Day 7. Goodbye can be the hardest word to say

Day 7

Beth S and Tia here, thank you for all your motivational messages, they cheer up our mornings. Evie you better not of made a mess in my room or touched my stuff (Tia). Thank you for the messages dad… even if they are embarrassing (Beth).

Today was our last day with the Acholi children, in the classrooms we mostly had a messy, craft day finishing with games and songs and dances. They showed us some of their African dances with the children taking in turns to show their best moves (which were very sassy). The children were still smiling coming into the classrooms and haven’t lost energy at all this week despite their difficult lives. Saying goodbye was emotional especially as this was the only time the children had stopped smiling all week. It astonishes us how children who have next to nothing would offer us their porridge and give us their gifts such as necklaces and bracelets. Some of the children even waited all day to wave us goodbye. (Beth) After lots of dancing and the most eye-opening week it was finally time to say goodbye there were a few tears but also not forgetting the memories made by all. Can’t wait to share our experiences with everyone when we arrive home. (Tia) Saying goodbye to those children and the translators was as hard as it was 2 years ago. I’m touched by the way the community welcomed us everyday, were there for our every need and cried with us on goodbye.

We went out for dinner with the translators and women who helped in the community. They were happy to receive a full meal and they took some home for their children, which was a reminder of that the children back in the Acholi quarters had minimal food. The speeches at the end were very touching and reminded us of how appreciated we are and why we did this. It’s been difficult for us all to see the very little change there is within this world in regards to poverty. But knowing that if we’ve made a change in at least one persons life it makes it all worth it and that there is a school for them to go to run by Miriam is comforting.

Paul writes. What a week and what a team. They have worked so hard in crazy heat, laughed a lot, sung out loud in traffic and have been very patent with each other. They has seen and learnt a lot that has moved them, shaken them, confused them. Get ready for stories, ask them to read out there journal to you. Do write and tell me any real long lasting life changes you see over the weeks ahead. The Acholi people are wonderful and they have become our friends for life. Thank you for trusting your children to us. We return them challenged, we bring them home with new emotions, fresh thoughts and a new hope that we can make a difference to the world one smile at a time.


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  1. Wow an amazing blog. Beth so glad you got this experience. Can’t wait to read your journal.
    Thank you to all at Cred for making this possible. Big thank you to Paul Mel and Sam. See you Sunday beth love you xxx

  2. By now I’m guessing you will realise how incredibly lucky you all are to get this experience that so many people will never get a chance to do what you lot have done. One thing I regretted when I went out there was not giving enough money to the families we had met, tom you honestly look like you’ve had the best time!! Harry has replaced you and moved in and jess says she is missing you
    Enjoy the rest of your time out there, love from the Dikken’s fam

  3. Hi Rosie and team. I am sure that you will have many fond memories of your trip. All of you have a safe journey home. Uncle David and me look forward to seeing in a couple of weeks. Lots of love Auntie Genette and Uncle David (Bodmin and Boux the cats).

    • Hi Gem. Well! It’s been so wonderful to read about your trip, the things you are all doing. How brilliant you all are. I’m sure you will be missed very much.. we are very proud of you. We are so looking forward to seeing you and hearing all about it first hand. As you may have just realised. ……its taken me a week to work out how to write to you! Honestly! Some grannies! Love you so much…and again , so proud of you. Still praying for you all. Grannie and grandpa.xxxxxx

  4. Donna McMahon-Boon

    What an achievement and just brilliant adventure. We have no words to express what you’ve seen and felt … just an amazing charity that deserves so much recognition for their work. You should all be so proud, and to Paul and the team I cannot thank you enough for the work you do tirelessly. Safe journey home to all of you. Love me, Nanny & Bob xxxx

  5. What an emotional day it must have been. It’s emotional just reading about it. Thank you so much to Paul and the team for making this happen and a huge thanks to your new friends for taking such good care of you. We can’t wait to hear your stories. And I can’t wait to hug you Gem. Love you so very much. Mum, Dad and Meggie. Xxx

  6. What a wonderful experience for both team and kids there. Have a great day tomorrow. Lots of love Lucy ?? mum xxx

  7. For once I am lost for words, ask Amy-Jane I am never lost for words, especially when I am nagging her to tidy her room, or get ready on time…

    However, reading your blog entries and looking at your photos this week has been both enjoyable and heart-wrenching all at the same time!

    As the week has gone on and you have all experienced more and more of how life is for these children, and also the inspiring people you have met and become friends with, it makes me feel immensely proud and also sad, again all at the same time.

    We at home cannot begin to imagine the emotions you are all feeling at this point, although you should all feel hugely proud of yourselves and each other, what a fantastic team you all are!

    Thank you to Paul and everyone involved with Cred, and to Mel and Sam for being there for our children on this trip!

    I cannot wait to see you all on Sunday and of course Amy-Jane, I am super excited to see over the days and weeks the effect this trip has had on you (hoping your time keeping is improved)!

    Have a safe and restful journey home!

    Over and out from Blity!

