Day 4.



Hello wonderful people its Leah and Millie writing this on the balcony of Johns house looking over the view of the banana tress below.

Today has been an amazing day full of excitement and enthusiasm.

We began today by having a lovely breakfast made by Sophie (Johns wife) with fantastic tasting mango new on the menu today. As well as lovely cereal and yes mum I have been having coco pops (Millie). The food here is amazing, dad you would certainly love it (Leah). We then all loaded the bus ready for to make the fascinating journey to the Acholi community. We always sing a range of songs and it is hilarious. Once again when we arrived we had a lovely welcome by the Acholi community with the children ready and waiting inside for us to begin the day. The children are so engaging and friendly it puts a smile on all of our faces. The children are so appreciative it really makes you truly understand the change you are making.

The day started with the children learning maths and learning numbers from 1-40. One boy in our class was very cheeky and his teacher said he was stubborn, he couldn’t write any numbers but sitting with him made me realize how important all of our help is. (Leah). We then did work sheets so they could practice how to write numbers. We then moved on to the activity. We played with the parachute and balloons and the children’s faces lit up as well as when they saw glitter. This just proved how many things we take for granted. We made a mini circuit training with star jumps, skipping ropes and balloons which was so funny watching all the children laughing at each other and things they have done. I don’t think I have really seen so many people laughing and screaming at one time.

Then it was porridge time after which we ran a craft activty where they all made math’s bunting and printing their hand onto a bed sheet with their name. (Millie). Shape bunting was next followed by a glitter fight and Mel managed to get it all over my hair (Leah). The afternoon is a repeat of the morning but with different children who once again, no matter what work they had done in the morning or how long they had been walking they were still engaging and so committed to learning and enjoying every moment.

We learnt some songs from the children and they are amazing; the team sings them all the time.

Today my highlight was how amazing the children once again have been but most of all, I saw a girl called Millie and this girl and she brought tears to my eyes. I saw Millie who I taught 2 years ago and the first thing she said was thank you I remember you and I missed you lots. That was when I was so thankful to have this opportunity to come back and see how amazing and how much she has grown and come along. (Millie)

It was great to have a go at the tricky art of bead making. we took it in turn to meet the ladies who make a small living out of rolling up recycled paper into different shaped beads and then turn them into jewlery. Tonight we get to shop for the finished goods and invest into the economy of a local community we have falling in love with. Trade not Aid is one for the best way to support the poor around the world as long as the trade is as fair as possible. It does not get much fairer than buying direct from the mums that make them!!

I am having the most amazing time, it is emotional but I can honestly say it is the best experience. Love to mum, dad, Shelbz, Joni, Darrell, Brooke and the rest of the family. Missing you. All the team are also talking about banta Jimmy!!!

I just want to say a massive hello to my amazing family, I am loving it here and just to let you know i think more fundraising may be needed and I feel this may not be the last time         I’m coming here. I love you all so much and miss you but I hope the house isn’t too quiet without me. Love you all, see you soon.


Note from Paul. I am trying to get pics of as many of the team as possible each day but please forgive me if I miss your child out. Sometimes time is short and wi fi is off and sleep beckons after a long old day!

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  1. Wow what an inspiration you and the whole team are.
    Looks like the whole community admire your time effort love n work.
    We are all soooooo happy for you all.
    Love you millions n squillions Grace
    Paul the photos are fabulous. A real treat to look forward to. Perhaps you could sell a disc with them all on when you return? Xxxxx
    Thank you all once again for an amazing insight to your wonderful day. Xxxxz

  2. Leah I miss you so so so much,I can’t wait till your home,you should be so proud of yourself of what you have done,I’m sure this is going to change your life in a good way,I can’t wait till your home for you to tell me all about it,the house feels so empty without you here, but at least mum hasn’t got to do as much washing haha! Hope your having a life changing time and see you soon love you lots sis!!???

