Day 3. Hot sun wet rain and lots of happy kids!

Day 3


Hi everyone it’s Chynna and Jamie here. Today was our first day of teaching which was exciting and nervous for all of us. This morning started with a late rush and all of us piling into the bus. We were on the bus all buzzing to get there quickly so we could set up and start teaching as soon as possible, but then traffic hit us! Crazy crazy traffic! This meant we arrived in the Acholi quarters late, so there wasn’t much time to set up but we worked with it.


I was in the church (Chynna) along with 9 other teammates. Today’s subject was English, where we taught the ABCs, then practiced writing letters with dot to dot worksheets. After they had their porridge (a mixed balance of vitamins they need), and we had a little break, we were sweating buckets! They completed a craft activity which included decorating the first letter on their name. We then hung these up as bunting in the church. This was then repeated in the afternoon with different children.


I was in the 2 classrooms today (Jamie), with some other team members. We also taught English to the children, by repeating their ABCs with different worksheets. We also helped them make simple sentences with different cards, but all the kids picked it up really quickly as they were listening and eager to learn. We then taught these lessons to different children in the afternoon. I felt it went smoother and easier, as we had already taught the lessons in the morning, so we sort of knew what we were doing.


At lunchtime, we all had a chance to eat and reflect on our lessons this morning. When we finished eating our sandwiches, we threw the tinfoil balls into the middle of the circle where the bin was. If you missed, the forfeit was to do three of your best dance moves in front of the whole team. After team planning for the next lessons, we played a game similar to rock paper scissors. Instead it was more physical and involved more role play. This helped us re-energize for the afternoon. Of course I won (Chynna)!


On the journey home after a long day, we were all looking forward to one of Sophie and John’s delicious meals.

We both love and miss you all xx


Love from all in Uganda x


  1. Donna McMahon-Boon

    What a great blog … it sounds like an excellent first day with the children. Hope we get to see some more pics soon. Personally today I’ve been reading about the atrocities suffered by the Acholi people ….. There are no words to describe how it made me feel. Couldn’t be prouder of the work CRED Foundation do, and to have a child part of this is heart warming on so many levels. As always darling, me Nanny & Bob are missing you, but have chests full of pride. Love Always xxxx

  2. Oh Chynna sweetie. Of course you won. Jamie it’s so nice to hear you are enjoying yourself . Danushka princess I am missing you so much ( no one to run a bath for me lol). Babaji said hello. House is too quiet without you baby. Love you so much. Am sure your lessons went well and the next few days will be to all the girls and guys, Paul Miss Peach and everyone.

  3. Glad all is well! Me and my family send our live Amy-Jane. Can’t wait to see what you do next?

    I miss you but so so proud. ❤

    • Love*

      I have started getting in contacted with instructors so should be learning to drive soon?❤


  4. Hiya Grace. It’s Lucy (graces little sister). I wish you were here right now so I could cream pie you in the face on stage…do you remember that. But I know u are having such an amazing time there. And that it is such a great experience. Well done. I’m mising you millions and millions.
    Love from Lucy and James, ( graces little sister and brother and Millie’s cousin. Xx

  5. Sounds like another great day. Missing you so much Bethany. Can’t wait to see some more photos. Love to all the team.
    Mum xxx

  6. Wow that sounds so much fun and what a fantastic experience for you all going from being taught to being the teachers . ? Leah we miss you so much darling I keep tapping your door as I go to bed to make sure you haven’t fallen asleep with your head in a book or with all your lights on (hey think of how much electric I’ll have saved this week ) ? love you loads . Looking forward to tomorrow’s blog ???

  7. Hey Chynna, sounds like your having loads of fun. Can’t wait to see you when your back, love you xxxx❤️

  8. Hi Rosie and all your team. Sounds like you are finding the experience inspirational. The blog and the photos are very interesting. Can’t wait Rosie until we see you so you can tell us about. Lots of love Auntie Genette and Uncle David?