    • Couldn’t have said it better myself?xxxx

      Have an amazing last day tomorrow and a safe journey back home to all us super proud family and friends awaiting your return with eager listening ears to your stories, diary entries and photos etc and itching to give you the BIGGEST, TIGHTEST HUGS AND KISSES (and there will be tears shed no doubt) xxxxxxxxx

      LOTS OF LOVE TO YOU ALL❤️Xxxxxxx

      AJ – love you more than words can say ….. See you in something like 28 hours from when you read this!! xxxxxxx

  8. Having read all the blogs so far, I’m sure I’m not alone in saying that I’m extremely proud of all the people involved in this project. I told Maya that this week would be emotional but extremely rewarding. I’m sure you’ll all come back home with a different perspective on life after this. Looking forward to seeing you soon. Enjoy your free time before you fly home. Lots of love. Dad xxxx

  9. Hi Mel, it look like you have had an amazing time and all of the team. We are sure you will have gained so much from your experience.
    Love you so much and can’t wait to see you on Sunday
    Mum, Dad and Bubbles xxxxxx

  10. Thank you for another most excellent blog.
    Thank you again to Mel, Sam, Paul, John and Sophie and anyone else involved, for taking such genuine care of our children.
    You are all amazing bods.
    I love you so much my Jammie Dodger.
    Huge hugs awaiting you.
    Yes Luna is fine!

  11. Hi chynna and all ? feeling for you all today saying goodbye . You made a difference in there lives so just remember that xx
    Looking forward to the journal and all the stories.
    All ok at home. Went to brooklands today on the scary train (not scary) not like tullys haha. The boys are going to Halloween party tomoz . Then I’ll be going to bed early so the next day comes quicker . Can’t with to see you xxx love you lots

  12. Hi Tia Evie said she has only played with some of your make up and sammy looked gorgeous after she had finished his make over, only joking you wouldn’t,t know she had been in there. We are so very proud of you giving up your creature comforts and time to people that deserve so much more than they have any yet they are happy it makes you feel very guilty about the way we live our lives and the silly things we moan about.
    Thank you Paul for ensuring they got the most out of the week and keeping them safe and for the most amazing pictures looking forward to Sunday lots love all of
    Us xxxx

  13. Thank you Beth and Tia for your blog this evening. It must have been very emotional saying goodbye, especially for those of you whose second trip it is.
    A BIG thank you to Paul, Mel and Sam for looking after our young people and for making this experience possible. We certainly believe the team will have made a difference to these children’s lives and to their own in turn.
    Enjoy your day tomorrow and have a safe journey home.
    Ryan we’re looking forward to hearing your stories and to giving you a big hug ?
    Lots of love, Mum and Dad X

  14. You are all an inspiration! My faith in the impact of kindness knows no bounds. We absolutely can’t wait to welcome you home Jack – we love you and we’re enormously proud of the quality human being you are. Wishing you all a safe journey home. Eliza and Bella are counting down the sleeps! Xxxx

  15. Brilliant last blog. Thank you so much Paul for your inspiration leadership and well done to everyone who has worked so hard in difficult circumstances to make a difference. It’s been an epic journey and we can’t wait to hear about it first hand.
    Jackal – sorry to say that despite your LA Dodgers support (with your cap that Uncle Angus – who is visiting us right now – bought you!) they failed to make the World Series and the Chicago Cubs are tied 1-1 with the Cleveland Indians.
    Have a safe journey home and can’t wait to see you Sunday… the Littlehampton bonfire might still be burning the remains of our garden by then…!

  16. Hello Maya, what a wonderful week it has been the incredible blogs, the happy tears we have all shed from this end, like all the other parents and families we are so proud and happy for you and look forward to hearing about everything that you have experienced. Enjoy your free day and try to relax.
    Love You tons and a bit more. Nanny & Bob

  17. Jack I am so impressed by you and the work you have done. I’m the proudest uncle ever, love Gus

  18. Olivia( Grace's friend )

    I hope you all experienced a wonderful time and realised how different parts of the world can be. This is a very rare experience and I hope I could do this in my life soon !

  19. Lucy (graces sister and millies cousin)

    Hiya Grace. It’s Lucy. You all seem to be having ano amazing time. I started crying when I saw all the photos it’s so upsetting to see that they don’t have anything. I love ur bed it’s so comfy to sleep in we have had so many parties. Lol. ( no not really we haven’t touched ur room.!!!!!!) I’m really missing you loads. And can’t wait to see you so u can tell me all about it. And I can’t wait to have all our fUndy times together again. Really missig you. Love ya. Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  20. well done all of you
    safe trip home
    love you lots lil’ beth xxxx

  21. Hi Beth!,
    I loved reading your blog and you look really pretty in all of these photos, I miss you loads but i am so excited to see you Sunday and give u a big hug :)!!!!
    Love you <3
    -Ellie xxx

  22. Also thank you to everyone that has looked after Beth x

  23. What an amazing blog. The photos are very moving and wonderful ar the same time.
    You are all am inspiration not only to you families your teachers and friends but to all your new friends in Uganda too.
    Grace I love you with all my heart. Missed you loads and can’t wait to hug you. Please remember what I said about your belongings…leave whatever you can there as it’s replaceable to us but vital to the community you have shared the’s last few days. Just remember one set of clothes to wear home and your passport.
    Love you. Can’t wait for Sunday to be here already.

