Wednesday – by Eve and Becky

Today was difficult for some of us as the whole group was tired and we hit a ‘middle of the week’ wall. But we still had a brilliant time and felt that we made a difference

Weather was cooler, but turned hotter in the afternoon. We’re still adjusting to the heat, and this adds to the tired feelings.

Went to the shop afterwards to get snacks and drinks – everyone was excited!

For dinner we had pasta and rice, everyone really enjoyed it and most of us had seconds

Everyone is becoming closer, we all work well together as a team.

Eve apparently is the mother of the group: she is taking care of everyone and kindly doing everyone’s washing!

Looking forward to receiving lots of comments from you all (hint hint!)


  1. Really enjoying your daily blog and the photos are great and very descriptive. Continue to enjoy every day and every experience Team DACA. Love to all Becci’s Gran Jan x

  2. Hi to you all!
    Thank you to Helen and the team for looking after our Young teachers of the future!
    Loving the daily blog!
    Glad to here all is going well and the photos are great shots especially the ones of you Lewis, have you managed to catch up with the young boy who you taught to count to ten the last time you visited? You look relaxed, I hope you are all well and enjoying the experience. Ethan has enjoyed looking at the photos too!
    Lots of love Lewis
    Mum and Ethan

  3. Fabulous pictures from today. Well done Eve keep up with the washing and you can carry on when you get home.?

  4. John & Gill Norris

    Hi Becci and every body else. Hope you are all well and have had a good day despite the tiredness. You are all doing an amazing job and will make a massive difference. The pictures are brilliant and we really look forward to reading the blog updates. You won’t ever know how proud we all are of you. Just make the most of the time you are there, it is an adventure of a life time and something you will always remember. Grandma sends her love Becci and Chris at the Lemon says hello, he’s just looked at the photos. Take care of each other and keep up the good work. Love you lots. Mum, Dad and Jake XXX

  5. Absolutely love reading this blog each day and catching up with what you are all up to! The photos are incredible and it’s really humbling to see how much we take for granted every day, we have so much to be grateful for.

    A huge thank you to the Acholi community, Helen, all the Daca staff and the host family for enabling this amazing experience, which will no doubt change the way you view life in future. ?

    Love you loads Hannah, I could not be more proud ❤ xxx

  6. So proud of you all and love the daily updates! Seeing the smiles on the children’s faces is brilliant and shows what a difference you are all making to them. Hope Sam is managing the malaria tablets!! ?? Lots of French plaits going on with the girls…….is Tobryn the team hairdresser? Keep enjoying this fantastic experience and look after each other. Matt and Paul say hello Sam. Love you loads and sorry I may have eaten your chocolate! X

  7. So proud of you Eve! Not surprising that your looking after everyone. The photos and story of each day is fabulous. Enjoy the rest of your amazing time. You will be making such a difference. Xxxxx

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