Day 6. The world in one day!

Day 6

Hey guys, Joanna and Rosie writing our bit tonight, another motivated morning today after hearing all of your comments – dad ryan loved your shout out (Joanna)

Team classroom had a fun and lively morning with geography being our base, we practiced continents and countries with native animals from each, with a superb mishap from Mel thinking that Russia was all in Asia or maybe a separate continent itself!

I cant tell you the delight on the kids faces when they realized they could name all of these things when put on the spot which equally made us feel good also

We then moved into the church for craft with animal masks and personalized flags where Jamie asked them to create something that represented them, it was amazing to see what stood out to them all and what they picked up on, details like these made me really understand why I come on trips like these. Also massive props to Jack for leading an amazing morning session he was full of life and enthusiasm which radiated on to the kids.

Ps, Danushka asks Nilda how Ivy is.

(Rosie) This morning we started off with teaching colours and shapes. The children, especially the ones I was working with, really seemed to enjoy doing the shapes, just drawing them and learning their names. The games were a success too, the kids got super into running to all the coloured shapes on the wall. I loved how happy the kids were when we let them take home the flags they coloured, they were all so proud of what they’d done.

Teaching the countries was fun because Taz had lots of energy while teaching and it radiated onto the children, it was basically a screaming fest as they learned the flags. The only country they couldn’t yell was Ethiopia as it was too big a word. Feeling very tired but so content in what we have done. One more day to go.

Paul adds. We had a great evening reflection tonight after having a visit from an inspirational lady called Patience who runs a charity working at investigating and highlighting corruption in Uganda. She was a sponsored child as she lost her parents and brothers and sisters at a young age. She joined the army served in Iraq, has studied to a high level at Universty and had so many stories to tell. It was a great evening followed by the team sharing the pains of the week as well as what has changed. Guilt at what we have, some of the poverty we have seen and worry about that we have not done enough were the main themes of the conversation. When we looked at what has changed we were all moved to hear of the attitudes and thoughts that were being expressed and about the impact and the reality of what will happen on return. Over to you to tell us over the coming weeks if change has happened in action thought and deed! Take care one and all

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  1. Guys there are no words to describe the feelings and emotions that goes through all of us parents here when we see these pictures. You guys are so brave to be doing what you are doing. Some of you have never been faced to this side of the world but you are doing great! It will stay with you forever .
    Danushka Ivy is ok. I have been going to the hospital with her for her treatment. She is very strong baby. Please do not worry. She keeps asking about you and she wants to see you home soon
    Neelesh cane again today to get his black panther suit fixed. Ended up stitching again . Patsy says hello. Nanny and papa says hello
    I say hello to everyone there . Love for all of you guys girls teachers and host and the kids there ! Best wishes take care !

  2. Hi Rosie and team. So glad you had a good day. Looking at the photos the children look like they are having a great time with you all. I especially like the photo of the little one covered in glitter! We have also been getting regular updates on Graces antics in Spain. You will both have lots to chat about when you get home. Very proud of you. Take care. See you soon. Lots of love Auntie Genette and Uncle David (Bodmin and Boux the cats). ???

  3. Darling Bethany hope you’re feeling much better was so lovely hearing your voice. hope you enjoy your last days can’t wait to see you and hug you.
    Love u so much
    Mum xxx

  4. Lisa, Simon, Edward & Toby

    To Ryan and all the team,
    We’ve loved reading your blogs and seeing your photos this week… it looks like you’re having an amazing time and making a real difference to the children you are working with.
    Ryan – I’ve been showing the photos to Edward each day and he keeps asking whether you’re going to come and teach him at his school!
    Sending you lots of love for your last few days and a huge cuddle for Uncle Ryan from the boys!
    Looking forward to seeing you when you get back and hearing all about everything you’ve experienced xxx

  5. Mummy McMahon-Boon

    There are no words to explain how we feel about what you’re a part of right now. We are a family that lives together and shares everything … hopefully this has helped with your experiences this week.

    An amazing journey for you all and something to be cherised. These children will never forget this week … and I’m sure you won’t forget them. Who knows how many of you will return or even choose to dedicate your lives to helping others.

