AfriDACA Tuesday, by Eleanor and Joel

Today was slightly cooler than yesterday and breakfast was fab.

It was lovely to see the children again and start to recognize more of them. They were even more friendly than yesterday, high-fiving and fist-bumping us loads. Knowing the kids a bit also helped the lessons because we could pitch at the right ability.

The less advanced groups had an animal-themed day and it was brilliant to see them running round in their masks. In the other group, who go to the little catch up school all the time, there was a focus on time, and they made so much progress

At lunch we got the chance to make beads with some of the Acholi ladies. It was quite fiddly but still a massively better alternative to working in the quarry.

We broke off teaching slightly early to visit the homes of some of the children we’d been teaching. The houses were small and with very limited facilities but the women and children were warm and welcoming.

We were impressed by the skills of the translators.

Hearing about how the women had to flee from their homeland because of the violence was so upsetting. Also their level of self-sacrifice for their families was astounding. Yet many still couldn’t afford to educate their children to get them out of poverty.

By Eleanor and Joel

PS Happy birthday mum from Joel!


  1. Hello everyone. Fabulous pics and your day sounds so worthwhile. Take care xxx
    Scruff missing you Eve ??

  2. What a wonderful experience for everyone involved, so greatly appreciated. ?

  3. Hello everyone the pictures and updates are lovely to read, you should all be so proud of yourselves for what you are doing , this is an amazing experience that you have been able to take part in and I’m sure you will embrace every moment xxxx hope you are all okay and olie is missing you Libby keeps asking if anymore pictures been put on xxx love you , mum and Oliver xxxxx

  4. Absolutely love seeing all the pics and updates to the blog!
    Looks like you’re all enjoying the experience and by the huge smiles on the children’s faces, so are they!! ?
    Lulats taabaasp Hannah ❤ xxxxxx

  5. Hi you all look like you have fit in well and your all smiling. Not an emotional person but brought a few tears (sssh)seeing hollie enjoy the experience Maybe I like you after all hollie ??. Keep posting the pics and updates xx

  6. Michelle and Graham Pedder

    Love reading the blogs and seeing the pictures. You are all amazing young adults who are doing amazing things for these young children. So proud of you all . Joel Pedder you amaze me everyday . You made me cry with ur birthday wish. Continue to learn an enjoy guys xx

  7. Hope you are all having a great Wednesday and making everyone smile again over there. We are all okay and cold here. Looking forward to seeing more pics tonight and reading what you have been doing today.
    Lots of love to you Eve xx??

  8. Very interesting, sounds like you’re really getting to know your hosts! Really looking forward to hearing more when you get back.

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