All aboard 


  1. Hi Guys . Hope you are all ok after such a long journey from Lancing and Littlehampton. Having waited so long at Heathrow and Danushka trust your ticket to be wrong lol AGAIN!!! I bet everyone loved you for that. I hope you all have a lovely safe flight ( SWEATY)
    Love you Princess Danushka, Jamie, Leah, Chynna, Mel , Millie and everyone
    Paul and Miss Peach

    Love you allXXXX

  2. Safe flight! I love you Amy-Jane, enjoy yourself. X

  3. Hi all.
    Brilliant photo of you all. You all look very happy and positive. Exciting times ahead. I can’t wait to see all the blogs. And hear all about it. Love you Grace and Millie. Love the whole team in fact. Xxxxxx

  4. Happy travelling, love to you all, you are all truly incredible. Love you squillions Millie

  5. Just got txt from Helen that you have all reached safely. Missing you so much Princess but at the same time very excited for you as I know how much you enjoyed it last time. Have a great time all of you. Love and kisses to Danushka Jamie leah Chynna Millie Mel and others. Have a great first day!

  6. Donna McMahon-Boon

    Great to hear you’ve arrived safely. Hope you’re well and not too tired. Soak up every exciting and challenging minute. Can’t wait to read the blog. House is soooo quiet. Love you squillions xxxx

  7. Hello everyone. I hope you had a good night sleep. Yay for first night in Uganda . Hope you are all ready to embark on this amazing journey. Have a great day tomorrow. Danushka princess we are missing you sweetie but we are very proud of you. Jamie sweetie I hope you are ok Chynna Leah and Millie too and everyone else . Have fun darlings !

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