    Looking forward to hugs with my baby Maisie Moo and to hearing noise in the house again … Floppy really needs cuddles. Love from me and them xxxx

  6. Hi Beth (Steer),
    Sorry that I couldn’t speak on the phone I was shocked that it was you and got emotional. Glad to hear that you’r okay and the medical centre was looking after you ok.
    I am counting down the days for when you get home and was planning on getting you to take me to starbucks 😛
    Everyone is missing you exspecially Pilly 🙂 but were glad your having a good time I am so excited to see you!!
    The dog misses you and can not wait till you get home!
    Hope everyones ok and what your all doing is awesome and I hope your all having a good time 🙂
    -Ellie xxxx

  7. Hi to Beth, Grace and Sophiya.
    I hope everyone is alright! What you’ve been doing and teaching sounds incredible so far. I’m missing you lots, and I’m so pleased that it’s going so well! Best of luck for the rest of the trip to you all – keep on making everyone back home proud! I can’t wait to see you soon!
    Love you lots, Megan ❤❤ xxxx

  8. Hi AJ, thanks Rosie and Joanna for today’s blog and photos, great to see the flags I printed out being coloured by the children, and funny hearing about Taz’s teaching style!

    Thank you Paul for your closing comments, what an incredible lady and what a fantastic name she has.

    Good luck to you all for your last day of teaching!

    Love you Amy-Jane!


  9. Elizabeth (Sarah's mum)

    Thank you for sharing your week with me, all that you are doing is making such a difference, sometimes it feels like we are such a small part of the world but you are proving that you can have a lasting impact. We all can remember teachers that inspired us and I’m sure that those children you’ve been with this week have been inspired by you. May the glitter you’ve played with this week, sparkle in your lives forever. Love to you all xx

  10. Wow another amazing day of inspiration. can’t wait to see you all (lee lop especially of course) love and miss you soo much xxxx

  11. hey Leah ,miss you loads hope your okay,so proud of you,can’t wait till your back,it’s been peaceful lol but can’t wait till your back love you!! You and the team are doing amazing!!

  12. Beth, I just saw your Mum’s and Ellie’s comments, I’m worried as I don’t know what’s happened but I hope you get better as well, love you ❤❤xxxx

  13. Hi Jo and Bryan!!!!?

    Such inspiration in both pictures and diction by all. Gifts most treasured are those.
    Paul, your energy is so motivational. Soon Joanna you must pack,pack,pack,pack,pack,pack,pack,pack,pack and ………….pack. Keep these momories safe.

    My love to you all.


  14. Hey Gemma. So proud of all you’re doing. I love seeing what you’re doing. Well done for not eating Patience’s chocolate – I didn’t know if it would make it! ? She loved meeting you all.
    Enjoy every minute of your last day with the children. I know you’ll be sad to leave but we are so excited to see you. Meg has even cleaned your room for you ???
    Love you lots sweetheart.
    Mummy xxx

  15. Another brilliant blog & amazing pictures, thank-you Joanna and Rosie. Savour every last moment of your last day teaching, we’re sure the memories of your time spent with the children, will stay with you and them forever.
    Ryan, we are so very, very proud of you. You are following your heart’s desire and we can’t wait to hear all your news.
    Lots of love Mum & Dad xx

  16. Hello Amy-Jane, wow what a day you have had. Loads of games and stories it seems. Geography aswell which you love doing and I’m sure everyone had a great time. I hope all is going great.

    As I have been and still am, so so proud of you. These blogs just make me so proud that you lot (especially you) have done all this for the people that need.

    Bring on the next day.

    I love you❤

    P.s. Ice skating is being set up?❤

  17. Thanks for the great blog post Joanna and Rosie – you won’t be surprised that we particularly enjoyed your shout out to Jack about his enthusiastic leadership and the animal impression video (Bells thought it was a dinosaur, we’ll have a chat with her about that impossibility later ?) A day of geography and flags – no wonder Jack was in his element! Team Uganda are amazing and you are all making your loved ones so proud, we hope you have a wonderful time for the rest of your stay. Love Emily (Jack’s Mum) xxxx

  18. Fi fi hope your feeling ok
    Miss oh xxxxxxxx

  19. just one more day with them to go at the school, they are going to miss you all
    love and hugs lil’ beth xxxxx

  20. Hi Ryan
    Thank you for all your posts and sharing your journey with us all.

    It’s great to see the positive impact you are having and I’m incredibly proud of you, exploring the world and having the strength and determination to make such a difference. We are all looking forward to hearing about your adventure when you’re home.

    Btw…we need to have words about your cheeky comment in Stefan’s birthday card……!

    Mark xx

  21. It’s been great reading the daily team blog. Each and everyone of you should be proud of the work you’ve achieved this week. Lil Beth looking forward to catching up and reflecting with you when you’re ready. Keep those spirits high for the final day of teaching tomorrow.

