Bed in a Basket for Malawian babies

A team from the LeAf Academy in Bournemouth recently visited our Malawian CRED Partner, Butterfly Space, and spent two weeks carrying out a range of practical activities to enhance the work that Butterfly does week in week out in a rural area of this impoverished country.

Butterfly Space is situated in a beautiful location on the shores of Lake Malawi at Nkhata Bay. As well as providing accommodation for travellers, it runs a number of community-based programmes in the local area, including a disabled youth group, a nursery school, prison ministry, a nutrition group for widows with HIV/Aids, and a vocational training centre for people living with disabilities.

The Bournemouth team got involved in a number of these projects, but here we focus on the ‘Bed in a Basket’ programme. This programme focuses on provision of resources for young mothers and their newborn babies, through giving them a locally made ‘Moses basket’ that contains clothes, washable nappies, blanket, and a cuddly toy. Through this the mothers, many of whom live in very poor conditions, are able to give their babies a positive start, and the basket also provides an opportunity to chat with the mothers about a number of relevant topics.

Thank you to the team for bringing out the resources to fill these baskets, and in so doing, to make a massive difference in the lives of the newborn babies, and their mothers.

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