Day 5. Tears in the slum as the stories come home.

Day 5

Hello from Uganda! It’s Lil’ Beth and Lucy writing tonight! We started the day by having breakfast and Paul reading out the blog as he does every morning. Alll your messages encourage us to keep “teaching the world to smile.” (Lil’ Beth) The theme for today’s lessons was Science and PE. (any messages to Miss English would be good as she has not had one yet!!)

Today in the classrooms we were focused on the solar system and planets. We started with teaching the kids the names of the planets and the order of them. Some of the children found it easier then others. For example, one of the girls managed to complete the order of the planets almost as soon as we finished setting the task, whilst others took much longer. After all of the children successfully ordered the planets in their books we gave them a paper plate to decorate as a planet they enjoyed this massively as it was the first time we did arts and crafts in the morning. After the porridge break we went into the church and decorated rockets. We later painted the solar system on long black pieces of paper. We were aiming for them to paint the actual planets but it ended up that they painted whatever they wanted which was quite fun to watch. (Lucy)


Meanwhile in the church, Millie, Beth and Sarah ran the first lesson. This involved playing “Teacher says…” (in other words ‘Simon says’ but since all the children love calling us ‘teacher teacher’ we thought that name was more appropriate). Next the children fixed together body parts and drew and labeled the body. The children love it when they get a ‘well done’ stamp on their work so thank you for the stamps Joey! Ryan, Chynna and Maya then ran the activity where we introduced the children to a parachute! They went WILD! It was such an incredible feeling to see how happy they were! After porridge break we swapped venues with the other group as we felt that it was fair to share the bigger space, so team Church split into two groups and myself and Grace lead the arts and craft in two very small classrooms. The children loved decorating little people which we made into bunting and drawing around their hands! Me, Maya and Sarah were covered with stamps all the way up our arms and we were showered with glitter but we really didn’t mind as the children found it hysterical. (Lil’ Beth)

After we completed our lessons and sent the children home we went on home visits. The woman I went with was called Betty. She had fled from Northern Uganda after her house was swarmed with Rebels from the war and forced her brother to kill their parents. She fled with her 6 children and took in 3 others. She lived in the village for 4 years. Unfortunately she just moved from a corridor in the village into a little wooden shack, but she was only allowed to live there for 2 weeks so she would have to become homeless again with the 9 children she was looking after. She was very emotional when we gave her the gift of bread flour and soap as they haven’t eaten for 3 days. This and all of the other stories she told us caused a lot of us in the group to become emotional including me. But at least we now know that they will be able to eat something tonight (Lucy)

My group went to Irene’s house. She had also fled from Northern Uganda and had three children, two of which we were teaching. She told us that her baby who was under 6 months old was born with a serious case of pneumonia and although she went to the hospital for help, she was too afraid to ask for the cost of the operation, as she knew that she would never be able to afford it. It made me angry to see that the size of her house was smaller than my garage at home which is filled of junk and unused things. This was a real eye opening experience for us all. (Lil’ Beth)

We finished the night with a delicious meal and we interviewed John to find out how a ten year old boy who was selling bananas to make a living turned into the wonderful host who himself was refugee from Rwanda and has been inspiration to us all. It is so great to be back here adding to my memories that I made two years ago! (Lil’ Beth)

We send our love to everyone and look forward to sharing our stories with you when we are home!

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  1. Thank you for further insight into your trip, sounds like its been an a day of high emotion, it really hits home reading your comments, especially about the size of the house and the comparison to your garage at home.

    Love the photos, love seeing you all, and of course Amy-Jane! love to you all!!!

  2. Guys reading this has just made me feel so appreciative of what we take for granted back here at home ….. as leah will tell you I often say at the dinner table “you can’t leave that ! think of all the starving african children” ……we see it on children in need and we’ve all sung the band aid songs but for you guys to see it first hand and share it in your blog just really touches my heart . God bless you all x

  3. Hi Miss English!

    Thank you for looking after our children, we miss you too!!!!

    The Bassett’s!

