Ramya – from rejection and street life to top marks at school.

Thirteen years ago, when Ramya was just two years old, her parents were killed in a terrorist attack. They were innocent bystanders who were in the wrong place at the wrong time, but as a result Ramya and her brother ended up as orphans. None of the aunts or uncles would take the two young children in as it was believed that they would bring bad luck on the house, and Ramya and her brother ended up living on the streets.

Those first years were awful, Ramya remembers. ‘Living on the streets is never good, and especially when you are so young – you are just so vulnerable and open to abuse. It was horrible’. But thanks to FIAM life started to look up. Once FIAM had discovered the children, they were taken in to a foster home and able to start attending school.

And now, 13 years later, Ramya has just passed her national primary leavers exam with the best marks in the school – 80%, plus commendations for several extra activities and qualities.

Ramya plans to go to secondary school this year, and her long-term dream is to become a police officer so that she can help to control terrorism in the place of her birth, and support families and children who have suffered from terrorist incidences.

At a recent Vocational Bible School, Ramya shared her story. She said: ‘God saved my life from being on the streets. He changed my life from being an unfortunate child to being a blessed child. When I was 2 years old, my family rejected me, but now that they have seen how well I have been blessed, they are coming to me, and wanting to know about my God. FIAM gave me hope when I had none and brought my family back to me after 13 years. I am so grateful to FIAM and to God.’

Ramya, with her school friends, collecting an award for academic excellence

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