Monday, by Katie and Lucy

We all woke up this morning and received a cooked breakfast, full English style, which made us feel extremely welcomed by John, Sophie and Patience

On the bus ride into the Acholi Quarter of Kampala everywhere we looked there were smiling faces and being called ‘mzungu’ made us all feel as if were finally in Uganda.

As we walked into the classrooms at Acholi, we were overwhelmed by the sea of smiles that we received!

During our lunch break, as a group we ventured up to the local quarry where most of the adults in the tribes work, women as well as men. Most of us were overwhelmed by the fact that they only get paid 25p for 8 hours work. The group had a try at the job that some of the women in the quarry have, most of us failed to even make a dent on the rocks. One of the members slightly nicked their finger which shows the dangers of working in the quarry.

Although the trip was amazing and the views were astounding, the impact of the living conditions hit most of the team.

Both teaching teams thought their sessions went smoothly and the children were very interactive, and we didn’t have many problems teaching them.

Our teaching group prepared a lesson involving twister – where the kids colour and play the game. Even the teacher, Miriam, got involved which showed that everyone enjoyed the session.

Our team, at the end, received bracelets from one of the student’s mum, which was a huge surprise for us and also made us feel extremely appreciated in the community and that we really are making a difference.

PS Eve would like to thank her mum for the letter in her case – it made us all cry!!

Love from Katie and Lucy



  1. Wow! Looks amazing, I am so proud of you Hannah. It’s such an incredible and life changing experience not only for you guys but for the children and Acholi community you are helping. Keep up the good work Daca you are all doing a fantastic job ❤ xx

  2. Well done every one so proud of you all and quite envious ☺ love the pictures etc.. take care of eachother xxx

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