  3. OMG ! I’ve actually got tears in my eyes for the first time since waving you off on Friday … words just can’t describe how proud I am of you leah my beautiful baby girl . I feel like I did the day I held you in my arms for the first time xxxx and also how proud I am to know and love so many of your amazing friends xxxx keep up the great work guys xxx

  4. This is very inspirational and I would love a chance like this ( Olivia age 10 )
    Grace we are so proud of you and Jude sends massive hugs to his godmother. Embrace this wonderful opportunity and I look forward to hearing all about it when you get back. Xxxx
    All my love boysee xxxx

  5. Grandma (Millie and graces),lucy and james

    So proud to say I know a lot of you and that you have such enthusiasm and are giving so much to others who have not got so much. You all look as though you are enjoying what you are doing. Well done all of you. Especially grace and millie. Love you both. Granmaxx

  6. Wow… ☺ I am so very proud of you Leah seeing the pics just makes my heart want to burst x I would love to come next time .. so let’s get fundraising. …House is tooo quiet without you but we can cope with that .. Love you so much xxx

  7. Sounds like another amazing day. Teaching sounds so much fun. Really missing you Beth. Nan & Grandad & Grandad sweet send you their love and are also very proud of you. Have another great day.
    Love you lots Mum xxxx

  8. Fantastic to see all you are doing. Lucy I am so proud of you and all the team. What a difference you are making to these children. I am sure you will be changed by what you are experiencing. It is very quiet without you here Lucy! Love you xxxx

  9. Oh Leah your making me so proud to be your big sister! I’m litterally so emotional! You look like your having a great time! Your all making a massive difference! And your such a inspiration! Can’t wait till your back so you can fill us in! I miss you and love you millions bub xxxxxxxx

  10. I wasn’t gonna leave another message so soon sweetheart, sorry, but I had to say thank you to Leah and Millie for their blog and to whoever sent all those amazing photos.
    Thank you all for spending your precious time doing this communication each day.
    Wow it’s all just so awesome and moving.
    Love you and missing playing with your ringlets bigtime.
    Mama Jules

  11. Loads of photos thanks Paul xx so lovely to see you Sophiya we are very prous, lovin the trousers!! The interaction between our children and these amazing people looks warm and genuine. Wish we could be there to share your experiences. Is it beautiful? Is the night sky amazing without all of the light pollution back here. Are the kids really enjoying the resources you took ?? So many questions I know Love you tonnes love mum and and all the family xxxx

  12. Chynna I am so so proud of you again. Your amazing and still look beautiful. Love you and miss you. Can’t wait until your back and hear all the stories Xxxx

  13. Paul- these photos are simply amazing… Thank you….. A picture tells a thousand words and the smiles on the faces of the children of Acholi and our children is wonderful to see. Xx

    AJ – missing you lots. However not missing shouting up the stairs half a dozen times every morning trying to gee you up to get out of the door ON TIME!!!?? or are they having to do that in Uganda every morning?LOL ????xx
    Today Nan and Grandad came for bread and spread at lunch time and we had a good catch up!!!… Luke is out tonight at his first under 16’s club night in Brighton!!!!!!??and dad has painted half of your bedroom?

    Lots of love, hugs and kisses.
    Looking forward to tomorrow’s update! xxxxxx

  14. hi little Beth, one very proud grandpa here keep up the great work

  15. Hi everyone. Am so happy to see the pictures. Paul you are doing a grand job giving these young guys the opportunity to gain these wonderful experiences . Danushka my princess you look so happy and I know you are having a great time. Dad said hello . Missing you so much but it’s a small price to pay in comparison to the experience you are gaining. You are all making a difference in these people’s lives. Keep it up. Lots of love to you all ????

  16. Hey Amy-Jane, i hope youre well and have had a great day because wow it sounds like its been a busy one. I love reading about what you and the group get up too as I know you’re smiling, I can’t see you in the pictures but I’m sure you are there smiling. Hopefully see you in a picture soon. Can’t wait to hear about it all when you’re back and to see what you get up to tomorrow through the blog.

