Day 1.5 24 hours door to door via a hard floor

Hello Parents and Carers,


This is Taz and Grace telling you about how first day went! @4 hours travel including 2 flights and a kip on a hard terminal floor.. After us all arriving at the airport we checked in and were all really exited. We were amazed by the standard of the first night flight; we were set up with a TV, phone charger and food! Fortunately, most of us had a nap on the plane. We arrived at Ethiopia airport at 6:30am on the dot- we were all tired but we were excited being one step closer to Uganda. When we finally got to Uganda we met up with CRED’s partners in Uganda and made are way to our home for the next 7 days. Whilst travelling through the city we saw a glimpse of what Uganda is really like, we were particularly surprised at the lack of driving rules! This evening, we have rested and eaten a home cooked meal together. We are all getting on really well and are settled into confortable rooms with our roommates for this week. We have now given in our phones in order to help us live in the moment and fully commit to life in Uganda. Tomorrow we are all excited to get dressed up for church, visit the medical center and start preparing for teaching Monday, we will let you know how these experiences are tomorrow evening.


Night all, from all of us in Uganda.


  1. Wonderful to hear from you! ….FANTASTIC photos! Thank you!….. So pleased you are all settled in your rooms!

    Enjoy church tomorrow and your visit to the medical center.

    Early to bed for you all!….. Night??xxxxx

  2. Lisa (chynnas mum)

    So so happy to see these photos , the plane looked amazing , glad all settling in nicely and all happy. Night night all xxx ❤️❤️

  3. You all look amazing considering the long journey xxx have lots of fun and look after each other. SOPHIYA we hope your first experience of flying was a great one xxx love you

  4. So glad you’re there safe and have had such a great time. Praying you have a super sleep tonight and an amazing day tomorrow.

  5. Glad the flight was ok and your all settled. Enjoy your visit to the church and medical centre.
    Love u lots Bethany
    Mum xxxx

  6. Donna McMahon-Boon

    So great to see the pics. Have cried at the last CRED Trip to Uganda. Sleep well and work hard. Love to you all and enjoy Church in the morning. Love from Mcmahon Mansions xxx

  7. I’m really excited that your doing a blog Beth. Have a great day tomorrow and I look forward to reading more.
    Lots of love Becca xxxx

  8. Oh my word what a beautiful update and an amazing insight into your wonderful journey of a lifetime. Love you millions xxxx

  9. I love you Mel! So proud of you ❤️

  10. Great account guys keep up the reports it’s really good to hear how you are all getting on.

  11. Hi guys so glad all is good . Time to kick back and relax after your journey recharge the batteries ready for the next chapter to begin . Love you Leah xxxx massive hugs to you all ?

  12. You all look so happy! Danushka it’s good to see you smile , Jamie and Chynna too !
    Have a lovely time guys!
    Make the most of it.????

  13. Grandma (Millie and graces),lucy and james

    You all look so happy such an exciting opportunity for you all. Love

  14. I’m glad you are there safe and sound Amy-Jane and it’s lovely to see you smile. Missing you loads but i am very proud of you and wishing you luck tomorrow. I love you loads. Good night, sleep tight. ❤

  15. Mel you’re a super star and we love you loads. Enjoy your first full day in Uganda. We are all great, Grandpa sends his love and Bubbles says meow!!
    So proud of you all, big hugs. ❤️❤️

  16. We watch you with pride. You are all showing an example of selfless service for your peers – and all of us! We honour you and pray for you to have fun and be safe as you make a difference. Special hug to Sarah from Grandpa Les.