  4. Very emotional blog makes us realise how blessed we are. Bethany missing you so nice to see your face in the photos. We are all so proud of you. Have taken to cuddling your Ted at night!!
    Love u lots Mum x

  5. To Beth (Steer)
    From the looks of the pictures it looks like your having an amazing time! Can’t wait till you come back! I am missing you loads! On the bright side our room is very tidy aha!!! You look so pretty in these photos :)!
    Auntie Joe,Stuart,Louie and Emile send their love!
    I love you more than anything and you being away makes me realise how much I miss you <3 <3 <3
    -Ellie xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  6. To the best science teacher ever!!!!!!!,
    Hope you ok and having a good time! 🙂
    -Ellie 🙂

  7. Once again fab blog… each day I read these I feel overwhelmed …. so very proud of you all what an amazing team you are …..Keep up the good work . ❤❤❤

  8. love and hugs Lil’ Beth , doing a great job

  9. My goodness what a day you have all had….such an emotional blog today…..tears of joy, laughter and heartfelt sadness and a bit of anger too no doubt.. You are all doing the most amazing job and your gift to everyone you have met so far this week will be remembered and cherished for a very long time to come.

    Thank you so much once again for such a great insight to your trip so far.

    Hope you are all ok …… Maybe a MASSIVE GROUP HUG is needed???❤️…. You are ALL, each and every one of you truly inspirational.

    AJ I am more proud of you than you will ever know…. Love you and miss you heaps, hills and mountains xxxx

  10. Thank you for the photos Paul, Tia usually still look gorgeous even without the makeup. Glad to see one of the young lads has got a good football shirt on. The blog was very enlightening it does make you appreciate what you have and take for granted on a daily basis and makes you think about how much we waste. Love you loads it is very quite without you. Evie looks forward to reading the blog with me every day and she can’t wait to see you Loads love mum and Evie xxxx

  11. Wow, another amazing blog! What a fun, kind and reflective group of wonderful young people you are. It’s very moving and makes us so proud. We love you Jack. From Mum, Eliza, Aunty Poppy and Grandpa (Bummer) staying the night in Brixton xxx

  12. Lou amies Lil Beths mum

    Hi Beth,
    Did u have to tell everyone our garage is full of junk lol!!
    Joey is pleased his stampers are being used. He’s making the most of u not being here by camping out in ur big bed!
    I hope u haven’t caught my cold I’ve hardly had a voice for the last 3 days which I’m guessing dad and the boys are pleased about lol!!
    Looking forward to hearing about all ur new memories when u get home. Stay safe love u loads mum xxx

  13. Hi Mel, great to see you in the photos and you look like you are having a great time with the kids. I’m sure they absolutely love you and your kind heart❤️ Make the most of all that you do, as we know you are and will!
    Met up with Lisa(Leah) today and had coffee and doughnuts. We managed to swap a few tales about you two girls!!
    Rio has returned from the garage, working even better than before!!
    Hugs and lots of love to you and of course everyone else too
    Mum, Dad, G& G and Bubbles ( meow) xxxx

  14. Lovely to read what you are doing out there – must he great to have been able to return (lil’) Beth x x

  15. Hey Batgirl, sounds awesome. Very proud of you and the #Uganda Squad. See ya soon xxx

  16. Hello grace this is your little brother james me and mum looked at the photos and it looks like your having a good time helping the children.
    I missed doing our night time hand shake.
    I love you more than you can even imagine or say about love and more than that. Xxx?????????

  17. I miss u fi fi xxx
    Five more days till you get a hug xxxx

  18. Hi Sophiya,
    As your journey continues it just looks better and better xx hope you are having as much fun as it looks and that you are becoming more confident each day ……I know you appreciate everything you have at home and I expect even more so now you have lived with the acholi people xx you are amazing …you are all amazing ….will you get to blog …?? I hope do sugar pie xxx love you bigger than the sky

  19. Donna McMahon-Boon

    Hiya gang. Your blogs are inspirational and the pics leave me feeling like I’m there with you. Maybe I need to consider one of the trips for adults. Your words did give me an idea for a great way to further and help the work this amazing charity do! As a writer I’ve already sent my suggestion to them. I also think there are some potential writers/journalists within this team. Not to mention those that will continue to pursue a life long journey to help change things that are so hidden from the news, that we just don’t hear about. So proud as always. Love Mummy, Nanny, Bob and of course Floppy xxxxx

  20. Hello Amy-Janeeeeeeee?, gosh what a day you have had! Many joys and tears I’m sure but gosh you are doing such an amazing thing and I’ve been so proud of you while reading this blog each day!?

