Thursday, by Tom and Lewis

Woke up this morning, a lot of us were very tired, but we had a good breakfast of fresh fruit, toast and cereals before setting off to Acholi

Morning lessons: We taught first in the larger / less able group, with the lesson being a travel themed literacy session. Group was quickly engaged through us teaching methods of travel and having them play the corner game – locating different methods of travel on the walls and acting them out. The other two groups maintained the travel theme throughout and both sessions ran smoothly

Lunch: This was very good as John went to supermarket and treated us to a selection of spring rolls, samosas, fruit, crisps and drinks

Afternoon: We had to change our lessons slightly due to a lack of resources and also a lower level of ability in our afternoon group. Although we improvised, the children were very engaged and particularly enjoyed the word hunt

Porridge time: we were treated to a live performance of a travelling band who were also dancing. This was very entertaining as it was a cultural style of performance

After: we then went to the field in the Acholi, and played sports games with the children. They really enjoyed this and had lots of fun. You could really see how much the children appreciated this

Tea: the tea was amazing, chicken with potatoes. We all enjoyed this and everything was eaten. We then reviewed the week so far as a group and shared what we feel we have gained from our experience

following tea there was a storm that lit up the night sky. Some of the group seemed particularly amused by this.



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