  17. welcome to Uganda everyone – such a special place! I am so excited for you all to be getting the chance to spend time with John, Sophie and Patience, and to be supporting the work that CRED started in the Acholi Community.
    Have a wonderful time, really live the week to the full, and enjoy it all.
    Please give a hello hug to John and Sophie from me, tell Patience that ‘auntie Helen’ says hello, and be really amazingly wonderful to Sue and Paul – a dream team of leadership if ever there was one.
    love and prayers for the coming week.
    God bless

  18. Hello Everyone. Hope you all had a good night sleep after such a long journey. Danushka I know baby you must be so happy to be there , especially there with John and Sophie. Bring bring lots of sweet memories. Mum and Dad loves you too much Princess. Love to everyone especially Jamie, Leah , Chynna and Millie

  19. Bethany hope you got a good night’s sleep.
    We are all missing you so much!
    Have a fantastic day
    Mum xxxx

  20. Good morning all from lovely sunny Lancing!!!

    Hope you all had a good nights sleep! And have a GREAT day!

    AJ- I know you wanted to know how yesterday went! …. Luke did Mr LeLean proud singing at his wedding and Rosanna looked the most beautiful bride!…. The weather was perfect and the whole wedding ceremony was wonderful!!!!!!!!! James and Rosanna are so, so happy?…….we all had a great day and the evening was so funny!- dad and I embarrassed Luke with our dancing!!!!!!!!!????..

    Just on our way to pick Annabel up from Isabella’s and to find out how they got on at ‘Out of Bounds’ yesterday and their sleepover!

    Can’t wait to hear about YOUR amazing day later. Lots of love to ALL❤️xxxxxxx

  21. Hi all, glad to see you arrived safely. Hope you have caught up with your sleep Tia enjoy it and make the most of everyday. I hope you you get to see some of the kids you had such a special bond with last time. Love us all

  22. Hey there my JimJam.
    So glad you arrived safe, hopefully nobody’s luggage got lost or zips split open due to too many goodies being rammed in at last minute! I’m sorry sweetheart, hope you’ve managed to find all your own clothes etc now.
    Luna is fine, a little bemused perhaps, but she’s getting plenty attention from us all. Jallee’s fine too!
    It seems ages until you’re going to be home, but in the span of our lives it’s really just a blink of an eye.
    The difference you will all make over there in that short time is vast.
    So, have a cry now cos we love and miss each other so much, then go for it girl!
    Give it all your Tigger bounce and love.
    Stay safe all my beautiful Baby basketball bears, (past, present and injured!)
    So much love to you, being sent via the rays of the moon and sun.
    Be true to yourselves.
    Huge thanks to all the leaders keeping you safe, esp Peachy and Mel, and to John and Sophie for feeding and homing you.
    Big love and hugs Mama Jules, Papa Lee Lee, Jallee, Jess Jess and the meow bags!

  23. Hi people from SRWA!

    Im glad you have all made it safely to Uganda. Ill be thinking of you all the whole time you are out there, enjoy your time and embrace the change. If any of you meet a girl named rose when you teach, please let me know how she is getting on, I never got to say goodbye to her earlier this year.

    I cannot wait to hear all the stories you have, ill speak soon and ill keep an eye on the blog 🙂

    Sending all my love, especially to millie and danushka <3
    From Sammy clegg xxxxxxx

  24. Hi guys, really lovely to see some of your many pictures! Hope you all slept well and have had a fantastic first full day! Excited to hear about what youve been getting up too. Very proud of you all! Stay safe. Sending my love to Chynna, Leah, millie and the rest of you ❤ Darcy xx

  25. Miss you Sam x, there is no number on the phone u used. Love you

  26. Hey all it’s Jade, I miss being out there already. Say hi to my girls and tell Tom to stop looking so awkward in all the photos! Enjoy every moment can’t wait to see more c

  27. Hi guys. Hope you are all well. 3rd night without you my princess. Dad left for Mauritius today. House is too quiet.
    Tomorrow your first day with the children. I hope you have fun . Enjoy yourself and look after yourself well. Hello to Paul , miss Peach and everyone else. Take care lots of love ????

  28. Hi guys.. Keep up the good work that u guys r doing. Enjoy yourself and god bless!! Looking forward to reading your blogs..

  29. Looks like you’re having fun already. Great to hear the journey went well. Taz we shall be looking out for your updates. Much love xx

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