    All of you are doing so well and you should be so happy for what you are doing for these people in this time you are there and wow it will stay with them for a long time.?

    Amy-Jane I can’t wait to read the next blog and also to hear about it all from you when you are back.

    P.S You look so beautiful as always and you are really trying to catch something aren’t you ?

    Missing you so much and loving you always, it was the 26th today so I hope you had a great day?❤

  21. Another rewarding day for all! Hope you are all taking things in especially those 2nd time round! So good to see you all work as a team and give inspiration to those not just present. On the home front Jo,, all ok and we all send our love. Take care and see you soon, you too Ryan!!


  22. So proud of you Mel! Stay strong and I love you❤️

  23. I’m so proud of you my girl! I put the pictures of you on Insta and of course you get loads of likes! So nice to read it in your voice! I love you so much baby?

  24. A word of pure admiration to the entire group and a very special hello to Sarah! To us watching you from far away sidelines, you appear inspired and courageous putting yourselves, as it were on the ‘front line’. And yet you are dealing with children whose ‘front line’ is more desperate and sometime terrifying than any of us ‘rich’ Westerners ever see or experience. How special you each are and how inspiring the stories you will tell us. God bless each of you for this selfless service. Sarah, there is nothing that can stop your irrepressible smile??? Love you!! Grandpa Les

  25. Hi Sarah hope your good and having a great time. I’m missing the dance party’s in your bedroom and 10:00 to Beyoncé we will just need to watch qll 3 high school musicals when you get back. Anyway love you

  26. Lisa ( chynnas mum )

    Hi miss English, hope you well and not feeling sick anymore due to maleria pills, pictures are fantastic of you all. Didn’t see any of you in your high heels ? I bet you sneaked a pair in your case hehe. Looking beaut as always . Thank you for being our children’s mummy’s , and keeping them safe .I’m sure your getting lots of hugs from them all xxxxx

  27. TO Grace saw the wonderful work all of you are doing.Love the photo of you playing with the children.x

  28. Dad again AJ, just walking Oscar and doing Tesco shop on my phone, I normally txt you for a list of stuff at this time!

    Anyway, I just checked out and noticed it’s half the normal bill! ?

    Love you!


    P.S Another shout out to Miss English! ?

  29. Della & Shawn Mold

    Massive Well done to you Chynna Mold and ALL involved in such an eye opening, breathtaking, rewarding trip of a life time to share your skills, strengths and love to those in countries who need it most of all.

    We are very proud of you Chynna.

    Such an amazing thing you are doing again. The pictures show your dedication and how much these kids love you all.
    You are true humanitarians
    Love you lots Chynna
    Take care & see you soon
    Love Uncle Shawn, Aunty Della, Mason & Shay xxxx

  30. Paul Cronin - Millie's Dad

    What a challenging but very rewarding day. I’m in absolute astonishment at how other people have to face the challenges they do every day, but do so with such determination and drive to make their lives a little better. Such a lesson for us all.
    The photos of you all making a difference is just amazing – you all look so happy to be there and such a joined up unit – massive thank you to Mel English, Sam Peach and Paul for being the glue of the team. Millie – missing you loads, but bursting with pride. Lubba You. Xxx

  31. Hi Mel (miss English )

    Your looking so relaxed and photos are amazing . Such a great experience for you and you’ll remember this forever. Our young people are so lucky to have you with them . All of the fundraising has so been worth it, to take you on this journey. Your family must be so proud. Your an amazing teacher and inspirational to those around you. A calm nature.
    Thank you Mel , looking forward to hearing about the trip on your return.

    Big hugs
    Donna xx

  32. Love reading about what you are doing and seeing all the photos. What a fantastic time you are having. The children look so happy and I know you are making a huge difference in their lives by being there and spending time with them.
    Lucy, really missing you, Jasper is getting in the way as I’m typing, not easy with a cat’s bum in your face ??! Soooo quiet here, I’m sure you’re keeping everyone entertained. Wonder if you are seeing many animals?
    Love you
    Mum xxxx
    PS Abi says love you and miss you xx
    Being invaded by Musters tomorrow!

