St Pauls Bulgaria trip 2017 – Sunday update

Welcome to our first blog post all the way from Bulgaria! Our first mission as XLP Bulgaria was to get to our destination Stara Zagora. This was no easy task, we started from our rendezvous point at St Pauls academy at the crack of dawn to board the minibus generously driven by Geography teacher Mr. Davis. Our group of tired and grumpy teenagers accompanied by two overly enthusiastic adults ventured our way into Heathrow terminal 5

and boarded the plane at gate A8, after a comfortable flight soaring at an average altitude of 35000 km in the troposphere landing in Sofia Bulgaria at local time 2.30 pm. However, the arduous and tedious part of our trek was not behind us as an excruciating 4-hour coach ride lay ahead of us, this included me sitting in almost every seat on the coach as I was moved on from place to place by every Bulgarian that got on the coach, before we realised our tickets had seat numbers (oops). After over 18 hours of traveling we were had arrived at the gates of Zheleznik Hotel our home for the next week.

Our view from the hotel after we arrived.

We dropped off our baggage in our hotel rooms and immediately ventured out into the dark, foreign streets of Bulgaria where we were welcomed by a billion mosquitos and we rejuvenated our energy with a kebab or a slice of pizza finish off with a cold sweet ice cream which marked the end our travels but the beginning of our journey.


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