  9. Hi little Beth and all of the team. Love reading the blog and keeping upto date with with what you’ve been doing. Beth please tell me you managed to get your tin foil in the bin, if not you’ll have to repeat those dance moves when you get back. Immensely proud of what you are doing, such a great community to support. Say hi to John, Sophie and Patience for me. Love Uncle Ry and Auntie Lia.

  10. Hi Ryan, sounds like you all enjoyed your first day of teaching. Dad’s pleased that the ABC’s that he laminated for you are being well used!
    We look forward to reading the blog every evening as do family and friends who send their love to you all and are extremely proud of the work you are doing.
    Thanks Paul for the photos, we look forward to seeing more as the week goes by.
    Look after each other.
    Lots of love, Mum and Dad ?

  11. Hey Beth (Steer),
    Missing you loads but glad that your having a good time! It sounds absolutely amazing and I have been telling everyone about my big sister who’s helping people in Uganda!
    I miss you loads and can’t wait for when you get back
    -Ellie xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  12. Mel, Sounds like you have all had a great day with the children and they were enthusiastic and eager to do what you had prepared for them. Hope you have a fun Tuesday!!
    Grandpa and Grandad are loving the blogs and have shown them to Bubbles ? too ,but couldn’t quite work out what she thought!!
    We all love you loads Mum, Dad, G&G and Bubbles ❤️❤️

  13. hey jo its your boi rob and fader were having a great time with out you, we just wanted to see how your doing were doing fine except the fact of lottie annoying me as your not here so she cant stay in your bed. hope ypour having an amazing tiime lots of love your boi rob and fader

  14. Chynna, sounds like your having an amazing time!! Very proud of you and your team, the children are lucky to have you guys teaching them! Well done for winning ? cant wait to hear all about it when your back- girlie night at mine will be well and truly needed. Sending all my love ?❤

  15. Hey Sophiya wish I could see a picture of you ….sounds like you have had a really busy day!! Hope the teaching was fun and you are beginning to form bonds with all of those wonderful people on your trip xxx dad sends hugs and has been working on your new bedroom today. Claudia and me are really missing you loads xx we keep hugging and saying we miss fi xxx hope you are really enjoying your experience and are keeping your diary if u have time of course xxx 😉

  16. Sounds like you’ve had a great day and given lots of joy to the kids you’ve been with. So proud of you! Enjoy the heat – it’s cold here!! Sending lots of love and a big hug!

    Mum, Dad and Meggie. Xxx

  17. Hi chynna and Jamie great post of your day , sounds like it was a rewarding 1 st proper day of teaching. I can almost hear you speak when I read your post darling. We Miss you loads. Keep dancing and smiling baby . ❤️ Hope you eating well , and not feeling too sick from the malaria pills. It’s raining here also . Caelan having a sleep over in tyces room tonight bless them. I found the ping pong balls and put them in chelsies bed haha , you know the silly things I do. Can’t wait too hear all about it, hope your doing a diary of your day . Love and hugs to all of you xx
    Look forward to next blog… be safe all xx ❤️❤️❤️

  18. Quick question? Has Tom demonstrated his awesome Russian dance moves? If not I am sure he will be up for showing you guys, make sure you all say whooooppppaaaaa when he does it! Honestly sounds fab enjoy your time
    Jade dad and mum plus Dudley the cat

  19. Hi there Mopsy.
    Just to say… Luna is fine , still a tad overweight perhaps!
    Loved the blog, well done . Were you rushing off for one of John and Sophie’s marvellous meals so didn’t have time for photos?!!(apart from that beautiful one of you.)!
    The pots of chewing gum are piling up in your absence!
    Danushka you look beautiful as always, as do all my baby bears.
    Take care of each other , you are amazing sprogs.
    Heartfelt thanks to all the ‘grown ups’ for looking after all these wonderful little adults.
    Mammoth mama Jules love n hugs. and from the rest of the LJ’ s too! XxxxX

    Love you sooooo much.

  20. Hello Sue

    Can I come next year?

    Love Sandra xx

  21. Hi Rosie hope your enjoying getting involved with the children so proud of you , looking forward to seeing you and hearing all about this fantastic trip .love you nan, bry and uncle Dan xxx

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