  33. Another brilliant post and thank you for the insight. The work you’re doing with the Acholi community is heart-warming and we’re all super proud of you. Good luck for the rest of the week. We’re so proud of your amazing hard work, dedication and achievements.
    Paul, thank you for reading these comments out at breakfast (and great pics too!), but forgive the indulgence but I thought Jack and the boys might enjoy a little update on the latest football before the start of another day’s work!
    Last night Littlehampton Town played Wick in a derby at The Sportfield. Wick scored on the 66th minute with a superb free kick and just one minute later Littlehampton equalised. But as we pushed for the winner, Wick scored twice in the 89th & 90th minutes to win bragging rights 3-1.
    In other news, for Jack in particular, Oxford led 2-0 away at Port Vale on Saturday before it finished 2-2. While in the League Cup tonight, Manchester United beat Man City 1-0 at Old Trafford – and I’ve saved the best news for last for Paul… West Ham beat Chelsea 2-1 to reach the Quarter Finals of the League Cup! Happy days!
    Looking forward to the next update, lots of love, James (Jack’s dad).

  34. Millie, well another emotional day , you’ve all learnt and taught more. The stories you’ve been told by the brave families who’ve shared a part of them with you. Their life and ours so different , but we are all human and deserve the basic of daily food and our human rights. Our world is different in every corner . By giving some of our time, love, and care thus goes such a long way. To be able to volunteer is such a valuable way of support to our neighbours.
    A day at a time.

    Love to all


  35. What an amazing thing you are all doing!!! So proud of you Gemma and Lucy! Keep smiling we are cheering you on !!! Can’t wait to hear all your amazing stories !!! Loads of love Susi and Mart Leggatt . Paige and Hope say Hi too xxx

  36. Grandma (Millie and Graces)

    Hi grace and millie. Love reading your blogs. So proud of you. Looking forward to hearing all about your life changing trip. Love you both. Xxxxx

  37. Great Blog Beth & Lucy :-). Hope you have a great day tomorrow. Love You Loads Beth xxXXxx.

    Thank you Miss English, Miss Peach, Paul and any other adults for working alongside our young people. You are ALL making a massive difference to the world, thank you.
    Great Pics Paul, thank you. I say give someone else the camera for a few hours so you can get amongst the pics ;-).

    Take care all. x

  38. So proud and humbled!
    I guess you must have Internet from time to time in order to write this moving blog. If that extends to smartphones, try the Startracker App and it will show you which planets are visible and where they are at any time in the sky wherever you are (Uganda too, I hope) – just hold it to the night sky and it labels all the stars you point your iPhone towards. The planets are usually the bightest objects in the sky and they are all in the line as if on a huge, angled plate! You will have a totally different night sky from us, here in the UK.

  39. You all look like you are really enjoying all the activities you had planned. Your days seem very hectic but joyful. Keep up the good work guys. Danushka you look good baby. Neelesh came home today to get his Halloween costume sorted. He us going as Captain America . Dad is well in Mauritius.
    Love to all of you.

  40. Me again!!! Forgot to mention earlier AJ – we have had Tibbles a year today!!! ? doesn’t feel that long ago that we were picking him up from the vets does it??

    Annabel had her impressions taken today for her brace at the orthodontist- bless her and Dad, Annabel and I went to see Trolls at the cinema!!!!

    We have got Jonny coming for tea tomorrow!!! WHOOPA!!!!!!?Xx

    Have a great day tomorrow will be thinking of you and look forward to hearing from you soon….. Hopefully with a few more photos of you!! xxxx

  41. Hi chynna and all the team, photos are amazing, loveing the blogs.. were actually obsessive parents so happy to see all the pictures and blogs from all your experiences. were actually just all sitting on online all day refreshing refreshing refreshing… waiting for the next blog, then We get a message from whoever has refreshed the quickest…BLOG!!! So we’re all on it reading and sobbing about your wonderful rewarding days and feeling your hearts hurting with the sadness of what goes on over there. MISS SEEING YOUR BEAUTIFUL FACE DARLING ❤️Be strong . We love you very much . So proud of you xxxx

  42. Hey tom bet you are absorbing it all and will re tell the stories at home. It’s a life changing trip, as you know from jade! We are doing the usual here, granny misses you and sends her love, she has a bit of a cold but I left her eating lamb and veg so can’t be too bad!
    Enjoy the last few days it is whizzing by.

