News from the Burma border

Pastor Edmond is a CRED partner who lives and works on the Thai Burma border. He is from one of the minority groups in Burma, and he has devoted his life to supporting people from this group on both sides of the border who fled persecution during the oppressive Burmese regime. Now that the political situation is improved, things have got better for these people, but many of them are still displaced from their homes and there is still much poverty – physically, mentally and spiritually. Pastor Edmond and his team continue to provide incredible support in many ways in very tough circumstances.

This support includes:

  1. Children ministry: 400 children from the nearby village get access to activities including (1) Sunday school (2) Karen language (3) English lessons. (4)Social science (5) Basic computer (6) Music and (7) Health education.
  2. Mother care ministry: 38 mothers and babies. .
  3. Students’ home: for students studying in high school and university.  Some are orphans, some are displaced people and most are poor. We encourage them to return to serve their people as teachers, medic and evangelists, etc–.
  4. Evangelism fields: 12 mission  fields and 15 workers.
  5. Training programs: relating to church and outreach work

In the words of Pastor Edmond: ‘We are  attempting to bring hope, love and some assistance to all regardless of religion, ethnicity or political bias. ‘

Would you like to support this work in any way? Financially (one-off or regular donations), prayerfully, or doing a fundraising event? Please contact us if you would like to know more.

But for now, enjoy some photos of the work of Pastor Edmond and his team.

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