    Everyone sends their love, iloveyoulots and miss you ever so much ?❤

  17. Mummy McMahon-Boon

    Firstly, what a great idea to sell a disc with these pics on!!!! Fabulous way to raise some more funds.
    Secondly, I really must try to not weep every time I read these blogs. Such inspirational writing and just a great thing to look forward to every evening.
    Paul, thank you and to all the CRED team that make these trips possible – you do such wonderful work.
    The children all look so very happy with basic rights and past times that should be afforded to every child in the 21st century!!!!
    Maisie Moo I’m still missing you tons. Building work still on going and can’t wait for you to get back and pick up a paint brush … ha ha ha xxxx

  18. Mummy McMahon-Boon

    Of course it goes without saying that Nanny & Grandad also send loads of love and hugs and kisses to you Maya xxxx

  19. Leah Ingall I am the proudest Godmother ever. You made me cry with joy at your beautiful story and the difference you are making to these children’s lives. You truly touch my heart .. I love you …. Auntie Annabelle x xxx ❤❤❤

  20. Fantastic blog post, Leah and Millie. We get very excited when the blog’s been updated and we get to share a bit of your experiences as a team. Lovely to see that the Parachute and balloons have been enjoyed by the children today! Great photos. We love you and miss you Jack and we’re so enormously proud of you. Savour every second, you lovely young man but we know that this is just the start of your many adventures, making a difference in the world. Xxx

  21. Tyce (chynnas brother)

    Hi chynna are you having fun, and I miss you very much. I love you very much, just seen all the pictures looks like your having fun.
    Love tyce xx ❤️?

  22. Hi all looks like you are doing an amazing job with the children. Evie wants to know Who the small child fell asleep on so if you could let us know Tia she would appreciate it. Looks like the snakes and ladders went down a storm. Enjoy and give the kids a hug from me . Loving the photos it is nice to see you all on a daily basis and if you could get a close up of TIa with no make up Paul we would appreciate it although she might not. Loads of love mum and Evie xxx

  23. Hey Sidge,

    Seeing the pictures of you made me so happy! I’m sure you can guess that I only found out about them from your grandpa posting them on FB! I’m so so proud of you! Keep saving the world! I can’t wait till it your turn to do the blog!

    I miss you so much!

    All my love,


  24. Hi Amy-Jane
    Hope you are enjoying your time in Uganda. I am really missing you! I love hearing about what you do every day, you are really changing lives.?
    Love you from Annabel your little sis.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx?

  25. To say just how proud and happy we are for you is quite some understatement, what all of you are doing for the children is a truly wonderful thing, and must be so self rewarding for all of you. The blogs are true tear jerkers, if this was a paper pad it would be saturated with happy teardrops. The house is so quiet without you!! keep up the good work and enjoy what time you have left, looking forward
    to hearing everything you have done and also learnt yourself.
    Love Nanny & Bob Hugs and kisses xxxxx

  26. You all are doing a fantastic job over there. The pictures looks amazing. We are very proud of our daughter Chynna Mold, who is doing this for the 2nd time. I hope you met the girl again you met 2 years ago.

    Love and miss you loads xx Dad xx

  27. Wow!! So many wonderful things going on and obviously greatly enjoyed by everyone ❤️
    Great to see you in the photos Mel, I’m sure the children are loving all the attention you and the others are giving them.

    We are missing you loads xxxx love you lots ☺️☺️

  28. Mel I hope you’re enjoying yourself, we are all supporting and missing you and I’m so proud of you! ❤️ I love you

  29. Lucy (graces sister and millies cousin)

    Hiya Grace. It’s Lucy. I’m really missing you like really really really missing u millions and billions. But I know on how much fun you are having withe all the children and I hope all of the team are enjoying themselves. This is such a great experience. I wish you all the luck for the rest of ur days. I love you millie and grace. Love you millions xxx

  30. Missing you Sam ? xx

  31. Tears have come mills, I’m so pleased you met Millie , I was so hoping you would have the chance to see her, and yes I’m making bits to sell at our next fundraising event, and yes I’m sure you will be back there soon.
    COCO POPS??? Mmmmmmm Millie , well I suppose you are on holiday !!
    The blog from Leah and yourself was such a great read, happy the lessons are going well, they are learning so much. Such a great team . Thank you for letting us know about your day .

    Millie I saw great nana today and she sends her love . She can’t wait to hear all about it. The house is quiet , but your room is now clean! And I’ve thrown so much out!!!!! All those empty bottles.