  22. Peachy ❤

    It’s so wonderful being able to read about everyone’s day and what you have all been up to. The photos of the children are beautiful , as are the ones of you. We all love you and miss you very much, so so proud of your journey xxx

  23. Hi Chynna and all of you what a fantastic thing you are all doing , I see from pics how emotional it is , I’m sure your fighting back your emotions , as am I reading your blogs to give is the greatest gift and think and hold onto what you have given in a short visit to these amazing children and families , I have to say being showered in glitter lol is my idea of heaven too , sure kiddies will remember you all for a very long time and to the amazing teacher who hasn’t had a blog I’m sending you a hug even though I don’t know you for supporting these children with this amazing opportunity xx love to you all be safe and savour each and every moment your there xxxx

  24. Mel, looks like you’ve all had another fun filled day with the kids.
    Missing you loads but we will see you soon . We have been to see Phantom today in London. AMAZING. Went to visit Aubrey and June afterwards and had a meal with them . They looked at the blogs with us and said how proud they are of you and send their love.
    Love you millions Mum, Dad and BUBBLES XXXX

  25. Loved your bit Joanna and Rosie . Rosie we are missing you ❣we are so proud of you and the rest of your team and all the good work you have been doing ? . Take care ? . Love you lots Rosie ✈️?

    Love Grace ( Rosie’s sister )

  26. Loved your bit Joanna and Rosie . Rosie we are missing you ❣we are so proud of you and the rest of your team and all the good work you have been doing ? . Take care ? . Love you lots Rosie ✈️?

    Love Grace ( Rosie’s sister )

  27. Hi Rosie nice to get all your newsy updates and lovely pictures of you all working with the children who look so happy to be around you all. Everyone misses you and are looking forward to your return on Sunday. Well done everyone. Love grandma and grandad.x

  28. Evening all. Well morning by the time you read this.
    We hope you all have an amazing graduation day as your last day of teaching approaches.
    These blogs and photos have really really helped us all see a tiny insight into the delight you are bringing to these children and families. I know it’s been an emotional roller coaster for you all and look forward to seeing you all asap.
    Grace Grace Grace your leaving plea of no one going into your room has been broken I’m sorry to say I had to get in there and clean the pit!!!
    Beth I hope you’re ok.
    Lover n huge huggles to you all.
    Mum, Lucy n James

  29. I am so proud of you Beth, you are such a strong and inspirational person. You are doing an amazing and selfless thing helping out all of those people. I can’t wait to see you when you get home. Missing you 🙁 stay safe love you lots :).
    Crystal xxxxxxx

  30. Well done & Thank you to you all for making such a difference to the lives of these children…..they will never forget you and we must never forget them!!!!
    Love & Angel Blessings to you all
    Nan Jan & Gang Gang Bassett

  31. Wow guys looks amazing so glad you carried on the nickname “lil’beth”!! Hope your all taking everything in! I be too it’s flown by can’t wait for you to be home Joanna I won’t lie I’m bored out of my mind without you so I pray for you to keep me busy! How sad ayy. Anyway hope your all looking after Paul Sophie John and patience say hi to them for me lots of love bless you all b.dc

  32. Lisa (chynnas mum)

    Hi chynna and all, another amazing day ❤️I keep looking through all the photos of your time there, your all such lovely kids to do this at your young age. So much respect for you all.
    Hope you feeling better Beth … hugs from me xx
    Enjoy your last days. I can’t wait too see you Sunday chynna and all of you.
    Love you all ❤️ Mummy ?
    Thank you paul for the pictures x

  33. Another fabulous day by the look of it! Lucy you were missed at dinner tonight, wasn’t quite so mad and loud without you, even with Emily and Ben!! ? We are all loving seeing what you are up to, looks like the kids are having a great time. Loads of love mum ??

  34. I am never ever lost for words – AJ can vouch for that!!!!!…… But I can honestly say words fail me right now….. Another amazing blog?…..thank you SO much xx

    Paul your closing paragraph this evening is one for us ALL to take home and think about- a million thanks for that❤️

    Hi AJ – Dad took Annabel swimming today with Lily-mai (they had a great time and the girls beat dad up in the pool!!!!!?) ……. Luke went up to Hollys house to learn their script for Blood Brothers this morning!!!! – they have learnt the first two scenes and Luke now knows his song too!!!!

