1st Post and we are on our way!,


  1. have a great time

  2. Safe journey guys . Missing you already leah love you loads xxxx

  3. FAB photo!!……. Safe journey everyone!

    SUPER PROUD of you AJ xxxxxxxx

  4. Have a fantastic trip
    Love u Beth xxx

  5. As you can imagine we’re all missing you all already, have a fantastic time each and everyone of you. Be safe, look after each other. Paul you do know your gonna get spammed on this blog hehe . So very proud of you all . We Love you lots chynna . Xxxxx

  6. I am so very proud of you all… You are such a strong group that will support each other. Have a fab time . Love you all xx

  7. Been following your flight since you took off from Heathrow!!! ….. Can see you are almost there!!!!!!!!!!xxxxxxxx

  8. So pleased to hear from helen Harrison that you’ve all arrived safely in Addis Ababa. Hope you’ve all managed to have a lil shut eye on the plane. Thinking of you all. X

  9. I hope you all can get some sleep at Addis Ababa and from there a safe and swift journey to Kampala. Have a great time Chynna xx and each and everyone of you!

  10. good morning everyone! You must be on your way to Uganda by now. Princess Danushka hope you are ok. Jamie Leah Chynna Mel and Millie and others hope you are all in good health. Can’t wait to hear your experiences
    Love you all

  11. Beth thank you for texting hope you managed to get some sleep love u lots

  12. You all look soooo happy xxxx we love you Sophiya love mummy dad haz dotty charlie and mati xxxx missing you

  13. Missing you Beth

  14. Enjoy you trip Taz- we are super proud of you mate!
    Don’t forget to take your tablets every day.
    Love you Darren, Maria, Bayley & Tegan xxxx

  15. Happy to hear you’ve all arrived safely in Uganda , big hugs to you all , special hello to Millie, Chynna, Danushka, Jaimie, Leah, & Grace and those special teachers Sam & Mel xx ???

  16. Hi Beth, happy to hear u have all arrived safely. Looking forward to following the blog daily. Stay safe love u lots mum xx

  17. Hi Ryan, pleased you’ve all arrived safely. No doubt you’re all tired from such a long journey, but looking forward to the week ahead and all that has been planned. Take care, love to all of you, from all of us back home. Xx

  18. Great, another Jack talking to another Beth… That won’t be confusing! Glad you’ve landed safe Sidge! You’ll be happy to know I didn’t have time to worry cause I slept the whole time! All my love, Jevanz

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