  43. To everyone: STARFISH POEM ⭐️
    ?Once upon a time , there was a wise man who used to go to the ocean to do his writing. He had a habit of walking along the shore before he started his work. One day he was walking along the shore, as he looked down the beach , he saw a human figure moving like a dancer . He smiled to himself to think of someone who would dance to the day. So he began to walk faster to catch up. As he got closer , he saw that it was a young man, and the young man wasn’t dancing. But instead he was reaching down to the shore, picking up something and very gently throwing it into the ocean. As he got closer he called out ” Good morning! What are you doing? “. The young man paused, looked up and said “Throwing starfish in the ocean ” , I guess I should have asked, “Why are you throwing starfish in the ocean?”.
    “The sun is up the tide is going out and if I don’t throw them in they’ll die”.
    “But young man , don’t you realise that there are miles and miles of beach and starfish all along it, “You can’t possibly make a difference !!”
    The young man listened politely. Then bent down , picked up another starfish and threw it into the sea, past the breaking waves and said :

    “It made a difference for that one”

    Love Donna (Millie’s mum)

  44. Lucy, Jacob and I are thoroughly enjoying reading about your adventures. We can’t wait to hear all your stories when you get home. From one teacher to another you are making more difference in the lives of the men, women and children you are meeting than you will ever know or understand. Make the most of every opportunity, however hard it may be. Hope to see you again soon Michaela and Jacob xx

  45. Lovely to hear what you are up to Lucy. Definitely life changing. Enjoy every moment and allow God to enlarge your heart as you experience things you never have before. So proud of you. Gonna miss you when we head off to yours tomorrow but hopefully see you soon xxxx

  46. Hi Ryan and all of the team. We think the starfish poem from Millie’s mum sums it up. Each and everyone of you will be making a difference to the lives of the children you are with. We at home, don’t fully appreciate what others in the world have to endure. We look forward to reading these wonderful blogs and seeing the amazing pictures of our selfless, inspirational young people.
    We’re really pleased to see that the parachute games were a big hit as was launching the rockets. That last minute shopping paid off!
    The house is very quiet without you and we haven’t had to buy any more milk since you left! That’ll soon change!
    Take care, lots of love Mum and Dad x?

  47. Lucy (graces sister and millies cousin)

    Hiya Grace. I can see how much fun you are having with the kids and that it has been some very emotional days for all of you. U all seem to be having so much fun with the kids. Wish you the best of the luck for all of you with the kids and everything goes well. Love you millions and trillions and billions. I hope u r having fun. And can’t wait to see you again. I really wish you were here every night giving me a hug and a kiss. I really miss our qutility time together. But I know that this is such a great experience for all of you and to help all the kids on what they really need. All your love care and support. But I really can’t wait to see you again. Love ya. ❤❤❤ xx

  48. Lucy (graces sister and millies cousin)

    To the most amazing science teacher ever
    Hope you are having an amazing time. Missing u.
    Lucy ?

  49. To Peachy,

    We love you and miss you very, very much. Stay strong and do your thing !

    Love Millie, Maisie, Paul and Wally xxxx

  50. Dad to SNUGGLES!?!?!?


    Now I use that name for two reasons, 1 st and for most because there will be silence in the room as no one will know you by your”real name”, it means a slight silence in the room over breakfast at which point you’ll have to own up to it being you. Secondly it saves the whole big Beth lil Beth confusion that confuzzles me sometimes 😀