    Jonny came for tea tonight! We had fish and chips and my chocolate fudge pudding with ice cream!!! … We played on the Wii too!!!……. JONNY WON!!!!
    I’m surprised you didn’t hear his screams!!! ??? WHOOPA!

    Love and miss you so much…. We are so proud of you.
    Mum, Dad,Luke and Annabel xxxx

    TO ONE AN ALL: Enjoy your last day of teaching tomorrow. Make it your best. Have FUN and ENJOY?xxxx

  35. It was great to see the video clip tonight it gives you a real sense of the enthusiasm these kids have if only our own kids didn’t take school for granted and had as much desire to learn as they do. I haven’t seen the bottles we packed used yet Tia I hope I didn’t squash them in for no reason. We all miss you loads and Evie has taken to sleeping in your bed because she is missing you. Enjoy your last day with the kids don’t get to upset when you have to leave them remember how special the week has been love mum

  36. Hiya team, Joanna’s boyfriend here.

    Just like to say how proud I am of you all making such a difference. Massive props to you all – sounds like you’re all having such an amazing time. Big shout out to Ryan and Tia – lovely to see your faces.

    Also that I’m so immensely proud of Joanna herself. I’ve had the privilege of growing up alongside her and watch her blossom into the stunning young lady she’s turned out to be. Jo’s credit to her family – a truly beautiful person inside and out. We’ve come along way from our preteen selves dressed up in all our glory as Aladdin and Genie in our year 6 play – Joanna has matured finely like an expensive cheese or wine (well, given as much as you can in a few short years), and let’s face it, I was pretty much already perfect 😉 miss you so so much and cannot wait for you to get home. I’ve sent you daily vlogs on snapchat to keep you in my everyday life, so I hope you look forward to those.

    I love you and miss you, see you chicken
    Jay xxxxx

  37. I’ve run out of things to say, I am so proud of you all – despite only knowing two of you! You are all amazing and I can only imagine the affect you’re having on these people! Fantastic!

    My little sidge I can’t wait to see you and hear everything about the trip and probably watch a Disney film at the same time!

    I love you so much and I hope all of you have enjoyed your time and enjoy your last few days!

    All my love,


  38. Hi Millie,
    I’m writing this while at Petes retreat with Granma,
    I took great nana shopping yesterday and then came straight here. And we’re having lovely time.

    Have a fun filled last day teaching. The children would have benefited so much from a week Of fun filled teaching by a talented group of young people.
    Big hello to the whole team , and extra hello to those wonderful support team especially Sam and Mel. Thank you for your ongoing support to everyone. Greet photos Paul.
    Millie I can’t wait to hear your wonderful stories when you come back.
    I love you squillions xxxx

  39. Sophiya xx so nice you got a message from Megan xxx glad Beth ok xx love you tonnes missing you like crazy sorry but we are !!! You look like you are really concentrating on something in that close up xxx lovin you big time xxxx looks like fun and enjoy every second …it’s going quick does it feel like it is to you xxxx

  40. Petit Canard!
    Tu me manques. Je lis le blog tous les jours et j’aime voir des photos de toi et l’équipe. Je suis fière de toi. Je t’adore ma belle!

  41. Hi Rosie nice to read your blog, loved reading and seeing the things you’ve all been doing see you soon love you nanny hilary xx

  42. Hi Taz and everyone there doing such a fantastic job in Uganda.
    We can’t express how incredibly proud we are and that you have been given this opportunity and to read your experiences is fabulous and gives us a really good idea how different life is for others in this would.
    keep up the good work!!
    Maria, Darren, Bayley, Tegan xxxxx

  43. Dear Gemma Legg,
    Am writing from next door(Kenya), am proud of you and the team. I have been following through, am impressed. Well done!You have made a big difference in those kids life! May God enrich you all!
    Love xxx

  44. Hi Dashunka,

    Hope you’re having fun. I bet its warm over there. It’s so cold in my basement.
    Mum doesn’t know how to keep my Halloween costume a secret. I don’t know how she thought it was Captain Americas suit?

    Patsy says hi. She’s alright, a solid 6/10.

  45. Hey Tom.. .mum here great to hear what has been happening g each day… bet this experience has really made you understand life and it’s hardships a lot better and am sure you feel lucky to have met all the children and local adults. Think jade is planning to send a message too. Hope you have also ft you have made a difference as i am sure you all have. Really looking forward to seeing you…dudley has enjoyed your bed!! Xx mum

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