Day 2 and its a JOYFUL day!

Day 2


Hello everyone this is AJ and Mel! Wow… what an overwhelming day! We started with a delicious breakfast to fill us up and then headed down to church! Our experience of this was incredible. It was such a JOYFUL atmosphere, which was the song we taught and greeted the people of Uganda with J. We made friends with the children and adults of the church and played games like ring a ring a roses and even did the hockie kockie! We were overwhelmed with how welcoming and kind the people were towards us, they are truly beautiful! AJ met 3 young children called Grace, Gloria and Oliver Nachio. We all adored making new friends and experiencing the amazing church atmosphere here in AFRICA!

Mel here, I found today so overwhelming being surrounded by people with such a love for life. During church we sung to them JOYFUL and then learnt their own songs praising God and the funky dance moves that go along with them, which we will all take back to England!

Next we had lunch at a Medical Centre created by John our host, which a girl from the UK, just 16 years old, had a dream to create a medical center for expecting mums, as well as a dentist, general doctor and cancer specialist doctor all under one roof which is due to open in January. The generosity of the people who funded this project moved us dramatically, as well as John’s patience and determination as they project has been years in the making, and his love for sustainable energy. The center has running clean water sources by the rain, a biogas system to run electricity through the building, which also created manure to grow crops in the surrounding area – what a role model to us all!

Finally we went to the Acholi community where we are due to be helping which was a whole new world. The sights were moving and in the evening we all expressed the different emotions we had felt when being there. The welcome from the Acholi community was a song and dance from the women with a passion and excitement which has made us very positive about tomorrow’s experience! Speak then, night from us all.

Loads to love to Mum, Dad, Harry, all the Grandparents and Bubbles!!

Love you Mum, Dad, Luke, Annabel, Matthew, Nan and GangGang!!


Paul adds. I am so proud of this team. They have coped with tiredness in an amazing way and are so ready for work tomorrow. Thanks for your comments. Any open secrets you can share about your young person adds to the humor as I read them out over breakfast!!

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  1. Wow well done guys – having completed this trip three years ago I’m moved at how far johns work has progressed. Big love to you Paul – hope there is no one so difficult as Laila to wake it.

  2. Omg…. I am so overwhelmed ☺ so proud of you Leah… Miss you like crazy x Dad says “love you Leelop” The photo’s speak volumes of what a strong team you are ..??? Love you all xxx

  3. Great post AJ and Mel, very touching. Thank you for sharing your amazing day with us all. I’m not surprised you received a warm and joyful welcome – you’re a fantastic bunch of young people and your faces all shine with warmth in the brilliant photos. Missing you Jack but so happy you’re having this wonderful experience. Xxx

  4. I litterally can’t put into words how proud I am of you leah. I am litterally the proudest big sister ever! It so emotional seeing these photos of you and how well your doing. You are such a strong individual and your all so strong as a team!
    Miss you more then you can imagine satchel!
    Love you so much from your big sis xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  5. Hello everyone
    I hope your having a fantastic time great to see all your pictures keep them coming. Rosie we are missing you but we are very proud of you and of all your team . The photos with the children are very moving keep up the good work
    Love Grace ( Rosie’s sister)

  6. Donna McMahon-Boon

    Huge wowza!!! Amazing pics with clearly an amazing community. I hope the weather is going to be kind. Soak it up baby girl, the tunes, the laughter, the smells and that African sky that goes on forever. Floppy sends kisses as do me, Nanny and Bob xxxxx

  7. Wow, what an amazing day you’ve all had. You all look so happy ❤️
    With my teacher’s hat on Mel, I give you an A* for the quality of your blog writing and AJ too!! ? There are such wonderful things going on for these people.
    Looking forward to seeing and hearing about tomorrow’s adventures.
    Dad and me are so proud of you Mel and love you loads. There is so much more food in the fridge and cupboards than there usually is when you’re at home!! xx

  8. Oh wow amazing photos. Sounds like an amazing day. Missing you Bethy Boots!! Jack said his missing you so much. Hope your taking Lots of photos.
    Love you so much and I’m so proud you are having an amazing experience.
    Im looking after Ted for you!!
    Mum xxx

  9. Sidge caught sleeping… standard. Glad you haven’t lost my necklace☺️ I managed to get your dad a ticket to the game on Saturday so that should be good! Hope you enjoyed church! I love you, Take Care.


