Don’t try this at home!

One of the projects that our partner John Njendahayo┬áis running in Uganda, is the development of a biogas farm. The ultimate aim is for it to produce biogas from animal manure, that can be compressed into cylinders and made available to people as cooking fuel. In so doing they will then not need to use charcoal and firewood – which has positive impacts on health and environment

John already has the production of biogas sorted thanks to cows, biodigesters, and a number of experiments along the way.

The next stage is to ‘scrub’ the gas clean, to remove the sulphur dioxide in it, and these are the experiments currently taking place. Here you can see John with a home-made scrubbing device that he has made and which is now going through some initial testing. Already he has found that the cleaner, purer gas boils 1.5l water a whole minute faster than it takes using the unscrubbed gas.

So, it’s on with the experiments, and the further refining of the process, and in the meantime: Please don’t try this at home!

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