Clean water and buffalo milk

Recent news from FIAM, our CRED Partner in India, spoke of the incredible improvements to life that came about as a result of sinking a borehole in a remote village.

Before the borehole, the villagers only had access to contaminated water which often left them sick with fevers and muscle pains. They were unable to work and lived in great poverty.

After the borehole was sunk and the villagers started drinking pure clean water, things rapidly improved. The fevers left them, the muscle pains went away, and the villagers grew stronger and more able to work. One type of work that they started doing was buffalo farming for milk production and this is going very well.

On average the buffalos produce enough milk that there is about 30 litres a day that can be sold, after the farming families have had their share for personal consumption. As a result, the farmers are making good money and so able to afford to send their children to school.

‘Before the clean water and the buffalos’ one farmer said, ‘we only had a little money as we couldn’t work, and all that money went on medicines. Since the clean water, our health has improved so we spend less on medicines. Also, we can work more and earn more, so we can afford to send our children to school. All of this happened thanks to clean water, and that happened thanks to FIAM. I can never thank them enough’.

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