    Now I have a list from mum about what I am not allowed to say, its quite long!
    I’m not allowed to call you by any nick name.. doh
    I am not allowed to mention that your ex…. imaginary friend Pili popped in to say hi and hopes your having a great time. Or that I have shared your progress with the lads from Rabbit and Georgie who says hi and to pop in and see her when you get back.
    I am not allowed to embarrass you in anyway, moi?
    So I wont mention picking you up from school dressed as Batman, I wont mention being told by you to stop dancing in the car as we waiting at the train gates as your friends could see, so I did, I stopped dancing in the car got them windows down, music up and danced out of the car for them all to see as waited for them stupid gates.
    I must not rap or mention rapping in ANYWAY, so I guess I cant tell you about the call from Mrs O about wanting me to guest along side Honey G when she makes it to the final. (Yep shes still there putting North Wheezy on da map bruv!)
    I must not make you cringe by telling you how deeply proud I am of you, as I am or that I am proud of all of you and the amazing work you are doing of which we long for a glimpse into your exciting lives via the blog each evening, taking in every detail of you all and your surroundings.

    So really there’s not allot to say and I am sorry for keeping it so short but you know mums rules.

    I do miss you but am glad you are there, keep smiling take in every moment and we will all see you when you get back. I love you so so much and will see you very soon,

    Love Dad. x.

  51. Hi Taz,

    Aunty has been showing us your blog and photos. Looks like you’re having a great time and learning some valuable lessons. How does Uganda compare to Nigeria? Arabelle says she loves you. We look forward to seeing you soon. Be blessed xoxo

  52. What an amazing thing you are all doing , giving up your time and all the hard work raising the funds for your trip. This is an experience that both you and the people you meet out there will never forget , best wishes to you all xxx

  53. Hi Grace, what an emotional journey you are all on. We are so proud of you and the amazing work you are all doing. Grace I can’t wait to hear even more about this amazing experience when you get home. Have a great day today and I’m looking forward to reading all about it. Lots of love Mel and Frog x

  54. Hi Rosie sounds like it will be very emotional for you all but so pleased your having this wonderful experience looking forward to seeing you soon love you darling nanny hilary bry an dan xxxxx

  55. Hi care bear from nanny and grandad so nice to see all the pictures and what an amazing thing you are all doing for these children love to you and everyone else see you very soon xxx

  56. Charlotte strudwick ?

    Looking like so much fun! I’m so proud of everyone for what they have achieved. Missing you all! ❤️❤️

  57. Finally worked out how to use this, only 5 days late. I promised Danushka a personal shoutout so HI DEE ?
    I know it’s cheesy (I feel like it’s needed in times like these) but everyone looks like they’re having an amazing time, keep up the good work, we miss you.
    Oh and quick warning to Jamie, see and Chynna, James’ (coach James) luscious locks are no more so you may want to prepare yourselves for when you get back
    Hope you’re having a good time❤️❤️

  58. Lucy’s loopy grandparents
    So enjoyed your blog Lucy, I’m sure your outlook on life will totally change while you are out there, so proud of all that you are doing – No, you can’t bring one of the children home in your suitcase, nor any of the animals either!! Loved the starfish poem, you must all remember that it is true, you are making a huge difference in the lives of each of the children & the adults that you relate to. They will all remember each of you, probably for the whole of their lives, so imprint the love of God on their hearts. Much love xxx

  59. hiya Team Uganda – what an amazing job you are all! Bringing smiles, bringing laughter, bringing hope – and being changed in the process I’m sure. That’s what CRED Team trips are all about and I’m so thrilled that you are putting so much into this one, as well as getting so much out.
    Praying that your final day in Acholi quarters is a really special one for you all, and that despite the tears that will doubtless flow as you say goodbye to new friends out there, you will be able to come home knowing more about the world, and the capacity each of you has to make a positive change in it.
    special hello to Paul and Sue
    and love to you all

  60. Hi Jamie
    Love looking at all the pictures and reading what you all have been up to each day. It looks like you are having a great time.Cant wait to hear all about it.
    love Nanny Lottie and Teddy.x

  61. Jamie (Rosie's Dad)


    Take care

    Love Dad

  62. Hi Mel

    Just been reading the blog, which we have only just found tbh, typically us. We’ve left messages on your phone and then I see you’ve given them in. Can’t believe we could have seen all the photos and comments.

    We love you so much and so proud of you. CAN’T wait til you’re home then we can hear all about your amazing trip. SAFE journey home.xx

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