imagine how competitive it got with 11 over tired and very excited people! We are all hoping for a good night sleep in our tents ready to be up at 6am for a 9 hour bus journey to butterfly space with Alice, Hannah and her 2 beautiful little girls. Hope all our family and friends are well and we hope you enjoy the pictures (these will come when we get better WiFi! ? We would really enjoy lots of happy messages to keep the teams spirits high ready for our week of crazyness and excitement to fully begin! 

Lots of love to everyone, 

Mollie, Rebecca and the Malawi 2019 team xxx 


  1. What a lovely first read
    Glad your all ok and enjoying playing dobble
    Look after each other and enjoy your experience
    Paul and very said hi
    Lots of love
    Mum and dad xxxxx

    • Hello Asia! I don’t know if you will get this, I’m a little late as I didn’t know how you find the blog, apologies! I’m glad you all arrived safely. I keep playing Waka Waka in the car wishing I was with you all. It doesn’t feel right you all being in Malawi without me! Especially Becs and Mollie! Missing you Asia. Can’t wait to hear what you get up too!

  2. Hi bayleigh hope your okay and first day has gone well and hope ur not stressing n calmed down abit xxxx I love ya xx

    • Good to hear you are all there safe and sound. Happy camping tonight and safe travels for your onward journey. Looking forward to your next update. Tell kitty I love her and am missing her already xx

      • Thank you so much for the blog, and hope Summer that you got a good sleep!!!!!! Enjoy the bus trip – eyes wide open for what you will see on the next part of your adventures! Miss you heaps. Love Mum and Dad xxx

        • Hi Asia, I am so sorry darling. I have been checking the blog every day, and just kept seeing the first post. Wasn’t till Megan rung me to say I haven’t posted, and explain how to do it I realised. I am glad to say we made it back from Ana wedding all I one bit. Uncle Terry was steaming and fell off his chair multiple times which was so funny. Missed you not being there. Auntie Julie was gutted you wasn’t there but sends her love. Hopefully your bus jounerny wasn’t to bad and you have all settled into butterfly space nicely . Missing you loads but what you are doing is amazing, we are so proud of you. Hope you get this message. Love you lots xx

  3. Hi all glad your all OK.. Please all look after MY baby ciaran.. (the baby of the team)… Look forward to seeing pictures and hearing about All the things you are all doing… Ciaran think Noah is missing you… Well that’s a lie.. He’s missing your iPhone ?.. Love you mate xx

    • Hi jade and Team. Glad your all ok and hope your not too tired.. looking forward to seeing all your pictures. jade coral hasn’t shut up about you ???. Love and miss you loads already xxxxx

  4. Glad you have all settled well – I bet it was brad moaning about the food ???
    Missed you today on my birthday brad but have an amazing time.
    Sorry to embarrass you but love you lots xxxx

  5. Hi Asia aka boo hope the first night in the tent wasn’t so bad for you and the long coach journey goes smoothly and quickly for you, going to miss having you at work today and keep checking my phone even tho I know there won’t be a message from you ? hope you are enjoying your trip so far i love and miss you loads xxxx

    • Hey Courtney, glad you arrived safely. Hopefully the food won’t disagree with you too much. I know the next two weeks will be eye opening and liberating. Enjoy each moment, we’ll all be following your adventure on here.
      Have fun and lots of love, Dad xxx

  6. Hay Courtney love so glad you arrived safe and sound … been thinking about you all and the beautiful thing you guys are doing much love gillxxx

  7. Hey Joey,

    Pleased you got there safe! Never thought I would see you sleeping in a tent in a sleeping bag! But knowing you I bet you were still snoring in minutes ;). I hope the bus journey isn’t to bad!

    Really proud of you! Stay safe!

    Love Mat x

    • Hi Joey,

      So proud you’ve sleep out in a tent ?. Hope the weather is ok over there. Nans eventually had her hair dyed! Looks loads better. Missing you xxx

    • Hi joey bbs bet your loving sleeping with the ants, Rubens missing you, went to your door again this morning can’t wait till your home

      Kacey and rubes xx

  8. Hi Ciaran.. Hope you enjoyed camping… Heard you may have got ‘ants in your pants ‘ ?.. Aston’s loving having the bedroom and your ps4 to himself lol.. And yayo has taken over your bed. Rich said make the most of your experience.. We are all proud of you.. Love you mate.. love all of us xx

  9. Ciaran hope u enjoying it so far and continue to… Its or should be a life changing experience for u really proud of you for doing this I know its well out your comfort zone.. Make the most of it and hope u and all the team have an amazing time.. C u when u get son x well done guys x

    • Morning everyone. Bet your views a little different to ours. Enjoy your first day teaching and embracing the culture and atmosphere at Butterfly Space. You will all love it im sure and learn so much from the people and culture. Aliesha, hope you are ok after the long bus journey, i know that was the bit you were dreading the most. Damien Jade and the kids made it back ok from Newcastle. Long day but all arrived safely. Love you lots M xxxx

  10. Hi Bayleigh, hope the bus journey went ok today and your nicely settled in at butterfly space now. Hope the food has been ok so far for you as your such a fussy mare! Lol really looking forward to seeing all the pictures & hearing about all your adventures. Keep smiling & sending you big you lots mum ❣ xxx

  11. Hey Rebecca and mollie and everyone else. Hope you aren’t all to tired. Enjoy every minute and take lots of photos. Can’t wait to hear about all your adventures. Lots of love Lauren and Jackson xxxx

    • Morning Summer and all the team. Hope you all had a good night’s sleep your first night at Butterfly Space. I am sure today will be incredible, enjoy the teaching, I am sure the kids will be so excited to meet you all. Relish every moment! Take lots and lots of pictures Summer x love you all the way round and back again X Mum and Dad xxxx

  12. Morning all. Hope your first night at butterfly space was a good one.. Hope you have an amazing first day teaching… Ciaran I hope your taking lots of pictures.. Take care. Love mum x

    • Hi bayleigh, hope your first night at butterfly space was ok & you managed to get a decent nights sleep(we all kno how much you love your sleep)! Hope the creepy crawlys haven’t scared you to much either. Enjoy your first day teaching etc, I know your going to love it. Love you, mum & chino xx

  13. Hi Joey, hope you are ok and sleeping well. Have a wonderful day with the children. Nan says hello and she hopes your coping with the heat. Looking forward to reading some more from you guys and hopefully some pictures. Love you and I’m so proud of you xxxxxx

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