  24. Hi. OMG you look like you all having a grrrrrreat time over there.
    I really want to be over there right now.
    I am sooooooooooooooooo proud of you. to be honest with you I think lots and lots of people are?
    I’ll bring a really big pack of Tissues on Sunday for our first hugs.
    Love you sis.
    Love from your lil Bro. JAMES

  25. Loving the photos today …a river of emotions happy and sad … it was worth every minute I am sure. You all look beautiful healthy and happy…glowing actually SO EXCITED FOR YOU ALL on your last dat …hoping you have lots of fun xx missing you like crazy Sophiya…Claudia and me crying tonight looking at your pictures ….everyone keeps asking how you are getting on ….can’t wait to hear all about it from you. WE ALL LOVE YOU AND ARE SO IMMENSLEY PROUD OF YOU XX XXXXXX

  26. Hi Rosie just finished reading amazing blog of your last day what an emotional day it must have been for you all. As I write your Mum and Grace are on their way home from Spain and so looking forward to having you back home on Sunday. Enjoy your day off tomorrow. We are so proud of you all and the difference you have made to the children. Well done everyone and a big thank you Paul and team for taking such good care of our children. Love and kisses grandma and

  27. Saying goodbye must’ve been a very emotional time for you all . The end of a fantastic learning experiance and a week of mixed emotions . but i say with some guilt that there loss is our gain . To have you back home with us ,to share your stories and hear your voices xxx ? to Paul and the leaders I thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking care of our kids and helping them with this joyous experience

  28. Can’t wait for you to be home Ryan and Joanna missing you so much and can’t wait to hear what god has done for you and the children. IM BUZZING lots of hugs and kisses chummies

  29. Hi Beth,
    Another great blog and a great day had by all by the sounds of it.
    Can’t wait to watch Liverpool tomorrow, hope Jack doesn’t mind me jumping around if, I mean when Liverpool score :-). Alf is really looking forward to it.
    Hope you’ve had a lovely last evening and have a good day tomorrow.
    Can’t wait to see you Princess, Love You Loads.
    Safe flight, take care. xxXXxx

  30. Hello Amy-Jane, gosh what a last day you must have had! Many tears and goodbyes but after this week you have had you must all feel how amazing each one of your are to make these people’s life better, in many ways.

    I cannot wait to see you in just over a day from when you have read this, I am super duper proud of you and you should be yourself and everyone else too!

    I’m sure you have learnt many skills and things that you can teach onto others☺

    Have a great last day and thankyou to everyone and especially the blog to bring me along the journey through a different way then you all have experienced and will treasure for a long time.

    I love you lots Amy-Jane, see you very soon and have a safe journey back home! I will hear from you when you have landed??❤

  31. Peachy Poo ❤

    Cannot say enough how proud we are of you and the team! I’m sure the challenges you faced this week have been overshadowed by just how rewarding they have been. We love you so much and are looking forward to seeing you.

    I turned Wally into a pumpkin for Halloween, and he growled at me.. ???

    Anyway, everyone is good at home, we just miss you ! Love Millie, Maisie, Paul and Wally xxx

  32. Lou amies Lil Beths mum

    Hi Beth
    This week has gone so fast yet it feels like u have been gone for ages, I’m so very proud of u. I know how much the last trip ment to u so I know today would have been hard saying goodbye.
    I have loved reading the blog each day and seeing the wonderful photos, memories u will treasure forever.
    Tomorrow joey and I are off to a Halloween party, the pumpkins are here ready for u they are from dads school allotment so all different shapes and sizes!!
    Have a safe trip home love u lots mum xx

  33. An amazing week, an amazing community, and an amazing group of people making a difference.
    Can’t wait to see you on Sunday and hear all about it x love you squillions Millie xxxx

  34. Safe flight , see you all tomorrow ❤️❤️

  35. What an amazing experience this must have been for you all. Very proud of you Mel and everyone else – what a brilliant thing to do.
    We have just sat down with the family and read through the blog. I am hoping this makes Maddi realise how lucky she is to have the life she does! We all missing you so much especially your niece and nephew!
    We cannot wait to see you. Have a safe trip home everybody. Lots of love xxxx

  36. Hi Mel

    Typical English family we have only just found the blog.

    We love and miss you so much and are very proud of you. Can’t believe we could have seen photos and read the blog. You know we’re not very technological. Have just given matt the website too so he can see.

    Can’t wait til your home and you can tell us all about. SAFE journey. XX

  37. Hi frag, very proud of you can’t wait to hear the amazing stories. Guess you’re on the plane now only just found this as you just found it too. Love you loads house is spotless ?
    Love Matty xxx

  38. Well done fi fi. I really miss you
    Love ya sis xxxxx

  39. Well done – you have all done a fantastic job in Uganda. You will have experienced so much in your time there and brought a lot to the local community. Look forward to hearing all about it (lil) Beth x

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