  10. What a great post thank you for the catch-up. I was riveted to hear about the medical centre and the elex run on biogas. Can’t wait to hear more. So proud of you all. Looking forward to your next post. Love to Jack.
    Jack’s granny. x

  11. I’m so proud of you Leah,you make me so proud,it sounds like you had a good day,I miss you like crazy, alfie says hi?love you lots sis see you soon xxx

  12. Fabulous pictures , church looked great. Glad to see you all singing and joining in. So happy to see the medical centre . Really overwhelming seeing Millie , Chynna, Mel, Sam , Jaimie and Danushka revisiting the Acholi community again. We are all thinking of you , enjoy lessons tomorrow.
    Love you squillions Millie ?, x

  13. Oh my goodness peeps. How I can see what I’m reading through my tears I do not know. Tears of pure pride, happiness mixture emotions too. Wonderful post. The photos are fantastic yet sooo moving too.
    Grace we love n miss you lots like jelly tots.
    Best of luck to you all for when teaching begins tomorrow.
    Huge thank you to Paul, Mel and Sam plus all cred team for looking after out precious young adults and for offering this huge opportunity.
    Gemma, Graces mum n Millie Auntie. Xxxxxxxxx

  14. What a brilliant post. Really helps us imagine all you’re doing and seeing. THANK YOU.
    So proud of you Gem. Your little sister is missing your face so try and get in the front of a photo! ??Who’d have thought she’d miss you so much! Keep bringing the joy.

    Lots of love and kisses Mum and Dad xxx
    (Granny and Grandpa send their love too.)

    I LOVE YOU GEMMIE!! I miss you❤️❤️ Meggie

  15. Love you Chynna, hope your having fun. Can’t wait until you get back miss you! Still looking beautiful ❤️❤️

  16. Hi Beth , so good to see you having a good time, missing you so much. I love you and have a good rest of the week xxxx

  17. Hey Millie and the team –
    – photos looking amazing. Good luck with the teaching tomorrow. Enjoy. Xx

  18. Wow what a day u have all had. Lovely to be able to read all about what your up to millie. I’m sure your having a fantastic time. Proud of you. Lots of love kris, amber and Jared xx

  19. Hi Beth it’s Alfie. I found out about sports captain on Friday. I didn’t get the job but I will try again next year. Today we played saltdean. We drew 1-1 we went shopping today and I spent my birthday money. We are now chilling in the hotel and looking forward to tomorrow. Sounds like your having a amazing time. Proud of you. Love you xx

  20. Hey Amy-Jane, Me and my family all say hello! You must be so tired but looking at all the photos and reading what you got up to was just amazing and made me smile seeing you smile as always. I hope you are well and your day to come or next day, when ever you see this is a great one. I love you, cant wait to see what you get up too next 😀 ❤

    Love from Sue B Booey, Gary, Holly, Dan and Bobby.❤

  21. Wow grace you look so happy. It must be so overwhelming for u but u still manage to smile. I am so so proud of u and everyone for doing what u r doing and changing people’s lives. A big hug is waiting for u when u get back. Lots of love angela, bethan and Sophie. Xxx

  22. Lisa and Mikee Durieux

    Wow …. we jump on these blogs when we hear they been updated, so excited to see photos of our children we are very proud of and Hear about your experiences and your day. You all look very happy and smiling, your in good hands , and you look after the adults too ? .
    Chynna have you seen Millie Emily yet from your last trip to Uganda? I do hope so as I know you so wanted to be reunited with them. Xx
    We all good here, went for a supposed to be a long walk up the downs and lasted an hour as it was so cold up there at 9am this morning, Caelan had a little meltdown as tyce was 1st haha. Chels dismantled wardrobe and it landed on her foot … twonk lol. I hope you reading the little notes I put in your case for each day, with the little sweets ? as I know you need a sugar hit hehe. We love you so very much and miss you loads ?. Can’t wait to see you and give you a cuddle xx love and hugs to all you troopers in the team.
    Thank you peachy & mel for being there mummy’s for the time you there, hugs to you both Aswell xxxxx look forward to the next blog