    Paul the photos are fab, thank you and also a great support for our young people.
    Big hugs to you all , xxxx

  32. Wow – blubbering like a baby right now, so incredibly proud of you Millie – to be able
    to witness the work you achieved 2 years ago and the positive impact you have had on younger Millie is just inspirational. I remember the photos of you both. I am so proud and honoured to have seen you and the team grow into the generous happy people you are, and these memories are just going to stick with you and guide you for the rest of your life’s. Wishing you all a great day tomorrow. Love you all loads and a massive love you to the two Millie’s. Xxxx ps Ollie is keeping your bed warm!

  33. Hi Jo and all the team. such good reports and lovely to see the smiles. send the weather over here please! Take it all in. and guess what a mars bar is all mine!!!

    Missing you loads, the ugly one. xx

  34. Congratulations to you all.
    What an incredible experience this trip has been for you. I am very proud of your achievements, enabling children less fortunate than yourselves to realise there is a better life to be had in the big wide world with a little schooling and great deal of love and encouragement. Pauls’ photos show your daily activities with the fun you are having with the children and I look forward to seeing them each day. I am sure you will come home inspired to change the world for the better.
    Love to you all from Ryan’s Grandma

  35. Hi Rosie and team we are enjoying all your messages and pictures what a wonderful inspirational experience you are gaining. How happy the children look to have you teaching them, keep up the good work. We are all missing you and can’t wait to hear all your news when you get home. Love grandma, grandad, mum, dad and Grace.

  36. Dave Lindridge (Sue's husband)

    Hi Everyone,

    Looks like your having an amazing time. You are making a difference in the lives of everyone you are meeting and they are making a difference to your lives. Look forward to keeping up with the news.

    Hope Mamma Sue is looking after you all!

  37. Hi Beth.
    Soooo nice to see the pictures today, working so closely with the children, doing something that I no you love. Soooo proud of you and what you are doing, keep up the good work and enjoy it. The impact you are all having on those little lives is AMAZING and they will never forget it. Miss and Love You Loads. xxXXxx

    Thank you for all the pictures Paul, they really are fantastic and really much appreciated. x

  38. Hi Beth it’s joey. hope you are having a fun time. We went to a zoo called port lympne wild park and saw lots of different animals I have never seen before. We went on a tractor which was like a safari which took us round the park. There were giraffes which went really close up to you when you were on the tractor. We saw two monkeys with their baby and the baby who was being taught how to swing by its mum and dad. It was amazing! We had a really good day. Hope you have fun tomorrow. Can’t wait for you to get back and to see the pictures. Love you lots Joey xxx

  39. Hi Chynna love seeing what amazing things you are all doing I don’t know wether to laugh or cry ?? bursting with pride such an amazing opportunity for you all to give a smile to these children is the best gift you could ever give . Be proud do your best enjoy every moment I wish I had this opportunity I would love it , looking forward to the next blog dance sing smile your truly amazing love you millions auntie Nicky xxx

  40. What delightful and inspiring photos – thank you Paul for being so diligent in capturing these special and unique moments. Being able to see the twinkle in the eyes of each child from the bonds of friendship that have developed so quickly is a real privilege.
    Sarah, we hope you get a chance to write something on the blog too, there’s hardly an hour that goes by without us wondering what you’re up to, how much fun you’re having, which young Ugandan child you’re teaching or learning from and how it’s all making you feel.
    The treetop location and view from the balcony sound completely idyllic, hopefully, Sarah, you’re keeping your little space much tidier than you keep your space at home!!
    Keep the amazing updates and pictures coming.
    Love Dad & Mum (& Sam, Annie & Joe)

  41. Lisa (chynnas mum)

    Well the tears are flowing, just looking at all these beautiful pictures . Thank you Paul x
    Another wonderful post, thank you all for the amount of details in your posts, it’s very warming knowing what your all doing and how your getting on in your teaching.
    I cried more when I saw you chynna doing the hand prints of the children love you so much darling, then I’m laughing about how stressful me and you was trying to number that sheet the day before you went lol.
    I see your making beads again, please bring us a bracelet back. Hope everyone is well . You are all amazing, you are doing something so special for the people in the community and you can see in there faces how much they enjoy you all there , they will treasure you all, like you will them for the rest of your lives knowing you done something to help others is the best thing in life and it’s free.
    You are all amazing people, sending hugs to you all . Peachy extra hug for you xx
    Look forward to tomorrow’s . post.

