Encouraging news from India

Our lovely friend and CRED Partner Janaki Menni was in the UK for 4 weeks during September / October and spent her time visiting friends old and new, and speaking at a large and varied number of events.

She shared the story of Faith In Action Ministries, and the different programmes that they run to support the poor and marginalized in a number of ways. And she shared her own story and the different challenges that are faced by Christians in India.

One of the programmes that they are seeking to start, and that Janaki was looking to raise funds towards, is a Goat project. This is to act as a source of income to help underwrite programmes working with orphans, the elderly, those living with leprosy, and marginalized rural groups.

Through her visit, enough funds were raised to buy the first batch of goats – big smiles all round!

15302491_1036960016449460_728024135_oJust a few days or so back I received the following email, telling of how God is answering prayers, giving encouragement, and also highlighting further challenges being faced.

Please read on, and if you would like to support the work in any way, then donations can be made in all the usual ways.

Janaki writes:

Thank you my friend. Your words are giving encouragement. Yes we will wait and see with prayerfully what God plans for His ministry.
One sister (not literal sister, but in Christ) from UK she send £21,000 to buy a new school bus. We bought new school bus with this money and the bus is coming tomorrow or day after tomorrow to our campus. It’s really a great encouragement and bringing new hope to children on their education and life.

One friend she was inspired by God’s love and leading and decided to work to raise funds for the orphanage building. She really have a heart for Indian poor and street children. Please pray for her vision.

And my friends we are praying for another 3 buses also. We have one bus now and compulsory need 2nd bus also by end of this year 2016 because Government will not permit us to use private buses to transport school children.


The other 2 buses needed by the end of March 2017 to get new admissions for the 2017 academic year.

If we have these buses in time then
school can become a big project and bring in money just like Goat project to support other FIAM ministries.


And Helen we need compound wall for whole school campus…because nowadays we are facing problem with snakes: more and more snakes are coming to class rooms.

Very recently one small boy got a snake bite but by the grace of God we moved very quickly to take him to high medication so no problem. But children and parents are fearing very much.

With the help of fencing we were protecting the childen from animals but fencing can’t stop snakes. So now we need walls not just a fence as snakes they are increasing. Please pray.

For safe and protective compound wall construction need £7500.

Please remember in your prayers. And do encourage any one would like to support for this particular need. This is very challenge now for school.
Please pray about this.

Hope to hear from you all.

yours sister in His service.

Sis Janaki….FIAM.

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