  23. To Grace what a wonderful and rewarding thing you are doing. Love the photos. So proud .x

  24. Hello Peachy 🙂
    Once again you have made us the proudest family on earth (as you do every day), by following your heart and your desire to help others. The strength you have is truly inspiring and we are in awe of you. The Acholi community is so lucky to have you there. We know this becasue we are so lucky to have you as our mother. We miss you very much, but are so pleased you have had the opportunity to experience this again. You have a fantastic team, and know you must be very looked after 🙂 All our love, Millie, Paul, Wally and Maisie, and goes without saying the rest of the fam too xxxx
    P.S. you look absolutely beautiful wearing that smile 🙂 xx
    P.S.S. we have all been eating very well too ! (+1 stone by the time you’re home) xx
    And P.S.S.S. Hello Paul – it’s me again 😉 haha, but thank you for the lovely photos of mum and the team, they are fab 🙂 we look forward to reading the next post already x

  25. After only 2 days, reading your daily blog has already become the highlight of our evenings – we feel like we’re participating in your exciting activities, even from thousands of miles away. We can’t wait to hear all about your school experiences tomorrow. Make sure Sarah is woken early enough; as getting ready quickly for school in the morning isn’t one of her greatest skills!! We are beyond proud of you all and love you loads, Sarah. Mum & Dad

  26. Hi Rosie its great to able to see you and read about what your doing, what a fantastic experience for you enjoy it all love you nanny bry and dan xxx

  27. Reading this blog and also getting a glimpse of you and your surroundings each day through the photos is absolutely fantastic!

    Cannot wait to read tomorrow’s blog entry!

    We are missing you Amy-Jane, however we are so proud of you for going on this trip, we knew you would do something like this from a very early age!

    Love Dad, Mum, Luke, Annabel, Oscar & Tibbles! X X x x x x

  28. Missing you loads Amy-Jane❤

  29. Hi beany xxx we were waiting all day for update. …U look like u are having a ball xxx sending big hugs your way love you sooooo much xxx stay happy and enjoy every minute …..looking forward to seeing you tomorrow in pictures … don’t be too shy ok xxx love mum dad gaz dot charlie mati nànna pops grandma kim and everyone else xxx

  30. Everyone’s looking sassy as ever! Hope you have an incredible experience guys! So jelous, love all my 2014 squad who have returned #NeilDDooraree

  31. Hi care bear hope you all having an amazing time hope you are eating this time we are thinking of you and everyone else send our love to all those lovely children you and your freinds. Lots of love miss you nanny and grandad xxx

  32. Hi Grace and all the team! Such amazing photos! We are all very proud of you and the work you are doing. Hope you have an amazing day today – look forward to seeing more photos later!! Love you lots! xxxx Jacob and Maisie send you big kisses too! Xxx

  33. Hi Tia enjoy teaching those gorgeous children don’t get to attached you know how hard it is when you have to leave them. Thinking of you Evie looks at the blog every day and is fascinated by what you are doing . Love you loads mum dad and the rest of the Hodgson clan

  34. Great posts. So moving. It is wonderful to see the Team having such an amazing time. You have been fantastic moving locations at such short notice. Keep strong – enjoy your first day in the classroom.

  35. Love the hat AJ ( Is it one of Mums old ones)?& glad you had a good kip on the coach (Sleeping Beauty) The people are so joyful & yet have so little …… the week goes on you will all realise ‘Why’ ? Love Nan Jan & Gang Gang ❤️

  36. Hello everyone from all of us at Crawley Baptist Church

    We just wanted to encourage you today with this scripture, “You are the light of the world. A city on a hill cannot be hidden”. Matthew 5:14

    Today is a new day. May the light of Jesus shine in all you do and say.

    Lots of Love

    Denise and everyone at CBC

  37. Wow! Gemma Legg, looking at the photos, they speak a thousand words! Am proud of you! Keep up the good work! Love xxx

  38. Love you lots Beth from nan and grandad

    Love you lots Beth steer from nan and grandad

  39. You all look so good. Danushka you look good in your flared trousers sweetie. Very African!
    I know you are enjoying yourself doing what you wanted to do and Uganda especially. I bet you are very happy staying with John and his family.
    Dad arrived in Mauritius safely. The pictures look amazing. I know you will come back with sweet memories and experience sweetie.

    Jamie so nice to see you in a skirt sweetie. Love you allxxx

  40. Hey all, glad you have adapted so well and are making the most of everything! pictures are great.
    Tom probably needs around 8 wheatabix in tge morning since he eats like a horse and hope Sophie can keep up with him !
    mum missees her favourite

  41. Grace.Love all the photos and seeing what you are doing.You are all doing a wonderful thing.

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