  42. Bethany we love reading the blog everynight
    We are missing you lots. Can’t wait to see you
    Lots of Love
    Nan and Grandad
    Ps grandad sweet sends his love xxx

  43. Bethany Boots sorry me again!!
    The house is so quite without you. Your room is so Tidy though!!
    Thanks to Paul for all the photos. Please can you try and get in some photos please!!
    Need to see you!!!
    So glad your getting to do this amazing experience. And the children are enjoying it.
    Love you lots G!!! Mum xxx

  44. Sam & Mel

    Hope your both having a wonderful time, and all that work behind the scenes has been worth it. Just wanted to say massive thank you for being such a great support at Srwa for our team, and I know you’ll be there for each and everyone in Uganda. Such an experience and must be so great to finally be there. Have fun, love & hugs

  45. Fantastic lot of pics thanks, look forward to hearing more this week

  46. I can’t wait till you get home! Love youuuuu. MeggieXx❤️

    Hey gemin, have a swell time be amazing and continue making children smileeeeee like you make me smile when your being a wierdo love yaaaaa. Maddington bear ?

  47. Wow guys looks amazing missing you lots Joanna but so proud of you all you are doing fantastic work and I’m sure those kids are appreciating every second spread the love guys and keep smiling for the mysterious bald man taking photos of you 24/7 sending you all blessings, Beth dC xx

  48. Ooh also big thanks to the photographer. There have been such amazing photos!!

  49. Rosie Brooks nanny jo and I are so proud its great to see how much fun you guys bring into the kids lives. Keep up the work the photos are fantastic its an experience you’re never going to forget.
    Thankyou Paul for the smashing photos ” keep em coming”

  50. It’s absolutely fantastic what you are all doing. So proud of you Taz, believe it or not missing you. Keep up all the good work the children’s faces says it all.
    Love from us all, Darren, Maria, Tegan & Bayley

  51. Lucy’s loopy grandparents!!!
    Wonderful pictures & blogs, you are all doing an amazing job. We can imagine that you will make some great relationships with the children & them with you. We miss your mad moments & look forward to hearing lots of stories when you return. Much love from us both xxx

  52. Dad to SNUGGLES!?!?!?


    Now I use that name for two reasons, 1 st and for most because there will be silence in the room as no one will know you by your”real name”, it means a slight silence in the room over breakfast at which point you’ll have to own up to it being you. Secondly it saves the whole big Beth lil Beth confusion that confuzzles me sometimes 😀

    Now I have a list from mum about what I am not allowed to say, its quite long!
    I’m not allowed to call you by any nick name.. doh
    I am not allowed to mention that your ex…. imaginary friend Pili popped in to say hi and hopes your having a great time. Or that I have shared your progress with the lads from Rabbit and Georgie who says hi and to pop in and see her when you get back.
    I am not allowed to embarrass you in anyway, moi?
    So I wont mention picking you up from school dressed as Batman, I wont mention being told by you to stop dancing in the car as we waiting at the train gates as your friends could see, so I did, I stopped dancing in the car got them windows down, music up and danced out of the car for them all to see as waited for them stupid gates.
    I must not rap or mention rapping in ANYWAY, so I guess I cant tell you about the call from Mrs O about wanting me to guest along side Honey G when she makes it to the final. (Yep shes still there putting North Wheezy on da map bruv!)
    I must not make you cringe by telling you how deeply proud I am of you, as I am or that I am proud of all of you and the amazing work you are doing of which we long for a glimpse into your exciting lives via the blog each evening, taking in every detail of you all and your surroundings.

    So really there’s not allot to say and I am sorry for keeping it so short but you know mums rules.

    I do miss you but am glad you are there, keep smiling take in every moment and we will all see you when you get back. I love you so so much and will see you very soon,

    Love Dad. x.

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